Friday, September 30, 2011

Lovely miss maroon^^

Good morning all!^^
Assalamualaikum..salam hari jumaat. bgun awl hr ni eh?wink2..xde kls hr ni..freeeeeeeee..haha. pnjg btul free tu kn. errkk..sem ni hr jum xde kls..sorg dh anjak2 jadual so hr jum dh free. actually xde la ske mn xde kls ni..*ske xde kls ble nk blk rmh jek* nk bt cmne kn..majority spkt..spkt mmbwa berkat so xdela kls hr ni.
smlm dh pgsn hr ni bgun awl laa..lps subuh td xtdo pun..weee. trus on9 la utk bg hilg ngntuk tu!(bajet jek)..ngeh2..nk ckp pe lg ek..haa..kat utm ni start 28/9 hr tu smpi hr ni de PC i'd bought a hardisc case..slalu kne perli xde casing utk my hardisc nh.nahh..amik....lawa gitu..maroon of course!heeee..xde clor lain lg yg lawa slain clor pun lawa gk.heh. pic kat atas ni..amcm cntik x?cantik kn..tq2..muahahaha..pstu smlm call ibu ingt nk bli printer,sng nk print pape..cewahh..(bajet lagi)..minta sumbangan ibu dgn ayah la..ngeee..tq2 ibu. Insya Allah ptg ni nk pi bli printer tu kat pc fair tu la. tp pk blk jauh gk nk angkut printer tu jln kaki kn dr pc fair tu ke blk..errrr..cmne ek?hahaha..will try my best!=)
Okayla..time to off the lappy and focus to study..4flatter! Insya Allah.amin. adios amigos~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Salam terakhir SyawaL

Salam Syawal yg trkhir bg thn ni utk smua.
Smga kt smua dipnjgkn umur utk brtemu lg dgn Syawal yg akn dtg. Insya Allah.

Weeee...tgkla pics ni..they are my lovely friends utm.
They are so kind,gorgeous and wonderful friends of me..bkn nk ckp kwn2 lain jht ek. smua kwn2 den smua baik2 blaka..den jek yg xbp nk baik la.huahuaa..

- Ira, Ada, Yam, Kak Ti -

me mn ek?haha..den la yg amik gmbr ni..wink2. plan sme bju pink tu..jersey utm. time bli abg tu tny team ape bli bju sme nh..skali ckp team futsal! amik kau..haha..pdhal main futsal pun xpnh..*kaki bangku* haha..comey laa smua!^^
[no pic of me..dh delete sbb my face not so suitable ble tgk blk nk ltk pic tu sni.hagaga.sorry!]


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mixed feelings

Finally Muna had replied my msg. thanks Muna!

lps Isyak td take a nap then mmp boss..wahh,,boss,rndu sy ke?erkk..pasan lak kn.;D

my feelings right now..just like Joon in this picture...everything in my head,,sad,sorrowful full in there,,;(

donghae and leeteuk. my fb profile pic now. I dont like them anyway..neither hate them. but the people that I love use to love them. so i did love them to0 la kn. ape yg mepek ni..layan jelaa,,,

perasaan yg agk xstabil skrg. huu. may tmrow be better than today. Insya Allah.T_T

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big girl dont cry~

Hoho..big girl dont cry?? de ngis la..sje jek buh tjuk tu mcm sodap jek kn.
td plan pi tgk wyg knon2nya la kn..plan lain. tp jd lain.
kt hnya merancang,Tuhan yg menentukan. =)

ahaa! tgk cte ni la bean! dlm ni dia xbodo2 la..dia mcm agent perisik gitu. best + lawak gkla..xrugi tgk.

actually plan nk tgk cte ni dh msuk panggung wyg tu dh. siap bli popcorn lg! tggu pnya tggu pnya tggu..11.45am ptut,then dh kul 12 lbh xkua2 lg wygnyer. then suddenly supervisor dia msuk kte projector rosak trbkr. aig0o0o0o! popcorn dh abis mkn bfore nk tgk cte tu tup2 xleh tgk lak. mmg frust seketika la. huahuaa..supervisor tu suh pi kaunter tu amik dt blk. tp sbb kempunan sgt dh lme xtgk wyg, tgkla cte lain. *4bln kat rmh xtgk wyg kot!* cte kat ats tu..rowan atkinson tu. dpt seat baris dua dr screen..huahuaa..dkt gler kn! dongak skitla tgk cte tu..sbb tuka tket tu last2 mins and nk amik wktu trdkt. tu la yg jd. tkdir kn..reda jela. tp not bad gkla cte tu.^^

Kak Ti dgn Ira posing kat poster. haha.. dorg la yg tmn den pi tgk td. but,,credit to Ira. baik sungguh dia. actually plan pi 6 org tgk wyg nh. but, yg lain2 de hal msg2 so xpksa la ikut kn. at first Ira xmau join gk. sje jek bt mrh and majuk smlm dgn Ira. myb dia rs brslh then pg td dia msg Kak Ti kte nk ikut. haha. Ira..ira..baik sgt kot! thanks a lot. jsa anda akn diingati slalu..heee. thanks to both of you. I had fun today. lps dh kempunan nk tgk wyg tu. lps ni push up blk msuk gear 4 utk study! Insya Allah. amin. ok then, take care all. ;))

mr simpLe~

Because you naughty, naughty, hey! Mr. Simple

Because you naughty, naughty, here comes Super Junior!

You can’t just get angry cause the world is not going the way you want it to be
You don’t need to
Stop worrying over little things, it’s not good for your health

Grades go up and down, that’s just how it is heung!
Performances go up and down, it happens all the time
Sometimes it’s okay to just chill and take a break
Cause there’s always the right time for everything

If you’re a guy, drink up with your friends and forget about it (Alright) Alright
If you’re a girl, chat it up with your friends and forget about it (Alright) Alright, alright

Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)
Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)

Let’s go let’s go, let’s turn around if there’s a dead end
If you’re too stressed, let’s take a break and just chill all day
I’m only gonna be exhausted if I keep sprinting in this rough world
Wait and save up your energy cause your day will come soon

Blow your mind, go Mr. Simple
Blow your mind, the time has come, don’t be scared
Blow your mind, let’s go Mr. Simple
Blow your mind, the time has come, you’re ready

Even a kid knows that we’re living in a world full of dilemmas
Why is it so hard? All we need to do is eat well, sleep well and do well

If you’re pissed, gossip about your friends and forget about it (Alright) Alright
If you’re frustrated, shout and scream a song and forget about it (Alright) Alright, alright

Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)
Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)



What’s the big deal about freedom? Just get it, get it
Have fun with some aberration, lub lub lub, dub dub dub
Do you wanna feel alive? Just grab it, grab it
My stories that are beating, lub lub lub, dub dub dub
(Because you naughty, naughty)

Don’t worry anymore, the good day will come so forget about serious matters
Just smile today cause your smile makes everyone happy

Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)
Look Mr. Simple, Simple, you’re great the way you are
Look Ms. Simple, Simple, you’re beautiful the way you are (S J Call!)

Let’s go let’s go, let’s turn around if there’s a dead end
If you’re too stressed, let’s take a break and just chill all day
I’m only gonna be exhausted if I keep sprinting in this rough world
Wait and save up your energy cause your day will come soon

Blow your mind, go Mr. Simple
Blow your mind, the time has come, don’t be scared
Blow your mind, let’s go Mr. Simple
Blow your mind, go Mr. Simple

This is mr simple by suju. my ringtones now. bru trgrk ht nk cri meaning dia nice laa..meaningful!^^

"I’m only gonna be exhausted if I keep sprinting in this rough world
Wait and save up your energy cause your day will come soon"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bb is back!

Holaa! bb is back!^^
td adk ksygn dh hntr blk dh..wink2. ni yg on9 dr td ni. xmau brpsh dgn lptp ni rs.huahuaa.
mlm ni jela lagha sok Insya Allah akn tgk notes and bt2 pndai blk. Insya Allah.
trget pe..keta merc!!
so mn leh main2 dh okay! *yela2..huhu*
mlm ni jek lagha..janji! Insya Allah jnji..=)

rs amt rndu nk on9 gne bb nh..wee..wuu..waa...finally dpt gk on9 sesuka hatiku.wink2
lps ni xyh kempunan2 lg nk tggu wifi yg slow mlow tuh..papai wifi..
hmm,,nk ckp pe lg.
haa,,dh smggu dh den xtlis pape kat blog ni..pasan x?
klo sspe yg pasan..kat fb pun den xpost pape.
bcoz i choose to be in silent mode now.
silent is the best answer i guess. dont miss me keh.
just dropped by here.
take care all.

Sawan Leeteuk.just for muna..actually.

td trsurvey vdeo2 suju nh. aqilah nk tau awat donghae injured sbb de stu klip vdeo mr simple tu dia ddk, xnari. so i'd made an effort to find why la kn. then trjmpe vdeo ni. haa..specially for you muna. kn hr tu ckp klo tgk leeteuk, will remember you also. so,,this is for you. jap,,muna mnt lg ke x ek leeteuk ni?hmm..wallahualam. trma jela ek. den xmnt dia pun..mnt muna jek.ek?haha..I love my JOON laa...^^

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mimpi terindah~

I know Im not perfect.
I know Im not as beautiful as you might think I am.
I know I cant be selfish to be happy with people that I like.
I know Im not deserve to be loved by someone that so0o handsome and super cute.


that all happened to me this morning!^^

Im so perfect.
Im very beautiful.
Im super duper happy.
and Im deserve to be loved by handsome and super cute guy.

know what..I dreamt about Leeteuk this morning. thank you Allah for giving me the happiness although just in the dream. Alhamdulillah. wahwahwah..bhgia kot dlm tu! mcm xnk bgun jek rs..leeteuk loves me in the dream...ble dia snyum comey de lesung pipit tu..and teaches me how to dance also.then siap tny dia lg gosip dia dgn hyorin. weee..melayang dh ni ble tringt mmp tu. haha. perasan kn! biarla..huahuaa..nk pasan jap. huu..actually mmp leeteuk sbb muna..proof that i missed her damn much. huuuuu. muna..muna..i dreamt abt leeteuk..muna yg mnt leeteuk ble tringt leeteuk asap akn tringt muna. huhu. but sorry leeteuk loves me in that dream la muna. haha. *nak gak tu kn* klo my joon loves me..waaaaaahhhhh,,lg bhgia kot! smga dkurniakn jdoh yg comey mcm leeteuk..and as happening as joon. Insya Allah. amin. wawawawawaaa..angau dh ni dgn mmp tuh. uhuuuu..xtaula..if that happen in reality..i guess i'll be the happiest person in the world. muahahahahaha.. perasan klo jdoh xkmna kn?wink2

to anyone yg xknl,,this is leeteuk..suju leader. cute isn't he?;D
sbb tu muna ske muna kn.

pic ni mke dia nmpk mcm lain skit kn? tp xpe,maintain comey. heee

smlm sblm tdo sbnrnyer tgk kat youtube idol sport. leeteuk lari brhlgn tu tp dia ngelat lari ikut tepi. kra dia smpi first la sbb xlompat hurdles tu kn.haha.. mmg cute la dia bt lwk btul lari brhlgn tp xlompat. sbb tu la kot trmsuk mmp rndu bangat sme muna. huahuaaa.

p/s: asl ttbe rndu keruan kat muna?sbb..sbb..sbb...muna bz skrg.huahuaa..rndu amt sme dia.
Ya Allah,mudahkanlah urusan muna. then she can be free and msg me.amin. =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I miss you.

That love was for me..from her.
I just wanna say that I'm MISSING her so0o0o0o much! huu..this picture is in my lappy and handphone wallpaper right now..really missing you Muna...;(

I really hope you'll be my best friend forever and ever.
I love you my friend..a lot.

*skali tgk preview org yg tgk post nh sribu lbh daa..incredible hulk btul!haha. im not les..just my love for her too much only. mcm kamsun dgn seunghun. :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Library!

"Ku takkan bisa menjadi lebih dari apa yang terdaya namun ku berjanji akan terus mencobaa.." (sing with hazama tunes okay!;D)

waahhh,,ttbe lgu hazama kua kn! xde ape pun sbnrnyer..sje jek tuh.

Heaven gler wifi kat library nh. full bar tuh!haha..bhgia2.. my class already ended just now and this evening im free....wihuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~
and now here i am..LIBRARY! dsebabkn my bb kne pndai2 la nk hdup utk dptkn bekalan net ni kn. huahua. library pun library laa..jnji leh on9 kn!wink2
Kne cari mklumat psl basketball..*smlm coach kasi hmwrk suh cari* and then physics prob for cp subject. hopefully i can get it. Insya Allah..amin.
Dsmpg cri mklmt..fb,skype and so on tidak dlupakan.haha..wajib tuh!ngee..papepun..xde lagha sgt la..ingt2..merc!;D
So0o0o0o0o,,azam bru nk ddk library nh utk siapkn hmwrks,asgmnt and swktu dgnnya smpi akhr sem nh.Insya Allah. i wanna be a genius like k.haz kn.heee..Insya Allah.=)

mcm ni merc boss kn? wahh,,klo dpt stu best tu!^^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rindu sem baru.

Holaa my blog..wee..finally dpt on9 stlh skian lme. *lme la sgt kn!* haha
adk ksygn amik my bb xleh on9. ni luckily dpt on9 gne wifi utm ni..
so0o0o0o0o,,leh update blog smntra tggu koq basket kul 4.30 kang.wink2

Okay,,nk ni hr ktiga sem far okay..i guess.
smgt blaja btul2 sem nih..4flat!Insya Allah. nak naik keta merc mcm boss!ngeee~
cte psl boss,,mmg rndu glerla kat tmpt kje..rndu smua2..pam2 mnyk skali den rndu tau!haha
hr2 tgk pics smua org tu dlm hp..xtaula ble leh abis rndu nh.huahua
hopefully smua sht2 blaka kn.Insya ALLAH.
Hr tu cal aunty,aunty kte ayah boss xsht..smga ayh boss cpt sht.Amin. lg nk cte ek?hmmm..hmmm..hmmm..sblm dpt on9 rs mcm byk jek nk cte..ble dh on9 ni dh hilg smua idea2 tuh. mn pi ntah.haha..
kwn2 cmne sem bru..ade ok aa? all the best la ek.
jgn nk bt kje last2 tutor smua awl2 naa..cee..nsht utk dri sndri la tu.;D

until then, see ya my blog!^^

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its about time to say goodbye.

Hmmm,, tmrow 9/9/11. its about time to say goodbye to my home sweet home and seangkatan dgnnya la which are tv, keta, motor, ktl ank2 kucing smua! slps 4 bln lbh mnjd ank mnja di rmh..wahwahwah..dh abis dh cuti 4bln ek. dlu trtggu2 ble la nk abis cuti..skrg dh abis cuti mcm rse..rse..rse..rse ape pun xtau la..ngee~

Asl awai sgt nk say goodbye?start sem bru 12/9 ni..haa,,sbb..sbb..sbb..Abg Eddy pnya wedding la! my abg sepupu kat utm tu..dia nk kwin sbtu ni..10/ alg2 kn sok grk ke mlka dlu. hr sbu pi wedding and Insya Allah lps wed tu bru grk ke utm. rndu gk w0o dgn utm..kwn2 smua..mcm mn la mke msg2 ek 4bln x jmpe..cengkung ka,mok2 ka..cantik cun melecun lg ka..or more handsome??haha..we'll see.

Papepun,wanna wish all of my friends a very good start for this new sem.including to myself..xmau la mls2 lg..skrg azam bru.and prkataan dlm kamus bru..RAJIN BERUSAHA BERJAYA jek.Insya Allah..amin!=)

keh kwn2..pntla td kms brg..mmg pnuh stu keta la..mcm xknl den ni.slagi xpnuh brg xsah!ngeee..take care all. gonna miss my lovely parents, Assalikin members and my negeri yg terchenntaaa..PERAK!huahuaa..jgn homesick suda ek fadzilah.huuuu~


Love is about to be happy.

You touched my trembling hand
For the first time
And I finally experienced
A gentle feeling of warmth

I opened the window that had been shut
And a new wind blew in

Laughing, crying meeting you
The word I saw began to shine
Under the sun where the sunflowers swayed
I felt the wind, I felt you

Believing, being lost
And stopping short, and everything
Maybe it's all an answer
To why I'm alive here and now

Everyday is in black and white
I want them to be attached with colours

Laughing, crying meeting you
The future ahead of us are shining
Under the sun where the sunflowers sway
I sing about tomorrow as I am

How much can we love each other
In this unstoppable time, these limited days?
We can love each other, right?
When you're here, I don't even turn away from the light

I want to say thank you, I can say it now
I won't forget the seasons we spent
Like the sun the sunflowers sway under
My song will shine on you

For you, as I am...

-Taiyou no uta by Amane Kaoru-

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

KAMI di restoran Atok~

Ehem2..plan nk pi kfc finally brjya.
just abg azzuan jek yg xde..jnuh cal dgn msg tau!
kak ain blnja td..rugi2 abg azzuan..
*jmt dt kak ain skit kn*
gonna miss them again.huahuaaa..rndu2.
nnt klo rndu tgkla pics smua ni..=)

ni bkn pic ngis ek!haha..time ni kak ain bt lwk laa..xdpt thn glak tu jd cmni..ngeee kfc. ptut abg azzuan de skali nh. bru kngn nk brpsh dgn ktorg. dia trtdo lak..hehs. trlps la abg azzuan kak ain nk blnja td. sabo naaa..

me and kak muni..promote kfc can jd duta kfc x?muahaha..restoran ATOK bak kte kak muni..atok spe eh??=)

kak ain..the red girl..fav clor red eh kak ain?sbuk tru sy!haha

ni ank buah kak ain..mcm mke dia kn?dh nme ank buah..mst la de iras2 skit. tp kak ain pnggil dia 'adik' tp bhsekn dri dia 'mkck'..hmm,,cmne tu ek kak ain?;p

A big thank to Kak Ain yg blnja td. lps ni klo pnjg umur kt smua jmpe lg keh.

p/s: kak muni,kak ain dgn abg azzuan..nnt kwin jgn lpe ajk sy tau!syg korg slalu~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gonna miss them a lot.

4 september 2011
okay,,tggl ats nh trkh keramat den benti kje. bkn 'you're fired' ek..but 'im offering to fired'..haha. utm suda memanggil2 ku.trngiang2 di tlnga nh. acewahh!
kra ni pics td la ni..ucpn slmt tggl kat dorg smua.
wahhh,,lps ni xde dh kne kje..tkn2 pam,tuka dt,kra tpup,kra rokok..tpup air..waaaaa..mst rndu nnt.
nsb bk de tgkp pics smua bwh certain people yg xde dlm pic ni..they are Abg Azzuan, Abg Joe, Pkck Yusoff..and ect.
gonna miss all of them.
Alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH for giving me this short break to know they all.
love them always!^^

this is my lovely b0ss..cmne nk tau boss kat mn try cium bau perfume dia.klo de bau prfume boss tu mkne boss de dkt la tu. so ready la nk ucp slmt dtg dgn thank you tu. lg stu jgn mgumpat. bt kje baik2.hee
awat my mata nih..aig0oo0o0

kak first partner kat assalikin nh. kami msuk kje benti kak ain bnti dlu..xaci2.haha. bnti shri awl jek.pape pun kak ain mmg the bomb!

kak muni..she is my sis's friend. kwn sesekolah la.kurus jek orgnyer..sempoi abis..

kak dah..mmg happening de k.dah nh time kje..lwk gk kdg2. gmbr 'dgn zoo' plg kak ain kan?haha

nh daya..pic ni tgkp mse rye hr tu. time last day tu daya xde,dia cuti..xpe,,jnji de pic stu ni pun jd la kn daya..heh

abg ejay..mmg aksi nk tumbuk dlm pic ni. tp klo tmbuk btul2 kn best kn abg ejay?haha..dush3..
jgn nk mgatal sgt dgn org bru tuh..ingt skit awek kat kdh tu naa..;p

aunty jaya..slalu gk gosip dgn aunty nh.haha..luv you lah aunty! my face? asl tu? sdh ka happy benti nh?huahuaa

pak din ni comey orgnyer..slalu bt lawak! lbh kurg la tggi kt pak din..ngee

So,,this are some part of my memorable experiences when working with them at the petronas service station. all the people there and also Assalikin i'll let you guys all are always in my heart~