Friday, March 21, 2014


pagi2 jumaat ni dh rndu org dah.
smga sihat2 slalu..dlm rahmat ALLAH selalu.

doa dr jauh.

p/s: dah baca surah al-kahfi hr ni?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

8 Things My Father Taught Me About Respecting Women

1. “That’s someone’s daughter.”

This is something I will always hold dear to my heart. My father has a great way of putting things into perspective for me. He made me realize that every girl in this world is not only someone’s daughter, but also a child of God. I should always treat women the same way I would hope someone to treat my future daughter.

2. “Keep your hands to yourself.”

If you’re not married to her, keep your hands off her. That was the broken record that constantly played within my head. I understood where  my father was coming from, and our foundation of faith definitely played an important role in keeping this standard true. None of us are perfect, but the strive for purity is something my father would constantly embed into my brain. He understood the reality of sex in today’s culture, and encouraged me to always try and live above the world’s standard of what is normal

3. “Walk her to the door.”

Chivalry 101. Walk your lady to her door, and then make sure she gets inside safe before you leave. From a very young age I remember both my father and grandfather drilling this into my brain. I guess you can say our family has always strived to be chivalrous, thoughtful, and kind. But while this may just seem like a silly gesture, the act can really showcase the honor and respect you have for a woman.

4. “Always pay for her dinner.”

Many will claim that times are changing, but I still hold this standard pretty high, no matter how much a woman makes. It’s a simple gesture that showcases your willingness to provide and support. Pay for her dinner, even if she orders the $60.00 steak.

5. “Offer your coat when it’s cold.”

Sacrifice is key when it comes to any relationship. I learned this from watching the men in my family live this out on a daily basis. When it’s cold, offer your coat. When it’s hot, offer to buy a drink. When it’s raining, find anything you can to keep her hair from getting wet.

6. “Open the car door.”

Another class from chivalry 101. It’s a simple act of kindness that shows any woman that you are thinking of her before yourself. If you have a motorcycle, pretend to open a car door for effect.

7. “Respect her parents wishes.”

No matter how crazy or loud, I encourage you to respect a woman’s parents to the highest degree. This might be tough for some of you, but I promise it will score you major points with both the family and your lady. The last thing you want is to be in a relationship with someone who’s parents do not like you. Do all you can to show them respect, even if it kills you.

8. “Make her feel protected and safe.”

I know that not everyone is as buff as me (obviously joking), but there is still hope for anyone who is looking to make their lady feel protected an safe. You don’t need to have muscles on top of your muscles to make your lady feel protected. Just show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, her belongings, and your relationship.


Sunday, March 16, 2014


"To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and to be loved by the one you love,that is EVERYTHING. Never take love for granted."

good night.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2nd trip overseas

ALHAMDULILLAH, thank you ALLAH for so much happiness during this trip. 
lawa kn pics?heh.arigato2..
sgt awesome scenery sne tau x..kat mn? singapore aje..kekekeke~
one day trip to singapore..but im missing malaysia already for the one day.
ottoke..cmne nk smbung blaja lua ngra ni homesick..adess!
for the trip..its worthwhile i think to go there. 
dr thn1 azam nk pi msuk uss ni..bkn stkt lalu depan jek. and Alhamdulillah ALLAH permudahkn mkbulkn hajat. ^________^
always be grateful.
so enjoy time is over..its for final year time.
study hard. jadi org berilmu, cintakn ilmu, amalkn ilmu.
aja aja !

p/s: klo honeymoon nnt nk dtg sni okay x?haha~

工 レo√乇 ㄚ♥∪...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Officially aunty?

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
welcome to the earth princess.
nme x official lg so xleh bgtau lg.heh.
Alhamdulillah k.long dh slmt mlahirkn this cutey pie smlm..dlm kul4 pm. me and seman mmg dh ke rmh k.long ni..Alhamdulillah timing kne.
mn xnya..last week 2x mmp k.long beranak.haha. dlm mmp trk 3/3 tp hr jumaat.pstu k.long tny tu ble tahun pny trk.heh. but Alhamdulillah she is fine even trkua awai.
slalu org kte mgndung ni 9bln right? bru la tau hr tu k.long kte spatutnya dia ni trkua awai 3weeks. 
berat 2.96kg. sihat. normal. 
ALHAMDULILLAH, thank you ALLAH for this great happiness.
Ibu ayah mmg excited abis laa..xyh aunty nurul pun excited gk nh.heh
comey jek kn bdk kcik ahli baru dlm keluarga. 
pray for kne kuning. hrp2 dh okay. insyaALLAH.

lps ni byk post psl this new keluarga laa..heeee..aunty mithali.awesome. insyaALLAH

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sabar ye.

"Tenanglah wahai hati, benar pilihanmu ini. Ya, sukar dan penuh tanda tanya. Namun selagi engkau yakin dan percaya, pasti Allah temukan jalan terbaik untuk hatimu bahagia.

Aku relakan hati untuk sendirian sehingga ketika ini, kerana menempuh pelbagai kisah tentang cinta yang akhirnya aku sangat yakin, sangatlah sia-sia bercinta ketika tiada apa-apa dapat aku bawakan dalam hubungan.

Aku sendirian sehingga ketika ini, tiadanya mahu mencuba-cuba dalam hal perasaan, baiklah aku menjaga diri ini, memperbaiki yang aku sendiri sedar masih terleka dan terbuai, mengukuhkan apa yang aku percaya membantu masa depan, seterusnya memberikan sebaik mungkin jasa pada insan-insan aku sayang.

Aku sendirian sehingga ketika ini, hingga takut untuk melihat gadis kerana tidak mahu kelak hak aku dilihat dengan mata jahat yang lain, aku takut ingin komen dan bermesej dengan gadis, aku takutkan diri! Takut kelak yang halal untukku juga bermesej dengan yang bukan keperluannya.

Pernah aku lemah dan tergelincir, hingga buat aku resah... dan kerana apa aku tegur kalian juga sehingga kini? Kerana aku mengingatkan diri dan aku tahu teruknya resah sebagai pendosa.

Aku coretkan ini, agar aku dan pembaca yang sama jalan denganku, semakin tabah dan kuat dalam hari-hari mendatang dalam keseorangan. Keseorangan kita tiada berteman istimewa bukan bermakna kita 'loser', tetapi kita anugerah istimewa buat seseorang yang dicipta untuk kita hingga Jannah. Indah kan?

Indah, akan aku sedaya upaya jadi bahagian indah kamu. Hadir sebagai yang kamu impi, andai tidak pada rupa, biarlah aku bahagian yang kamu rasa aman bila aku disisi, tenang bila bersua, rindu bila berjauh.

Sedang apa yang kamu rasa ketika ini, aku pohon Allah gerakkan hati kita tiadanya lalai. Sabar ye, kelak kita diketemukan, aku akan panggil kamu Bidadari Hati.

‪#‎PakarDiari‬ Hati"

*tuka ayt last dgn bidadara hatiku. :)

A vs O

external source ---> excites atoms to short-lived energy level ---> spontaneous emission to metastable level ----> large population at metastable --->population inversion between metastable and lower laser level ----> stimulated emission (photons spontaneous emitted in the population inversion area) ----> laser.

hulala. quiz for laser this morning. wish me luck!

LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LOSER - not that loser okay..but Light Oscillation by Stimulated Emission by Radiation

external source.
popluation inversion.
stimulated emission.
3-level laser
4-level laser

aja aja !