Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A brave soldier

Once upon a time..there was a lonely soldier live happily at her big strong high fortress... she was happy with herself with nobody disturbing or ruin her peace of life. But suddenly...

her peaceful life was invaded. There were some passing by people try to make her to leave her fortress and want her to enjoy the life outside the fortress. At first she reluctant to do so because the fortress was everything to her and she is happy inside. She is afraid she might get hurt when she steps outside of it. After several temptation attempts of the people..her heart was weak and she decided to abandoned her fortress and wander outside of it. She made a bold decision and went outside the fortress alone. Without think anything about the worst outcome she may faced afterwards. She just went out and enjoy it as much as she can.

The excitement of the outside world is not long. The people that tempt her to leave the castle turned out to be the enemies. She was blind by the happiness outside the fortress. She was ambushed and fired at any cost by the enemies. They did not had any pity for her. They fired and fired and bombed her. And....until she is no longer has any desire to live and just wanna die.

But...after a time...the soldier woke up. She thought that she may be hurt and didnt have enough courage to fight again..but she made a decision to attack back. She uses all the means she had and attacked the enemies. Until the enemies is down. Although she was hurt and weak..she gathered all her courage to make herself win at the end. She wanted the enemies to learn that she is not weak indeed. She may come stronger that she seems to be. And she made it for the attacks. All the attacks made the enemies to surrender and become weak.

Then she decided to wander around and pick anything that left from her burned ashes fortress. Somehow she has a weak heart again..she came back to see if the enemy was alright. How fool she is. It is a bless to have a nice heart anyway? It made her such a dumb ass. But now, she was thinking to let the enemy to live happily or to invade their life back. It is a waste right to care about people who hurt and did not care about her. She once made a decision to let go of everything and lets build a bigger, stronger and higher fortress that nobody that not anybody can pass through and invade it.

But..while she is building the fortress..she is thinking to wander around for a while...maybe she is thinking that out there, there is her other half soldier like her that will understand her pain and sorrowfulness. And they can make up and live together in this rough world...

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