Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cinta Tak Perlu Dicari Kerana Ia Tersisip Di Lipatan Hati

☑Kenapa kita tidur kalau Allah memanggil ?
Tapi sanggup tahan mengantuk saat menonton film selama 3 jam?

☑Kenapa kita bosan saat baca al-qur'an?
Melainkan kita lebih rela membaca timeline twitter, wall facebook, novel atau buku

☑kenapa kita senang sekali mengabaikan pesan dari Allah?
Tpi kita sanggup memforward pesan yang aneh-aneh ?

☑Kenapa masjid semakin kecil ?
Tapi bar dan club? semakin besar?

☑Kenapa kita lebih sangat senang menyembah ARTIS?
Tapi sangat susah untuk menemui ALLAH?
Pikirkan itu.

Love ALLAH more than everything. sme2 kt brada di dlm rahmat ALLAH. insyaALLAH.
-renungan brsma utk hr nh. cilok from fb. kdt to page Cinta Tak Perlu Dicari Kerana Ia Tersisip Di Lipatan Hati. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

new recipe for minum petang

this one is my created new recipe for minum petang.haha. no more gorg pisg or whatsoever gorg2..mkn byk mnyk xbaik utk kshtn jerawat pun byk nnt :D
okayh..utk recipe nh sng jek..mcm pic kat ats nh..bli siap ketam ready made nh. after that ketam ni rebus jek dlm air pns dlm 5mins ke..then sdkit mayonis dgn sos cili..then siap utk dmkn! wink2
actually dlm ilham recipe nh ms mkn roti ketam hr tuh..haha..mcm sedap so nk try la kn. Alhamdulillah. hr nh brjya mkn.eheeee
sedap w0o..xcaya try try..kekeke..slmt mncuba! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

mixed nut and black forest laaaa hdh dr fiza.. :D big thank to raja :D

actually i didnt hv any hope my friends give me any present for this 22nd years. yela dh tua dh pun..hdh bgai ssh2 jek kn. plus i dont like to trouble people. 
*but deep down trhru owh dpt hdh ni.
big thank to them..thank you so much..cadbury besa w0o..2 lak tu..heaven! to the max! ^^
hdh2 dr kwn xwjib pun but klo bg mmg syg lbih hdh dr lovely parents wajib.haha. ank mnja la ktekn..mst la nk hdh..ngee.. mcm last year.. hdh bday mntk sponsor trip pi reu kat mtrx png plus bwk keta tu. but tula, sadly mcm bse rmai lak x join kn. mmg xdtg pnang dhla..haha. no offence.
this year ingt nk pi trip gk tp pnt pk nk pi mn..xpela..hold dlu hdh tu. nnt ble2 nk pi leh claim blk.ehee~
whatever it is..Alhamdulillah..thank you ALLAH for this years.You give to me to stay healthy and alive.
my happiest present for this years is Im back in good relationships with everyone. Alhamdulillah. 
mcm mn nk ckp eh..yg dh lps tu jgn dkng lg laa..lbih2 lg yg sorrowful smua tuh..xbest pun klo kng kn.
 kt hdup skali aje...soo0o0o0o0o0o0 bt pe nk msuh2 and sdh2 smua kn?heh. just be happy with my life and trying to be happy ahead. insyaALLAH. 
all the painful memories and so forth I'd erased already..and started a new book. 
my cpu only yg xpntg2 tu smua dh delete. make space for the important one only.wink2.

p/s: rslt dh kua..non-officially..huuuu..brsyukur ape yg dpt. takat tu usaha takat tu la kn grednya. 
not so sad..just dissapointed a bit bcoz didnt stdy hard..stdy last mins kn. a bit jela kucuwa nyer..mmg pdn pun.haha. but, ALHAMDULILLAH. got one A+ laaaa..first time beb. mtlmt stu trcpai wlaupun xsmua.weeeeeee~~~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

onLy a matter of time

♥ “Allah has already written the names of your spouses for you. What you need to work on is your relationship with Allah. He will send her/him to you when you’re ready. It is only a matter of time.” ♥


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Im stronger. 
really?haha..not yet fully into..will be. insyaALLAH.
now,, living my life in positive way. sjk sir Affendi ajr kn. so praktik kn laa hdup positive nh. and yess mcm tu bru awet muda okay :D

remember I had told bfore that I'd one dearie friend named Miss M tu? haha..dont know why when where that she became one of my closest friend. we quarrel a lot you know..and of course im the one that started 1st laa..haha..*short tempered la ktekn*

but, xleh blahnyer..although we quarrelled a lot..and sometimes i felt sad or whatsoever abt her..i do still love her dearly. haha. caya x? bkn les okay..just love for my best friends. same goes to tna,raja,wan,kina,zet and so on. they knew craziness..and they still accept me. thats why i love them to the max. 
 there are 3 types of best friends in my life :

1. best friend that i told them everything. always keep msging to them and all. err.actually yg ni a few only. mn leh bgtau rhsia kat smua kn kn?hehsssssss
2. best friend that not so often msging but deeply in my heart. i cant told them everything but certain thing. but, when i need them they'll be there for me. often they will comfort me with motivations. 
3. best friend that rarely msging but jauh dmta dkt dhati.haha. xleh blah kn yg ni. meaning that..ktorg jd kwn bk since certain event and keep on be best friends after that although the period we known each other is short.

ahaa..mcm2 lak de type2 kn best friends which category are you in?hehsss
I love them because of ALLAH. and will always love them. 
thank you ALLAH for giving them to make my life more jovial. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my beSt liFe ahead

ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH. finally sem V tutup tirai..hulalala
smga dpt rslt yg cemerlang,gemilang,terbilang utk:

classical mechanics
english and communications
teknokrat dan pembangunan
amali fizik
complex variables
thermal and statistical physics

4flat! all A's! InsyaALLAH.amin. papepun skrg byk2 doa+tawakal smga smua lulus dgn cmrlgnye.  
ALLAH knows what the best for us.insyaALLAH. hopefully I'll succeed sem IV ahead..and get the first class degree during my day of graduation from UTM in 2014. amin :)
dpt rslt gmpk2 bru leh smbung luar ngra..h0ho..cant I?
YES I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but, kne reduce homesickness dr skrg laaaa kn..practise2..haha.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

22nd birthdAy

fadz!!!! Happy birthdayyyy! ♥ semoga sentiasa dipayungi rahmat Allah di dunia and akhirat.amiin :) -k.haz

happy birthday apad..may allah bless you=) smga berjaya hidup dunia dan akhirat.aminnnnn ♥ 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear..smg pnjg umur murah rezeki and cepat kawen.-kina

Happy birthday fadz. May Allah bless n ease u in everything. Moga dgn p'tmbahan umur ini seiring dgn p'tambhan ibadat n iman kpdNya. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki n dikurniakn jodoh yg t'baik dari Allah ;) -izah

jeng.jeng.jeng. besday org jwang naa.hepi bsday cik fadz. smga pnjg umur,mrah rezki. all the best tuk kmu. smga shat2 slalu juga. :) -jery

selamat hari dilahirkan dear fadz...zety bersyukur dikurniakan sahabat spt fadz n thank to your mother for giving birth to such a good girl :-):-):-)semoga hidup fadz sentiasa diberkati Allah... -zetty

Sanah helwah fad!! Sorry wish lambat pulak.hihi.. Papepon,kte nk wish moge umur meningkat ni diisi dgn mende2 yg berfaedah & moge Allah sentiase memberkati dlm ape jue km lakukan. insyaAllah,amin.-umur meningkat means dugaan lagi mencabar,moge km tabah & kuat menghadapinya. Happy,happy,happy,happy birthdaaaay! -Tna

fad!besday kan!aiyo..kt xsdar da 12 lebh.huhu..ingt da td,tp cm ne leh trlps tyme.sowi!fad i wish u a hepi besday!smga pnjg umur n murah rzeki.amin..smg brjaya jga d dunia n akhirat..i lap u soo much fren;))) -raja

Eyh s0ry s0ry s0ry lmbt wish.. Hepi bfday yg ke 22.. Smge brjaye dlm hdup n hepi brsama 0rg trsyg.. S0ry sgt2 lmbt.. Nk wish jgak hehe -Ashraff

Juz wanna wish u happy birthday..smoge pnjg umo,d murh kn rezki..d mudh kn pjlnn hidup..sentiase bahgie d sisi family trsyg,always happy with your friends..n good luck with your last your best..keep smiling my friend.. :) -ridzuan

awk..hepi bestday :D..da bleh tua da..hehe..semoga berjaye dunia gembira ad awk sbg chinggu..:).. -fiza

Happy birthday fadz. May Allah always bless you with happiness and rahmah. ameen. -aminah

Happy 22th birthday fadz!! Sudah 22 tahunn..waaaa..kt matrix dulu bru 19! Kejap je masa..semoga impian dan cita2 fadz tercapai.semoga menjadi anak solehah dunia akhirat.may Allah bless u always dear. -noy

happy birthdayy. may your life full of blessing and happiness ;-) please be happy yaa. ill pray for your happiness and the blessing from Allah. goodluuck in your life. amin :-) -ikmal

some selected msgs to me for my 22nd bday. thanks all! really appreciate it! 

tp hr nh kn..hujan 3x laaa..huahuaaa..mata panda.

okay,as usual..i'll make some ucpn la smpena my bday.cewahhh.

1. thank you ALLAH for the years that i've been living until now. may my life is full with your love always ya ALLAH. and be the faithful daughter to my lovely parents too. inysaALLAH. amin

2. I would like to reduce my cengengness,emo, jiwang and swktu dgnnya..insyaALLAH.amin

3. I would like to make my dreams come true. this time chincha. which are..main salji kat korea..smbung master sne.kje gempak2..pkai keta bukak atap tuh.cri my lost jdoh aka prince charming yg handsome+kaya+comey+caring that only love me(which is his jodoh) bcoz of ALLAH..and live happily ever after until jannah.haha.xleh blah kn.hehs..kne la ada cita2..bru leh brjya okay! insyaALLAH.amin

thn ni the most priority - 3 above. hopefully I'll succeed it.amin :)

 my 22nd bday cake..blk nnt nk bli kek lg.haha.nk mkn byk2 kek smpna 22 nh..hoho
thanks lot to kwn2 yg nk bt surprise kasi kek tp xjd.heh. ira,yam,ada,k.ti.and dayah. :D

rainy day..during the block :)

ALLAH selamatkan kamu..
Happy Birthday..
Sanah Helwah..
Selamat Hari Jadi..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy biRthdAy

11 January 2013
Happy birthday to mr. AMIR ASHRAFF..who is he anyway?
my bff. heh.
kwn den yg baik+thulel dr sk rndh dlu..time drjh2 slalu main kjr2..main bola dlm kls smua..xpdn dgn pngws main dlm kls kn.haha.
skrg dh machohandsometinggi...spe2 nk bt me keh?kekekekke..
td trskodeng wall dia then bru dpt tau dia msuk hosp sminggu time new year hr tu..bru tau daa td..adesss. ape pny kwn la den ni kn..huuuuuuuuu
mcm mn la leh skt smpi msuk hosp tu kn..haiyaaa..jg dri la pakcik..hehsss
papepun, he's fine now..and dh kua hosp. Alhamdulillah.
my wish for your 22nd birthday is..may you live happily, successfully and healthily ahead..xmau skt2 dh aaa.. and may our beautiful friendship lasts until jannah. insyaALLAH. amin :)

p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY too Dato Siti Nurhaliza :)

S and S non-officially practising this quote..but..rmai yg xtau..and slh aggp slalu.
when in silence, it makes me to calm down. tp org ingt plik sbb den snyp jek..
mrh kat dorg ke?mrjuk ke?haha..the truth in calm mode. 
lg stu..klo marah pun ske snyap gk. sbb klo mulut ni bukak ms tgh marah..hmmmm..
mmg abis la org tu kne ayt2 yg tak enak utk didengar. bisa gk tau ble dgr once I speak when in anger.
so, klo nmpk den snyp tu jgnla kte ape2 ye..biar jek. let me be. haha.
smile also..after being in so much unbearable is my faithful companion. smile can make our world a bit brighter..although not so bright la also can make us happy although we're not so happy..bak kte pepatah..a warm smile can unlocks many doors. bkn ape nk msm2 kn..xlawa pun. so snyum jela.. pnh try mngis dlm senyum?akakakka..try used to it.kekekeke..xleh blah kn. yela..klo ngis time stu prsaan lain..iaitu pelik myb?haha..xdelaa..dlm sdh..ada yg gmbiranyaa...ALLAH knows better. :)
nitez world.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can you sMiLe?

i remember that feeling from a long ago
when i looked at you
i remember that time when i knew you,
you knew me

i think about those desperate times
when i wanted to be like you, hang out with you
but it’s merely a memory
that’s passed by

and, can you smile?
you want this,
you hope for this
i can’t seem to have you
with only my heart
and, can you smile?
i said to go,
i said i’m okay
seems like i can give nothing
but this to you at the end.

i remember a long time ago
when i received your heart
i think of those times when you were
overflowing to me and i was thankful

we came across a farewell when we loved the most,
when we were the happiest
i couldn’t hold you back because you were
overflowing to me, because i was sorry.

and, can you smile?
you want this,
you hope for this
i can’t seem to have you
with only my heart
and, can you smile?
i said to go,
i said i’m okay
seems like i can give nothing
but this to you at the end.
and still, still, in the end, still i…
but probably in the end, i still..
and still, still, in the end, still i…
but in the end, i still..
but i was suffocating
from those frequent words of yours
you tell me with rage
that my way of talking and actions
make you lose your words,
that they make your anger rise
on this violent night,
the stars lit up the sky,
the moon shone,
and you went steadily down your path
stars and the night are coming,
they’re only covered by other stars
the moon always stay there
i’ll always be here for you want you

and, can you smile?
i want to take,
i want to hold on
because you can only be happy
once you leave my side.
and, can you smile?
i said to go,
i said i’m okay
seems like i can give nothing
but this to you at the end


~my new blog's song..nice isnt it? ;D