Sunday, October 4, 2015

My kak ipar got married

mic test mic test haha
Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for everything.
tanggal 2 oktober 2015 slmt my lovely chinggu jadi isteri org.
Barakallah dear and zauj.

sesi batal air sembahyang ^^

the lab mates... :D

sszzians in the house..wohoooo

maaflah lighting xbp sgt nh haha

with the gorgeous bride :D

smua mata tgk mana2 je..byk sgt camera kat depan akakaka

im wishing you happy married life...jadi isteri solehah. mohon cpt2 den dpt ank buah haha. 
im losing one by one my term of Allah took them away from me and gave them to someone their soulmate.heh. Alhamdulillah for lending me this awesome friend Ya Allah. feeling grateful always. kawan bergaduh, bergosip, mengular semua..hahaha.. lps ni forever alone.. org dh ade laki xkn nk ajk mngular sme lg ye dok?hahaha.. may live happily under Allah's blessings and be happy until jannah keh. insyaAllah. amin.

okay, dr smlm dh start potong bawang.rinduuuuuuu dah..huuuuuuuuuuuu~
whatever it super duper happy that my stomach is playing hard rock music but im not even has the mood to knduri pun xrs nk mkn.ottoke..hahaha my symptoms when happiness saying hye... ^^