Friday, September 28, 2012

my Miss TosHi

okayyh. this is my new miss toshi. say hello.hahaha
another hardisc. lps mgunakan usaha yg ada utk mntk ibu dgn ayh sponsor.wink2. ALHAMDULILLAH. brjya gk dpt. :D
yela, my mr.seagate dh full daaa..tggl bp Mb jek..drpd 320 Gb. bygkn..try try bygkn skrg..huahuaa
sooo..sgala movies baru nk amik kne smpn kat my si kecik ni ke brt klo smpn dlm lappy byk2 kn. so utk kesenangan di ms dpn i bought this laa..heee.
jap, nk ms bli pg td. kat pc fair dsi. okay la. then blk try. tup2 blk try tgk lappy xdpt detect lak.aduyai..sdhnyaaaaaa..
then ape lg, pi la blk dsi ckp xleh. nsb bk abg chinese tu try and mmg xleh gk. so dia kasi yg baru..wihuuuuuu...leh amik byk2 movies lg lps ni...hulalala~

Love is like a snowflake

I smile again like I did yesterday
I hide it as if nothing happened
Without permission, I looked into your heart
I guess it's my part to take your heart
Now I want to have you

Have you ever loved to death?
Just once, please look back
I cry out and call you but it doesn't reach you
I love you, I love you
Words I repeat by myself
I love you

I try to live each day well
So that I can endure through little by little
Because without you, there is no tomorrow
There is no hope, just like today
Now I want you

The sad longing builds up
It feels like my breath will stop
I follow the faint light
And now I go to you

Love comes like snowflakes
I hold out my hand to catch it but it always melts
From the moment I first saw you, it was always you
I take one step and again another step
Because to me, it needs to be only you.

(Nice Guy OST)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

okay, tak jadi

Okay. plan nk berundur dan menyepi dr alm siber ni mcm xmnjd jek. haha
bln 10 la kot officially. we'll see.
almaklumla skrg bb dpt 3G! laju tgn mmg gatal jela nk on9 kn..
tp xleh gk, kne hrgai ms sbaiknya. just not in the mood yet utk brundur.hee. bian.
so, I'll still be here for the time being! :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

so g0odbye

holaa readers! acewahh.bajet byk readers la kn :D
 finally, the pilihan raya is done. yam menang brgaya..mng majority. wahh,congratto!^^

yam's supporters. may all the mpms will successfully lead utm's mahasiswa to be better than before. insyaALLAH. 
haaa, my vote utk calon2 umum..8 mengena drpd 10 yg den tembak.haha. hbt x?ngeh2
papepun, thniah pada smua. smga smua dpt mnjlnkn amnh yg dberi sbaiknya.

okay, skrg mcm byk mpek jek dh kn. azam xmau mpek byk.haha. so its time to say goodbye. stdy2.haha. will concentrate in studies after this. diligently. insyaALLAH. pray for me keh.tq2. =)
see ya again. annyeong! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the pilihan raya time

holaa. okay kali nh nk cte psl plhn rye. skrg smua uni la tgh dlm proses plhn rye trmsuk la utm.
nk djdkn selected to be the pencadang one of my friend yg msuk brtndg. bwh ni gmbr dia laa..maryam. knl?heh
hr jumaat hr tu proses pnamaan calon. alhamdulillah smua brjln lncr. but! night bfore that day xlena tdo woooo..haha. jnuh pk pe bkl jd ms pncalonan calon tu. almklumla bru 1st nk tau kn. de rusuhan ka..bantahan ka..ape2 jela. luckily, smua brjln lncar. alhamdulillah.
yam ni calon utk fakulti. sorg lg kwn skelas yg msuk brtndg is kak pae. sooo,,lets vote for them. :D

 me and dayah with the calon. im the pencadang, dayah is the penyokong.

 proses mngantung poster. pnya la byk. xtrkira bp byk ubat stapler abis.hahaha. stu pnglmn yg bru trlbt dgn plhn rye nh. as you all know, im not interested in the politics..just..wanna gain the experiences. slagi hdup ni try la bt ssuatu yg xpnh dpt byk pglmn..bru hdup lbih brmkna dan berpglmn. acewahh! =)

 after pnt gntg2 tuh..santap time. main suap2..haha. 

kak ti and ada. k.ti mata mngoda. ada concious.kekekekekeeke

hmmm. so far alhamdulillah. pglmn gntg poster utk plhn rye ni..akn jd a part of my kngn kat utm ni.
pjm clik pjm clik dh msuk 3rd year dh. so fast the time is passing by. huahuaaa.
lg bp thn sayonara utm. then smbung master o phd...kat utm gk? ohhhh,,itu akan dfkirkn smua. ngee.
jap, plhn rye ni de dua. calon utk pro aspirasi and pro mahasiswa. but, im a bit lost skit about pro mahasiswa. knp byk glgn2 tdg labuh and songkok2 ni msuk group tu. trmsukla chinese pun rmai. hmmm,xleh jd ni. kne sldik byk lg ni about it. then bru la leh bt plhn yg btul utk
whatever it is all the best to all the calons and if you guys win, dont forget what the promises you guys had promised to the mahasiswa/mahasiswi keh. jgn mng smata jek dpt nme tp kje smua xbuat. xmau2. bak kte sir affendi..serve the masyarakat. bru brbaloi hdup brbakti kn. peace. 
asar time already...lets solat! see ya. Assalamualaikum.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH.
smlm tdo usual, migrain came to visit me. mmg xstdy lgsg. lps isyak pgsn smpi subuhnya.
then hr ni okay dh. alhamdulillah. mlm td smgt brkobar2 utk stdy. alhamdulillah dh phm dh notes mechanics siang td yg xbp nk phm. :))
aim sem 5 ahead wanna be the best. insyaALLAH. usaha pun kne the best la kn. mn leh tgk movies, fb, tdo i right?hehsss
ahaa. siang td main badminton dgn ain and fiza. mle2 jog dlu dgn fiza then bru main. ms tgh2 main tu ttbe fiza sbut cool blog. mklumla pnt main kn skali dpt cool blog. mmg bhgia what.hehs. ktorg pun la mcm trliur la nk cool blog tu tp xkn smata2 nk naik tksi pi bli cool blog kn?hahha. so lpekn jela hrpn tu. tup2 dayah kua mlm td dgn abg dia. mntk tlg bli.weeeeeee. alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH. trcpai nk mnum cool blog. rezeki2. =)

nmpk sedap kn? perisa yam. trse mcm mkn aiskrim jek. nyummy!!

one thing, den trplh jd ktua blok.wawawa. caya x?haha. bkn ape pun, td de meeting. nk bg cpt abis suhla jkm tu plh jek slh sorg dr ktorg. then dia ckp.."awakla.boleh?". den pun mngiyakn.haha. abis cte. then meeting tmt leh smbung stdy sng hdup mcm tu. xyh pnin2.kekekekeke.
okayla. time to sleep. kpla dh mronta2 suh tdo ni. see ya tmrow or tmrow tmrow tmrow.haha. annyeong!^^

Monday, September 17, 2012

Not over you~

   No, what are these tears that I don’t know the meaning of?
I try to brush it off but they keep falling yeah
When I’m going to meet you for the first time in a while oh
You may be over me but I’m not over you
How can I forget you that easily? It’s still really hard
Even if a long time passed
The reality was just the same
We used to be one – I want you back
We’re still the same
Your smile that looks at me is the same
I guess my heart only knows you
Look how it’s racing at the sight of you
It feels like my breath will stop
My tears are rising and it hurts
More than any lie in this world,
Saying that I completely forgot you is the worst
I can’t get over you
Girl just come back to me
You’re the only one
Step Back
You can’t approach me yet
I used to hate you because I was sad yeah
I need to erase all the bad memories oh
I’m sorry, I couldn’t feel this when I was with you
But I’m so lonely – hundreds and thousands of times
At the end of each day, I think of you all night
You revolve inside my head and I get lost in it alone
Wanna make it right, back to the way beginning
It probably can’t be as I say
I need you with me, definitely
I’ll never let you go
We’re still the same
Your smile that looks at me is the same
I guess my heart only knows you
Look how it’s racing at the sight of you
It feels like my breath will stop
My tears are rising and it hurts
More than any lie in this world,
Saying that I completely forgot you is the worst
I can’t let you go like this
I can’t say goodbye for a second time
I will find love – I earnestly wanted only you
We had the same love
We live in the same memories
I guess my heart only loves you
Look how it’s racing at the sight of you
Come back to me my girl
You and I are one till the end
I’ll find the love that I saved till the end for yo
Come back to me again oh baby I’m not over you
Woo Still Loving You

know what, this person used to follow me at twitter.haha. 
i put yunjae pic as background. myb he thought that im part of yunjae.ahakz! very the perasan of me kn.kekeke.
twice woo dia follow. sbb mle2 follow nuest. pstu tgk2 lps tu de dia follow then tup2 lps tu dia unfollow lak. pstu unfollow dia.bls blk.muahahaha. then dia sdr kot unfollow dia then follow blk. bukti ade kat email.haha. mcm2 kn. kngn btul dgn si ren ni.
whatever it was, he makes me smile :D

I will got lost, You go your way

acee...acee..tajuk mcm gmpk kn? :D
no heart feelings laa title ats ni. just td trtgk. ni title lgu g-na feat junhyung.
nk tau pi search sndri.haha
im at home now.wink2. alhamdulillah smpt tgk ep chilwu final ep.wawawa. thank you ALLAH.
de hkmh rpenyer rs nk blk ni..=)
sok k blk utm mcm jap jek kn blk.
bak kte muna..brbaloi ke?
insyaALLAH and alhamdulillah brbaloi..;D
smga slmt smpi sok.

okay,,see ya again!^^

Saturday, September 15, 2012

aidiLfiTri at siti's hoUse

td pi braye kat rmh cik siti. the green one. nmpk x?heh.
alhamdulillah, thanks to ct and fmly =)
tq gk to abg keta sewa yg handsome+baik+pemurah.
asyik kasi discount jek, rugi la cmtu.haha.
ni pic smua kwn2 yg dtg.^^
syawal tggl shari jek lg..iaitu esok. 
smga kt brtemu la Syawal. pnjg umur. insyaALLAH.
know what, mlm ni naik bas blk perak!weeeeeeeeeeeee~
doakn slmt smpi ye..;))

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

sem's headache

Holaa. Assalamualaikum.
finally dpt gk update blog. acewah.
headache pg nh.waaaa. smga cpt hilg skt kpla ni..insyaALLAH. amin.
so far lecturers okay..but the subjs dont know yet laa..xblaja sgt lg. we'll see.
hopefully can be the best this sem ahead. insyaALLAH. amin
aja aja fighting!=)

Friday, September 7, 2012

new sem aim

finally..sem hols coming to an end.
utm is calling for me already. wawawa.
new sem aim ---> live my life to the fullest, enjoy it as you can, never give up on trying harder in my studies and be happy no matter happen. ^^
say no to emo, migrain, heartache!hahaha
from now on..the cool air will surround me and im gonna be cool. hulaalaaa~
may my friends and me have safe journey ahead. insyaALLAH. amin. i come and annyeong perak!

~ happy new sem 5 ahead too. gambatte to be the best among the best and among the very best!insyaALLAH. amin. :))

love like a sad picture

just watched immortal songs 2. the encore. the one that ryewook won.
i just love the songs sang by k.will- I will love and Sonya-Love like a sad picture.
the meanings of the songs surely beautiful but i cant get and know the lyrics bcoz didnt has it.haha
myb due to the songs belongs to the sunbaenims. the songs that famous around year 1991 and 1994. how to get?ottoke? anyone??
fervently i wanna know the lyrics..uhuuu.
K.Will said..' This song is to anyone that had suffered because of love. Dont worry love will come to us again.' not so accurate but the sentences just what I had remembered.heh
Sonya emotional.
who ever did experience the same painful love like me gonna agree with me if they had watching the immortal songs.hahaha..did you?
definately..LOVE LIKE A SAD PICTURE. agree.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

again and again.

mic test.ehem2..haha.
new love found..mission accomplished! ;D
wgm khuntoria..wahwah..amt best spe dpt nickhun. hulalaa..amt sweet,caring, manly and super cute!
mcm teuk gk ms first2 wgm..haha..den ni tgk awl2 dh fall in love..hopefully dpt tgk smpi abis la wgm khuntoria couple ni. teukso couple lme tggl dh.haha. sian teuk lme xtgk dia.
pape pun..nickhun has my heart now. acewahh. bab2 prasan nh mmg no.2..ohh thank you!
even wgm khuntoria ni dh lme even bfore teukso lg but bru tgk excited lg la nk tgk.wink2. looking forward it. amt best la wgm ni..klo den laa..msuk wgm ni dpt husband super handsome, cute, caring smua..mmg leh jtuh cinta btul2 mcm ni..kekekekeke..
actually start ske nickhun ni dlm RM. dlm tu hbt gler dia. first ms dia dgn taecyeon tu. then ms ep idols tu. mmg mntap la dia..ssuai dgn glrn 'beast idol'..weweeet. usha twitter dia td..followers dia lg lg lg lg rmai dr jaejoong pnya..tu diaaaa..mntap popularity kn.
enjoy watching khuntoria couple wgm..heh. spe xtgk lg..pi2 tgk..xrugi..haha. ep2 awl la bru tgk mmg sweet mcm ep2 awl teukso. gler fall in love dgn teuk dlu. smpi msuk mmp lg! lps ni nickhun lak kot msuk mmp? who knows ;D
go go nickhun!^______^

 this is my new love now..wewewewewewe

this one laa khuntoria couple. nickhun-2pm and victoria- f(x).
such lovely newly married couple. 
victoria pun sgt awesome. dia prepare 9 dishes time bday nickhun dlm ms yg kjap jek. daebak laa..
nickhun ingt victoria lpe bday dia..skali ingt cute!

my gosSipiNg frieNd

Aloha. opss. Assalamulaikum.
mlm td kua date dgn raja. raja blnja kfc!weweet.
thanks lot dear..ssh2 jek..haha.
pristiwa gduh spe nk byr kat seven eleven..haha..mmg akak cashier tu mst ingt kt dua laa lps nh. pnin dia td kn.ngeh2. 
berebut nk byr td sbb raja dh blnja last..yeahh,,of course im the winner! :D
chatting, gossiping smua..wahhh. rndu. my gossiping friends..kekeekke.
tips jg boyfriend bgtau td mmg daebak laaa..akn mnfaatkn sbaiknya..heh
pnjg umur kt jmpe lg you lots lahhhh~
may our beautiful friendships last until jannah. InsyaALLAH. amin. =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

oNLy oNe

You’re only getting farther – you’re the only one
As much as I loved you, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one
Only one
We awkwardly sit across each other,
Making small talk and asking what’s new
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment
The cold silence freezes us
We will become strangers at this place right now
Someone will shed tears and be left alone but
I hate seeing you try not to scar me and feel ill at ease
So I’ll let you go
My love, good bye now – you’re the only one (you’re the only one)
Even at the moment we break up, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one
Only One
You’re the only one, Only One
At my sudden works, you seem to be relieved for some reason
Where did we go wrong?
Did we hope for different places starting from long ago?
The sharpness of the vast difference of our start and end
And the pain that stabs my heart – why is it so similar?
My overwhelmed heart crumbles emptily in just one moment
How can I stand up again?
My love, good bye now – you’re the only one (you’re the only one)
Even at the moment we break up, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one
When will my head erase you? (I will let you go)
One day, two days, one month, if long term then a few years (My baby can’t forget)
And someday in your memories,
I won’t live in it, you will erase me
Only One Only One
You’re the only one, Only One


just love the lyrics..awesome comeback boa!^^