Wednesday, June 29, 2011

heartless lagi daaa..

Smntra nk tggu csi ny..jom mrapu brsama!haha.. Ok..nk cte pe ek..hmm..hmm..hmm..idea xde tp gtal2 nk tlis gk..ape daaaa..-__-
Ahaa! dpt idea dh..heh. from now on,i think i wanna be heartless. guess what? dlu2 pun pnh brazam jd heartless azam ntah ke mn..xjd!huahuaa..xtaula..myb im most the mngada person in this world..the most ATTENTION SEEKER!grrrrr..biarlaa..ade gua ksh?hahaha..talak ksh pnya laa. hmm,myb i'll do it..determinely.Insya Allah.
I wanna just be like Jihu..that happy to see Jandi and Junpyo together..even he is hurting damn much.huuu. just let it be that way..i guess so..its better for everyone. the joon ki's character..the very pathetic one abt loves. in lagenda budak setan,i'll be like kasyah..the one that sacrifice all to protect his loves. even his girlfriend has lost her memory,he is still faithfully keep accompany her.huaaa...i want one like kasyah t0o!hmm,,to think deeply..i want one like Jihu the most. Jihu is the most caring person..can i get someone like him?Insya kte klo ade jdoh tu ade la kn..amin..^^

*hmpir trlpe..salam isra' mikraj smua..=)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

my day today: hectic but wonderful! nice day today! ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH..for giving me this opportunity and life to live in until today. okay,,my day today totally hectic but wonderful..heh. firstly pg td plan kua dgn wan..pi bli kain kat nagoya then pi tgk wyg. kl gangster beb! "lu abg long ka,lu ayahanda ka.." haha..part zizan dlm tu lwk gkla..cte ni..hmm,,nk kasi bp star eh..jap......four and half ok?haha..okayla kn tu..;D nk cte ke sinopsis dia?alaa..pnt la..haha..ok2,,cte aaron aziz ni la hero dlm ni..jap,hero ke?heh..bkn kot! nme dia malek..'abg long' la dlm geng gangster kne msuk pnjara sbb si dajal shark (syamsul yusof) ni..dia bt naya kat si malek ni. then malek ni ade adk 2 org.. Jai (adi putra) dgn zeti (syera). Jai ni taiko gkla..gangster abd 21!haha..nk dipendekkan zeti ni pun dh rosak pi clubbing smua sbb abg dia msuk pnjra dia dgn mak dia hdup ssh. pstu Jai ni dh join kgsi gelap,bkn..dh join geng gangster si shark ni. kra satu hr si abg long dil (zizan) kne la tikam sbb shark xpuas ht dgn malek. fadil tu kwn baik malek. so malek mst la bengang kn. nk tuntut bela..s0o0o0o..dia pi la tmpt shark nk serg dia. then shark pun rebah. tp kn si jai ni org kuat shark,dia snggup lwn dgn abg dia..dia kte duit lg pntg dr saudara. lbh kurg cmtula ayt dia..cesss..ape pnya adk so malek pun trpksa la lwn dgn jai nh smpi lunyai gk dia..tup2,skali shark bgun nk tmbk jd lps tu??ok..korg tgk sndri la keh..peace y0o!^^
Ok,move on to part lain lak.heh..lps blk tu.then solat asar jap then pi amik wan,tna,dla dgn dna pi mlwt rmh pn rahmah. pn rahmah ni ialah ckgu ktorg time sk rndh dlu kat convent. pnya chit chat smpai kul 8 lbh!amik kau..haha..ckgu suh solat kat rmh dia dorg ni sgn sbb ank ckgu kn de 3 dorg prefer solat kat rmh sndri la. smbg dgn ckgu..wahhh,,havoc mcm slalu laa..ceria,beautiful,maintain kurus mcm dlu2 gk..wawawawawa..mmg hbt la ckgu jg bdn..mcm model gitu! alg2 tu suh ckgu add fb skali..ngee.tq2 ckgu..mmg best la hr ni..thanks for today everyone!;D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello HellO

A word, a word that means “you’re the one I love”
A word that means “I can’t forget you”
A word that means ”come back to me again”
No, it’s not the time to come
I really loved you
Listen up!
Nobody-nobody-nobody no on
There’s no one like you
Maybe this well keep going strong and in ten years
There still won’t be anyone like you
A word that means ”I’m an idiot to only look at you”
Today I want to shout to you
Saying goodbye, hello-hello, now goodbye-goodbye
I keep trying to forget you, but I can’t
I hello-hello oh you goodbye-goodbye
I mean, until now I’ve loved you
A word, a word that means ”I want to see you”
A word that means “I can’t send you away”
A word that means “please don’t go away”
No, I’m not saying we’re parting
I still love you
Listen up! I came to say goodbye
Saying that I love you, it made a fool out of me
I can’t forget all the times we spent together
Therefore, I went away
You’re not the only one for me
You’re just another one saying goodbye
Look at me, and tell me a lie
I really mean you should leave me
Saying goodbye, hello-hello, now goodbye-goodbye
I keep trying to forget you, but I can’t
I hello-hello oh you goodbye-goodbye
I mean, until now I’ve loved you
Everybody say la-la-la
Everybody say ha-ha-ha
Everybody say ta-ta-ta
Everybody say hello-hello-hello
When I call for you, “Hello”
When you call for me, “Goodbye”
We have different sad greetings
Because I love you, hello-hello, no goodbye-goodbye
Even when you’re far away, you’re still my love
I, hello-hello, oh you, goodbye-goodbye
I’m crying today, calling for your greeting
Hello-hello, now goodbye-goodbye
I keep trying to forget you, but I can’t
I hello-hello oh you goodbye-goodbye
I mean, until now I’ve loved you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ohh appearance for you my blog! beautiful isn't it?;D msuk lift tkn sndri lg!ngeh2.. i love this colour..weeeee..cantik bangat dong.. eh,last night i chat with one of my convent's joonhae. long time i hadn't chat with her..suddenly last night when i see her hand just click to her name and started to greet her.haha.. i feel relieve somehow we both still like bfore..i mean as good and as nice as before laa.. Alhamdulillah. bkn ape,dlu ktorg kdg2 baik..kdg2 gduh..haha.knk2 riang la ktekn..;))

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joon and hula hoop.

Finally OMS has ended.waaaaaa..ottokajo?? lps ni nk tgk joon kat mn?wawawaaaa..sdh btul!;(
tp smenjak dua mnjak ni joon tror sgtla in sports..i wonder why..hmmm. but,we hv smthng in common..which are we both cant play hula hoop!hahaha..gelung rotanla dlm bhsa mlyu nyer..xtau dia bt2 xtau or x..dia plg awl trkua td. sbb hula hoop yg dorg main dlm OMS tu bosa..kot2 la xpndai yoseop pndai main what!comey jek..errr..haha.. den ni nk kte xpndai sbnrnyer tror jek main gelung rotan tu time sk dlu..tup2 ble dh makin 'tua' nh hr tuh try xleh dh. asyik jtuh jek..huahua. pinggang dh x flexible myb.ngeh2. xpe2,,nnt den try lg smpi boleh..we'll see!!!^^ sayonara JOON!

*xtau lg ble leh jmpe joon lg..huaaaa

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shining sTar

Shining star
Like a little diamond
Makes me love
Looking at me with the sweet smile that’s like a dream to me
Whisper to me
We’ll always be together
’Til the end of time
Oh day by day
Stay by my side, always
Stay in my heart, dazzling
Shining my love
Always hoping
That you’ll be smiling at that place
Even when you’re suffering
Because of misunderstandings and reasonless hate
Look at a further place
It’s the start now
When you want to cry
Lean on me
Even though I’m lacking
I’ll protect you
Love flies to the deepest part of the heart from the start and makes me warm
The never-changing trembling
You are
Shining star
Like a little diamond
Makes me love
Looking at me with the sweet smile that’s like a dream to me
Whisper to me
We’ll always be together
’Til the end of time

Shining star
Brighter than the sun
You’re like the sunshine
Your eyes give me rest when you’re tired
Shed light on my heart
Promise to believe you
I’ll always be on your side
I’ll embrace your small shoulders with a love larger than anyone else
Love flies to the deepest part of the heart from the start and makes me warm
The never-changing trembling
You are
Shining star
Like a little diamond
Makes me love
Looking at me with the sweet smile that’s like a dream to me
Whisper to me
We’ll always be together
Shining star
Like a little diamond
Makes me love
Looking at me with the sweet smile that’s like a dream to me
Whisper to me
We’ll always be together
’Til the end of time.

*nice song isn't it?=)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ayah's day~

Holaa everyone! how are you guys??heh..after a week didnt on9..finally,here i am!^^
eh, hr tu ckp 2 mggu xkn on9 awat smggu jek? la bnde yg jd. nnt den cte.
bfore that nk wish dlu HAPPY FATHER's DAY to my AYAH! although i dont show that i love my dad,deep down in my heart i love him. he's my hero forever and ever. cewaahhh! ckp psl ayah ni kn den bykla mewarisi ayah pnya sikap dan genetik. haha. antaranya ialah xmkn sayur!ngeeee..yg plg common antra smua adk brdk den sorg jek yg xmkn syur..yg lain2 smua ikut Ibu mkn im the special one!! gagah pi bli kek mlm2 td.dh la sorg2 jek..huahua..nsb baik berani..'sikit' jela brani tuh. demimu ayah ku snggup redah jln raya yg sunyi..hee~

ayah,abah,dad,father,daddy,appa,abuya and whatsoever..i love you!;D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

adios amig0s~

Holaa holaa go0o..last day to write here. nk pi berperang lps nh..hmm,,lappy xmau bwk.tkut hilg..dpt brthn ke x ek x on9 2weeks??huahua..we'll see. btw,take care my blog.gonna miss you!dont be naughty keh!^^ psst..kwn2 klo de pape hal 626 on9 ek..hehss.srious nh xon9 2weeks smthng..xmain2 pnya..keh,adios amidos~

gonna miss jOon too.. -___-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunway lagOOn

Holaa2..nk cte skit psl my trip to s.alm last tuesday. just came back this evening.weeee..best2! thank you ALLAH for the safe,memorable trip.=)

7 june 2011 - 2.09pm
prjlnn naik ets!first time naik ets nh..excited2..haha.ets tu ape?alahai..ketapi laju yg malaysia pnya tula..xtau meh?ish3..haha. den ddk sblh popo chinese ni. stu fmly dia de dlm koc tu.gler la bising mcm koc tu dorg nk pnya!huahuaa..nk tdo pun xleh..trpksala buh 'chopstick' kat mta ni kasi bkk..huu.

slmt smpi kl central. wahh,,besa kl cntral tu.luckily dh tny k.haz how to get to ktm when reach there.klo x mau sst w0o!haha..dgn gahnya pi kaunter ktm bli tket pi s.alm lak.dut dut dut trun eskelator (cmni ke ek eja dia?bntai aja) pstu nmpkla brderet2 mnsia tgh bratur tggu ktm tuh.aig0o mmg mntpla kn. ble ktm smpi stu hal nk berebut msuk pintu yg kcik tuh dgn beg blk kg lg.waahh,,nsb bk smpt msuk gk! tp of course kne brdri. laki kri knn dpn blkg!huaaa..uncle2 yg dpn den tuh siap angkt tgn lg nk pgg pemegang kat atas tuh.(so my face is facing their ketiak.aigo0!) mmg fuhh la kn,sabo jela. i cant blame them pun.-_-

5pm smthng
finally smpi stesen s.alm.then take cab to uitm s.alm. i'd to take 2 cabs actually. then jmpe la Muna!!!weeee..kolej dia dh tuka time intersesi tu,dia xddk mwar dh..ddk melati. rmate dia Sally jek.lg sorg ddk rmh kwn dia. rest,solat smua pstu lps mgrb muna dgn sally tgk nora elena kat blk tv den lelap sat.haa..pntla beb! first time lak jln sorg2.can say that im independent!weeeeee

ajk muna dinner.mklumla siang tuh bfast jek smpt.mkn nasi gorg thai..licin pinggan!haha..lapo pnya pasal..;D pstu jln2 kat koop bli chocolate then blk blik. santai2 bce harry potter..pstu 2 lbh tdo.muna baik hati btul kasi tdo ats ktl,dia tdo kat bwh.agkt tilam extra kat bwh. dia kasi alsn ckp nk stdy kat bwh sje jek den rs sbnrnyer.thanks buddy!nnyak gkla tdo..siap mmp2 lg.sleep tight~

8 june 2011 - 9am
plan asl nk trun sunway actually lps lps subuh tdo blk..alarm bp kali bnyi..pstu snooze..snooze..snooze jek smpi kul 8.30!haha..8.30 bgun mnd2 then brtolak.sbb nk naik bas pi sunway tu kn.s.alm ke sunway lbh kurg sjam gkla naik 3 bas ktorg naik.sunway kat subang.=)

dh smpi dpn carrefour kat subg tu.tggu noy amik lak. main2 jek dgn noy nk bfast kat rmh dia...skali btul2!haha..thanks noy!^^ mkn2..smbg2..kul 12 lbh gkla bru brtolak ke sunway tu.rmh noy dgn sunway dkt jek..bp mnt ek..xingt lak. sblm ke sunway amik adk noy dlu kat sk,kls tmbhn myb.mak noy yg hntrkn ktorg.

dh smpi sunway kul stu lbh pstu ingt solat dlu la kn.nnt time main2 xyh pk dh nk solat.solat pstu salin baju and cri loker.ktorg tramik 3 loker lak.pdhal 2 loker dh muat dh.lg stu token tu noy smpn.nnt nk dtg lg xla rugi nk bli kn!heh..5 hinggit w0o stu loker..mhl x mhl!grrrrr..then dh smpn smua..main time!;D

sunway lagoon ni de 5 parks smua. tket for adult is 75 per my card utk 5 parks tu.haa..klo xde my card kne byr 100 daa. klo nk 3 parks jek leh dgn rm6o. de extreme park,water park,scream park,wildlife park and amusement yg 3 parks tu mcm xbest jek sbb dia water,amusement dgn wildlife jek.alg2 ktorg amik smua la kn.

firstly naik yg boat besa goyg2 tuh.noy xbrani nk muna pksa gk.haha..sian noy.mnjerit2 time boat tu pusing.mmg pnglmn la.den xpnh gk naik boat tu..glerla time trblk de kat ats tuh.fuhhh..mmg mngucap byk2. yg xthn org2 laki pun blkg ktorgla xslp.lwk pun ade time naik pusing2 tu ble dgr dorg jrt mcm2.heh

lps boat ktorg naik roller coaster lak.kat sni tggu stgh jam bfore dpt naik.mklumla rmai org. mmg the bomb la!time dia naik then trun tu..selekoh tajam lg.roller coaster tu kn laju..time pusing2 kat corner tu..mantap2.lps roller then nk msuk scream park xslp.

haha..gelak dlu.sbb kat scream park ni plg lwk. actually den yg rs nk msuk.muna dgn noy pksa gk dorg. skali tgh dgr dgn tekun aunty tu briefing bfore msuk tup2 de stu hntu rmbut pnjg kua!mmg trkjut nk mati la kn!haha..trus ktorg lari..noy,muna then me!hahahahaha..adehhla..hantu xde sivik btul.blum msuk dh terjah org,mmg xmsukla almt kn! mmg lwk la part scream park nih.xleh lpe btul laa..siap de couple foreigner tu pun xjd msuk lps tgk ktorg lari.ngeh2

then move one naik cawan coffee yg pusing2 bse2 jela..x extreme mn. pstu ktorg pi water park. pusing2..basah2kn bdn. den xpndai berenang.jles btul dgn muna dgn noy yg leh trapung kat air tuh..-__- naik glongsor air..first time air msuk hidung!dh 2nd time naik dh tau dh..air xmsuk hdg (ttup hdg siap2) heh. pstu pi kat tasik. ktorg kayak dgn paddle boat. sbb ktorg dtg bertiga den kne la kayak sorg2..muna dh dgn xpi jauh la..dkt2 jek..tkut tgn pnt.heh. yg paddle boat ni mn lrt kn nk naik ktorg tuka2.first me and muna then muna dgn noy lak. jap,ms time nmpk stu bnda dlm air..mle2 dia tmbul then tngglam.wushhh!mmg suspens laa..adakah mr c?waaa..crocodile tu..cpt2 smua blk dr kayak tuh.hagaga

time kat tasik ni hjn dh mcurah2 ke bumi. ingt nk naik moto besa dgn jmbtn. tp sbb hjn, they both are closed. sdh btul. last aktiviti bfore take shower is main pinball sorg 20 dus tmbkn.cehhh,,'dus'?haha..main tmbk jek.bkn nmpk pun sbb xpkai spec..main bantai jela.ngeee..pstu its raining heavily.then amik baju kat loker msuk mndi la kat washroom.mndi pun..tu diaaa..beratur..pnya pnjg!smua org nk mndi la dh hjn sbb time tuh dh around 5 smthng la.tmpt tu ttup kul 6-7 cmtu. so mmg mntpla bratur tggu mnd. kul 6 smua dh siap mnd pstu mkn time!

ktorg pi mkn kat sunway piramid sblh jek dr sunway lagoon tu.mklumla nk mkn kat dlm tuh mmg mhl!xyh ckp..air mineral org jual singgit jek dlm tuh 3 hinggit!grrrr..xbli pape pun kat dlm tu. kua cari mcd.mkn burger double cheese seketul dgn fries plus coke. dpt cawan free cm dlm iklan tulg sbg souvenir! fries xabisla..mmbzir2.

tggu ayh noy amik.sbb jln jem,ayh noy kte blk rmh dlu solat mgrb sbb plan ayh o ibu noy yg akn hntr ktorg blk s.alm(xyh blk naik bas). smpi rmh lps mkn bru brtolak blk ke s.alm. mak noy yg hntr sbb ayh noy dgn adk2nya pi main badminton.heh. fmly noy amt sempoi plus the bomb gk. interaction antra sesame mereka amt comey.heee.

10pm smthng
slmt smpi uitm. mnd,solat smua pstu rest dgn harry potter smpi midnight. again,den tdo atas ktl.nnyak!haha..mlm ni tdo awl..1 lbh dh lena..

9 june 2011 - 10am
tggu tksi naik nk pi stesen bas. tket bas nk blk perak blum lg.brani mati pnya bli on the spot! Alhadulillah de tket plg awl kul pi bfast jap.then bce paper pstu bas pun smpi. brtolakla ke perak..aguummm!

finally smpi ke negeri trchenta.seman yg amik..20mins tggu kat stesen bas xpns!haihh..ibu perli muka muncung jek blk td.bknnyer xbest vacation tu tp sbb pns ht la kne tggu lme. i hate waiting damn much!remember??grrrrr..lps unpacked smua..solat pstu beradu.pengsan ptg td!mcm xnk bgun jek kne bgun gk..solat xleh tggl ok! solat tu tiang agama..klo tiang xkukuh mcm mn kn?hmmm..this is a part of the memory i can write tonight.pnjg kn?bab2 brcte ni kasi den mmg xde yg pndekla..haha..layan aje.heeee..okla,perut dh berbnyi2 ni mnta diisi..nk pi mkn dlu...nnt kt jmpe lg keh my blog. Assalamualaikum.;))

nota kaki: xde gmbr pun dgn dorg kat sne..bak kte noy..gmbr di hati..heh

Monday, June 6, 2011

bfast mcd!

Ini dia mcd bfast box!weeee..akhrnya hajat utk bfast mcd ni stlh brbulan2 mngidam dan kempunan. ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH.=) smpena cuti ni actually niat nk bli mmg xtrbli2 pun.heh..luckily k.long blk then dia yg bli.heee..syg k.long byk2 laa..mkn lemping tu..wiwiwiwi..xkmpunan dh..;D

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kisah dongeng~

Ku sedar ku tak seberapa
Jika dibanding mereka
Yang jauh lebih megah dari diri ini

Apa yang mampu ku berhias
Hanyalah hati yang ikhlas
Terpendam simpan untuk dia yang sudi

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Belum pernah ku merasakan
Dipeluk dalam dakapan
Eratnya melindungi jiwa rapuh ini

Sanubariku memerlukan
Kehadiran seorang teman
Tulus mencurah kasih sepenuh hati

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja


Saturday, June 4, 2011

beRhenti beRharAp.

Aku tak percaya lagi
Dengan apa yang kau beri
Aku terdampar disini
Tersudut menunggu mati
Aku tak percaya lagi
Akan guna matahari
Yang dulu mampu terangi
Sudut gelap hati ini
Aku berhenti berharap
Dan menunggu datang gelap
Sampai nanti suatu saat
Tak ada cinta kudapat
Kenapa ada derita
Bila bahagia tercipta
Kenapa ada sang hitam
Bila putih menyenangkan
Aku pulang…
Tanpa dendam
Ku terima kekalahanku
Aku pulang…
Tanpa dendam
Ku salutkan kemenanganmu
Kau ajarkan aku bahagia
Kau ajarkan aku derita
Kau tunjukan aku bahagia
Kau tunjukan aku derita
Kau berikan aku bahagia
Kau berikan aku derita
Aku pulang…
Tanpa dendam
Ku terima kekalahanku
Rebahkan tangguhmu
Lepaskan perlahan
Kau akan mengerti
Aku berhenti berharap
Dan menunggu datang gelap
Sampai nanti suatu saat
Tak ada cinta kudapat

-sheila on7-

ttbe mood tgkp leleh melimpah-limpah lak skrg kn..aig0o

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lagu seDih

Selalunya haruku tak sebegitu biru
Selangkah pun tak lah terasa begitu jauh
Ku di sini tapi fikiran entah ke mana
Jiwa yang terganggu buat aku tersedar

Semua kerna kau dah hilang dari pangkuanku

DJ putarkanlah lagu cinta
Dedikasi kepadanya
Kerana kan aku merindu dia yang menjauh
Putarkanlah lagu cinta untuk ku melayan jiwa
Andai dia tidak kembali
Minta tujukanku lagu sedih
Tujukanku... lagu sedih

Apa mungkin dia sedang mendengar di sana
Dibelenggu kesepian atau sudah lupa
Walau aku cuba berganjak meneruskan hari
Tapi hati masih berpaut semalam lagi

Semua kerna kau dh hilang dari pangkuanku

Ku bukakan sterio, internet dan radio
Tapi lagu yang ke udara hanya menyucuk-nyucuk jiwa
Keranaku kehilanganmu

Jadi jikalau kau sedang mendengar
Rasakan gelombang terpancar

-psst..xingt la group mn nnyi..adoi

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

june for JOON!

Finally, genap sebulan dah aktiviti membuang masa di rumah telah dilakukan. lepas ni xmau dah la buang2 masa nh..haihhh. hari berlalu makin lame makin malas dah rasa..haishh! xmau..xmau..xmau gitu! plan2 yg bernas dah disediakan. its okay la xde orang nak amik den kerja pun..*redha*.
tlg ibu kat rmh ni pun ok what..then leh tgk tv lg.hee

so0o0o,sekarang de plan mantap. i want to meet JOON in the future. I'll work hard to be the best that i can be and be successful and and and become rich!! so that i can go to korea and meet my joon!*bajet* wink2...aceee..angan2 tu.biarla..angan-angan itu penting ok!;D work hard myself..i can do it. joon bru 24, so x banyak beza sgt la umur tu kan. klo time dh tua2 nnt pi mlwt dia pun, dia xdela tua sgt.hahaha..ok,thats my ambition for now. hopefully dpt lakukannyaa..Insya ALLAH.