Friday, December 28, 2012

ALLAH is always with us.

Salam Jumaat. =)
hr nh hr rajin sdnia..ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH.
hopefully this rajinness will last longer. insyaALLAH. amin.
smlm smpi blk dr rmh ptg tu.
*stdy week kat rmh la ktekn. stdy la sgt kn. -___-
then mlmnya blja dgn past year electro. bncg2 skit la then fiza de meeting lak. so end the discussion and blk tdo. tp xdpt tdo yg best la even bdn pnt2 tu de mmp gk.
for me, klo de mmp tu means tdo xnyenyak sgt ble bgun my mind is not in fresh mode la.huuu
but xpe..smua de hkmh. pg td pi jmp lec elctro PM Dr. Supar. dia terang2 smua. ALHAMDULILLAH okay laa..dpt la gk skit2 tu kn. 
now, even xdpt byk..brsyukur dgn yg sikit. my quote.
so for everything..lets say ALHAMDULILLAH. :))
just trying my do the best that I can. insyALLAH. 
klo pk nk dpt 4flat..all A's tu mmg naik gler dbuatnyer..stresss..jerawat pun byk kua dh.haha
so just chill up and do what I can do along with the sincerity and determination.
xmau stress2,, jiwa kacau smuaa..
we never be alone. ALLAH is always with us.
gambatte fadzilah-chan!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

lets berjiwang sekejap

xleh blah kn tjuk ats ni..kekekeke
amik mood jap bfore stdy.. :D

as you know ( if you know la eh)...when you got to know me..silence means everything.

 ahaa..this one is so true. ALHAMDULILLAH..i've healed! although not fully but im recovering.. :))

 respect, relax and response..mcm 3R pnya iklan daa..haha. respect yourself enough people! 
errrr..this one is happening to me right more careful now. to only love syurga cinta that is my jdoh from ALLAH. insyaALLAH. 

 for the ages i'd been living..i've learned so many things. thank you ALLAH for everything. the happiness, sadness and etc are for reasons. :D

just pump blood okay? :))

now its rainbow time!heeeee...insyaALLAH. :))

on top of all..just LOVE YOURSELF. you, the only can make yourself happy. 
so why are we so serious??hahaha
hdup hnya skali aje...sooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0 kt enjoy! :))
cinta yg dcari pst akn pergi..then lets the love find us keh. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

one two three four

pehal lak ni?haha
Salam hari jumaat everyone!
Tarikh hr nh dlm masihi = 14/12/12.. tak cantik kn?
Tarikh hr nh dlm hijrah = 1/2/34... brsamaan 1 safar 1434H. cantik kn?
Jatuh pd hr jumaat lak.sungguh indah.
Ahlan wasahlan ya Safar :))
jgn ingt 12 12 12 jek lawa ye.. hr nh pun trk lawa gk okay.

May today is better than yesterday. insyaALLAH. amin.
im trying hard for it! xtdo ni ptg ni..stdy..hoh0.. Ya ALLAH, kuatknlah smgtku untuk rjin2 stdy dgn cemerlang, gemilang dan trbilangnya. amin.

final lg 2 weeks..wawawa.. gonna score the bestest from before! 4flat! xmau main2 lg..nak main salji nnt!heeeeee~
fighting fadzilah! cayo! you can do it! pray for me keh :))

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12

ALHAMDULILLAH...thank you ALLAH for everything.
Im more 'rajin' now..heeeee... hopefully it will last longer. insyaALLAH.
gonna make tmrow better than yesterday. insyaALLAH :))
just dropped by..have a little time to write here.. nnt lme xjmpe rndu laa..haha
gambatte! buat yg terbaik! 4flat! all A's every subjects every sems.. insyaALLAH. amin

yg part rjin tu trk 11/12/12 actually..bru on9 12/12/ bru tlis post ni laa.haha. kawal dri xon9 sharian..and I made it!hulalala.. a big applause to dri sndri..ahakz (ingt sng nk thn xon9 stu hr?) :D

btw, happy bersara day to Ayah today..pndai ayah plh trk lawa nk bersara kn.heh. lps ni ddk rmh jaga cucu laa..insyaALLAH.heeeee~

lets choose the 3rd one! insyaALLAH. biar mngis dlu, snyum ketawa kmdian. 
usaha + doa + tawakal. fighting! :))

Sunday, December 9, 2012


errr..butterflies in the stomach~~~
what happened to me..huahuaa..haha..adehh
k.long bgtau brita gmbira td..weeeeee..hrp2 btul la.insyaALLAH. amin. xsbr woo! :D
smga smuanya slmt..hulala.. coming!huaaaa..STUDY la beb! trbaik! insyaALLAH.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Go away L!!

holaa my blog!
december already..meanings that final exam is running to us now!huaaaaaaaa..  
lately being too lazy to stdy..wawa..ottoke?
wanna score the best from before..insyaALLAH..but, must remove the laziness first laaa :(
please go away mr. laziness..i dont want you in my life okay!huh
need to boost up all the energy and go for it!
4 flat!
All A's!!!
Malaysia BOLEH!
pray for me keh =)

Ayah kte..'tak senang nak senang, tak susah nak susah'..uhuu..renung2kn.slmt bramal.