Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dont plan to walk in my life if you intend to go.

Assalamualaikum,, ghapo xtdo2 lg nh? dh lwt dh ni..ish3.heh. bru abis bt tutor DE td. then sje bkk fb de trbce stu ksh ni. tu yg xtdo2 lg tuh.. btw, congrats to pasukan N9 yg jd juara piala malaysia mlm td. to skuad ganu kite..dont cry bebeh. actually at first den skong ganu..(sbb BO..haha) xde rezeki ganu mng even ganu yg first jaring dlu. so0o,,the conclusion is..dont feel that we're on the top once we'd succeeded okay..we can easily fall down anytime. so be prepared!heh.. ancm tuh..
Hmm,,i just wanna say..'Don't plan to walk in my life if you intend to go'. td trjmpe ayt nh..mcm best jek..pstu bt status fb trus.heh. yela..i'd been hurt t0o much. dont wanna be in hurt mode again. keh guys..dont ever hurt my feelings again..bcoz i've a soft heart. haha. i'd said bfore..i've totally a soft heart. it can easily get hurt. huu. but, im growing from time to time..growing stronger! Insya Allah. I'm putting some protection..firewall ke ape ke kebal skit ht nh. haha. to all that always support me in whatever im into..thanks a lot! really appreciate it. from now, i'll not bother anymore..people that dont need me in their akn undur dri. jgn riso eh. sy xkn gnggu2 hdup kalian lg. Insya Allah. dh xgnggu pun kn hdup anda smua??;D
I wanna live my life happily t0o. uhuu. gonna be as successful as I might be...Im gonna succeed! plus..
Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kpdku SYURGA CINTA. amin.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Incredible blood type B!

Words cant really express anything. haha. im proud to be blood donor!^^
Actually niat nk drma drh ni lme dh..and bp kali dh pi tmpt2 drma drh ni utk merealisasikan hasrat tuh..wahh,,ayt..sastera gitu!
tp sadly,,xdpt drma..sbb drh cair. bg spe2 yg xtau..if nk drma drh..kepekatan darah tu msti 12.5 above keh..klo kurg kne reject!heh
so0o0,,my first trial hr tu time pesta konvo..dpt 12.2..rejected. again hr tu kat ktc rejected t0o..12.1. aig0o0o. tny knp drh cair..pstu akak yg amikkn drh tu bgtau kne byk mkn kerang,daging merah,SAYUR..err..bab syur tu la yg lomah skit.muahahaha. then, mmg rs pth smgt nk drma la kn?
then td last day pesta bundle. my lovely rmate nk pi drma drh sbb dia dh pnh drma and leh drma(my rmate mkn syur.heh). sje jek try2 isi borg dia..sbb ingt drh cair lg kn..yela den mn mkn syur.haha. try pnya try..skali meter reading kat uji kepekatan drh tu kua number 13.0!!!!! wow! gler happy xtrkta la!wahwah..Alhamdulillah. finally dpt gk drma. so here are some pics that will remain as my memorable experience in my life that i would like to share with you guys..;D

org lain amik drh muke siap snyum + peace lg!^^

tgn kne cucuk..actually xsdr ble nurse tu,xla..msa tgh cucuk tu utk hilgkn tkut rs skt tu den nyanyi sbnrnyer..tup2 tgk jarum dh de trcucuk.haha

my happy! hopefully it can save some other life right..;D

aktiviti mncucuk jarum..jgn tru aksi ni di rmh ye kwn2..muahaha. yg brtauliah jek yg leh cucuk2 nh..

time ni dh abis dh.. my blood already taken. tq so much to akak nurse yg baik hati. dia ckp baik jek..wahh,,mmg nk drma pun sejuk jela kn..heee

Lastly,,spe x pnh drma drh lg angkt tgn?heh..pi2 la drma..manyak syok w0o!heh. a part of best experience in life. Im totally proud of it. hyper excited hr ni..klo den happy..xmkn dr pg td pun xtrse lapo.haha
okay smua,,jg dri!=)

*some pics had been deleted due to exposure of aurat. aurat tu kne ttup la kn..bkn tatapan umum. hrp mklm.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love my golf mate!

(this is my syazwani..i'd requested her to send me this pic..of course with the love sign t0o.heh)

knp ttbe jek kn? xpnh mentioned nme syaz pun sblm ni. hr tu muna..then skrg syaz?errr...lalang btul kn! haha.. syaz was also my matrix's friend..she is lovely. mle2 knl dia time dia msuk prac la. dia hyt,tuka phy. first2 tgk wahhh..bdk ni..mmg smgt btul(time mggu orientasi)...sggh2 dia ckp.haha. then she was my golf mate!wink2.. koko dpt golf..pdg golf amt ktorg pun akn pi sme2 every friday morning tu.. golf la yg mrptkan kami..heeeee. she is very the bomb and bombastic. ahaa..den ni kn tu byk kali gkla gduh2 dgn syaz nh.. and even bz mn pun she is there when i need her. mgila,merepek..mcm2 la brsme..waahhh,,mmg kwn yg baik la!heee..msg bwh ni i wrote especially for her at her fb wall. layaaaaan. ikhlas dr ht yg tulus dn suci nh.=)

'Hack's Sweet,happy 20th years and 9months! wink2..9 months dh tu..wahhh,,haha. dear,,you're always mgila with me when i need thankful you know. always be my best friend and accept me as i am although sometimes im the most mgada kn.and didnt run away pun.haha..thank you. thank you. i wish you a happy life with org trsyg..heh. and may hv a good health to0.klo x,mmg nk kne bbel la kn! lastly, if one day we cant see each other anymore.dont forget you're among of my best friends that i'll never ever want to lose. *grateful mode*'

Thursday, October 20, 2011


H0ho..moron day. mcm bse..test ssh!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......................................
electronics..huhu..i'd tried my best. now,hnya mmpu bertawakal kpd Yang Satu..ALLAH SWT. smga dpt mrkh yg okayla..Insya Allah. amin. uhuuu. sok de DE test not in the mood to study tonight. *effect test td la*..hoho. I'll try my very best also for this test..wish me luck guys! haa..spcial thanks to ZETTY,KINA,TINA,K.HAZ and EMAN. why? bcoz they all support me last night. smlm amt mntk nsht dr dorg2 ni..except my little bro tu la. jsa dia suh kjut bgun kul 4 pg. suh dia miz cal. haha. thank you Seman!mmg adk yg baik..hoho. yg lain2 gk..amt trhru dgn korg pnya nsht2 smua..I'll follow all the advices. Insya Allah. okay,time to off. Assalamualaikum.

*ayah ckp.."tak senang jadi senang". ibu ckp.."yakin dri utk strusnya"..huuuuu. a big thank to my lovely parents t0o. LOVE THEM SO0o0o0o0o0o0o0O much! huuu..miss them also. ;(

Monday, October 17, 2011

being matured!

Holaa! new cloth for you my is it?nice right..ngee. msuk lift tkn sndri! haha..tuka la..dh bosan dh dgn design and lagu dlu. lgu pun dh tuka ni..shining star! layaaannn..ngee. ahaa..mggu lps amt stress mlmpau..myb sbb de 3 test mggu nh..
*tp smpt on9 lg nh* forcing myself a lot this sem. to be the very very very best that i can be! huu..sbb tu la kot. cayo2 myself..biar mrana dlu,gmbira kmdn kn. uhuu. okay,,skrg sy amt baik krn xde gnggu2 hdup2 org dh..haha. a big applause to me laa..wihuuuu~ ingt den ske2 ke nk kco2 org ni..just bcoz i missed them only..huu. tp my 'rinduness' xdhrgai lak kn. sdh2.haha.. so the time to grow mature has finally come! Insya Allah..i'll be a new person guys. the Nurul Fadzilah that will not cause any trouble or make myself being hate by you guys.h0o0o0o..determine nmpk! utk berubah laa..utk brubah ke arh yg lbh baik. a part of it..say no to hp!h0ho..use it when needed only keh Fadzilah! and im more to heartless my life with my own ways and didnt even bother to care abt others. to0 care myb the right terms. heh. i'll love myself a lot from others did. muahahaha..okay then,time to study. wish me luck for my tests keh.
4 flatter ever semesters, every subjects.Insya Allah. Amin.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Im just a girl with dreams.
I want someone to coax me when Im mad.
I want someone to ask me if Im doing well in my studies.
I want someone to love me as I am.
I want to be successful person so that I can make my parents proud of me.
I want my best friends to love me as much as I love them.
I want everyone to be happy when with me.
I want to be the best among the best.
I want the people that I like to like me back.
I want to be happy in my life.
I want everything going smoothly in whatever I do.
I want a cute, handsome and caring husband.
I want to learn how to swim.
I want a big house and merc.
I want sweet date.
I want the people that I love to be happy always.
I want people to know when Im sad and give me advises.
I want to be beautiful and kind-hearted.
I want to be genius.
I want to get flying colors in every examinations.
I wan to be a billionaire.
I want to travel all around the world especially playing with the snow.
I want to be healthy.

all above..I just want to be happy until my time comes. can I? am I to0 demanding?

something are inside my head.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My pengorbanan.

Assalamualaikum,, holaa all.
awl kn post ni..heh. bru bgun td kul 12 lbh then stay up smpi laa ni. STUDY ok.
Alhamdulillah,,so far okayla. gonna be the best among the best. Insya Allah.
td lps abis study congak2 la kn pointer..if i get 4 flat this sem,,lps tmbh tolak drb bhgi dgn 2sem lps..bru dpt dean list. tu pun sipi-sipi..huahuaa. first class jauh byg lg. huu. so0o0o,,mmg kne all out la kali nh.. sem 2 hr tu jth gaung,,so nk kne catch up blk pointer tu..agk..memerlukan kesungguhan,kerajinan,pengorbanan yg tggi ya..I CAN DO IT! Insya Allah. Amin. Ibu ayah,,doakan anakmu ini..uhuuu
okay, skrg actually dh abis study,,bkn abis mn pnh abis slagi kt hdup kn..h0ho. i mean abis revised smua utk hr ni la.. klo nk tdo skrg then kang kne bgun blk utk solat Subuh.
so i'd planned..stay up smpi msuk Subuh, solat dlu then bru tdo. heee. lg sng cmtu. so msa yg trluang ni..tu yg update sni nh. klo x mls gk nk tlis sbnrnyer..huahuaa.
baikla smua, jg dri..blaja rjin2..ingt ibu ayah kat rmh tu..mreka hntr kt utk blaja..kt kne la blaja ye. dh nme pun student, mestila kne study tu..klo xmau study..baik resign dr jd student kn. peace.

Quote yg direka sendiri..
" biar menangis dlu, senyum ketawa kmudian."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hari brtenang sdunia.

Ehem2..mic test..mic test.
hr ni hr brtenang sdunia..*the post bfore is t0o emotional.sorry! -__-* hmm..these people had said this to me..

1. "jgn laa pk sgt klaw satu2 prob tuh. Leh skit urat otak taw. bwat bese aje. Kang oke laa tuh yeaa"

2. "Allah xhilgkn ssuatu,mlainkn mgntikan ssuatu dgn yg lbeh baik."

3. "xsmesti ble org bt xbaik dgn kt,kt kne bls xbaik kn"

ble hayati blk ayt2 tuh..mmg btul pun kn.haha..thanks all my dear friends! korg mmg the best of all part bg nsht2 nh!ngeee..=) s0o0o0o,,i've ease my mind and trying to move on with my life without the perkara remeh. Insya Allah. mls dh nk pk bnde2 xfaedah tu..bcoz in the end im the only one that get hurt,serabut,skt ht and so on laa. hdup ni skali aje bt pe nk sdh2 or skt2 ht nh. xbrbaloi! huu. so,everyone..just forget all the things that make we sad and move on with our life with smile and happiness!^^

p/s: genap sbln benti kje smlm 4/10/11. boss msg ckp gaji utk kje 4hr bln lpn hr tu dh msuk akaun. haha..wlaupun 4hr jek gkla gaji tu..ckupla nk bli jajan ke ape..heee.thanks boss! wish me luck on my studies..4flat will be and may Assalikin Servise Station be more successful in the future. Insya Allah. Amin.