Saturday, November 26, 2016

When you think you already loss all the hopes,,,

What value left is there
in this world I live in?
I start thinking its all meaningless
or maybe I’m just tired? in exchange for something I got
but it’s not such a peaceful world
i gave up a number of precious things that I can lament each and every one.
what kind of hopes should I take with me as I go forward?
what kind of dreams should I envision? these seemingly impossible to answer questions
you’d probably say I was being “gloomy” and have a laugh.
get buried in my day to day life. if you were here I wonder what you would say?
that can never be caught
i just wish i could see your gentle smile to blow away my melancholy. even if it’s a light like fireworks
I wonder to what extent we can love a world
one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time I want to reach out for it. we all carry sadness with us but we hope for a better tomorrow
Yet oddly enough, I hate more how skillfully I can pretend.
gripped by fear, thrown into unrest? I get choked up on the words ’cause I think too much I hate how clumsy I am whether we spend the years laughing or crying time passes the same for all
one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time
the future is calling to us are you, now, hearing it too? even though we knew from the start that we’d eventually have to say goodbye and as many times as I can I hope to see you again.
I wish my heart flowed fast and smooth like water
I never imagined that simply meeting you could make the world seem so beautiful would you laugh at me for being simple minded? I want to say “thank you” to you from my heart. so that it would not settle in one place.
but we hope for a better tomorrow
for all those times when I need to see you for those times when I’ll miss you so one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time I want to burn your memory deep in me. we all have our problems I wonder to what extent we can love a world
one more time, one more time…
gripped by fear, thrown into unrest?
one more time, one more time...

-code blue-

Monday, November 14, 2016

the vigorous me.

Aloha viewers!

Bajet byk sgt visitors haa...hahaha ngeng.
okay im here at this time..guess what im doing?

okay times up.haha.
im writing my thesis. omgggggggg. can you believe it? i also had difficulties to believe.kekekeke
this determination desire is running vigorously in my blood now..and hopefully it will run until the end. insyaAllah.
my target to submit at the end of this pray for me too keh? kamsahamida. ^^

what can i say..less than two months i'll become fast the time is running. huahua~
so thats wondering..what have i done to the 25years and 10months as im living until now?hmmmmmmm

i'd decided to let go everything that make my heart and mind and soul go awry. no point to get stress with them anyway. this life is short you know. i want to enjoy living it to the max as i can. so here i am..lets be a better fadzilah indeed.muahaha.

i want to become better than before.
i want to be someone that is helpful.
i want to spread the smile and happiness to others.
i want to live peacefully.
and lastly..
i want my life ended with smile on my face..where when i meet Allah, He will smile beautifully to me too. hopefully. insyaAllah. aamiin.