Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the last wrote.

The time to say goodbye finally arrived.It was not that I don't love you..just..I think,I should stop it here.Goodbye MY CRIES AND LAUGH...goodbye.You're here when I'm happy and sad.Thank you so much!...I must move on..with my own life.Don't want to depend on you anymore.This is my last wrote.To all followers,thanks for being the lovely followers..really appreciate it.I had written all that I can for you guys to read during your leisure time..all my weird sadness and happiness.Enjoy it yaa..;'(

Monday, December 13, 2010

The meMoRieS 13

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
So scared of breaking it
But you won't let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I will never send
Sometimes these cut are so much
Deeper then they seem
You'd rather cover up
I'd rather let them bleed
So let me be
I'll set you free

I am in misery
There ain't nobody Align CenterWho can comfort me
Oh yeah
Why won't you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
I'm gonna get you back

Your salty skin and how
It mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be
Completely intertwined
Not that I didn't care
It's that I didn't know
It's not what I didn't feel,
It's what I didn't show
So let me be
I'll set you free

I am in misery
There ain't nobody
Who can comfort me
Oh yeah
Why won't you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
I'm gonna get you back

You say your faith is shaken
You may be mistaken
You keep me wide awake and
Waiting for the sun
I'm desperate and confused
So far away from you
I'm getting near
I don't care where I have to run

Why do you do what you do to me, yeah
Why won't you answer me, answer me yeah
Why do you do what you do to me yeah
Why won't you answer me, answer me yeah

I am in misery
There ain't nobody
Who can comfort me
Oh yeah
Why won't you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
I'm gonna get you back.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The meMoRieS 12

I dreamed I was missing
You were so scared

But no one would listen
Cause no one else cared

After my dreaming
I woke with this fear

What am I leaving
When I'm done here
So if you're asking me
I want you to know

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done

Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed
And don't resent me

And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest

Leave out all the rest

Don't be afraid

I've taken my beating
I've shared what I made

I'm strong on the surface
Not all the way through

I've never been perfect
But neither have you

So if you're asking me
I want you to know
When my time comes

Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed

Don't resent me

And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest

Leave out all the rest


All the hurt inside
You've learned to hide so well

Someone else can come and save me from myself

I can't be who you are
When my time comes

Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed

Don't resent me

And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest

Leave out all the rest


All the hurt inside
You've learned to hide so well

Someone else can come and save me from myself

I can't be who you are
I can't be who you are


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The meMoRieS 11

Something 'bout love, love
Something 'bout love, love

Every night it's all the same
You're frozen by the phone
You wait, something's changed
You blame yourself every day
You do it again every night

There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, it sets you free
There's something 'bout love that tears you up
Whoa oh oh oh, you still believe

When the world falls down like the rain
It'll bring you to your knees
There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, but don't give up
There's something 'bout love

When you were young, scared of the night
Waiting for love to come along and make it right
Your day will come, the past is gone
So take your time and live and let live

There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, it sets you free
There's something 'bout love that tears you up
Whoa oh oh oh, you still believe

When the world falls down like the rain
It'll bring you to your knees
There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, but don't give up
There's something 'bout love

Don't fight, don't hide those stars in your eyes
Let em' shine tonight
Let em' shine tonight

Hang on, hang in for the ride of your life
It's gonna be alright
Hold on tight

There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh

There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, it sets you free
There's something 'bout love that tears you up
Whoa oh oh oh, you still believe

When the world falls down like the rain
It'll bring you to your knees
There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, but don't give up
There's something 'bout love

Whoa oh oh oh, sets you free
There's something bout love that tears you up
Whoa oh oh oh, you still believe

When the world falls down like the rain
It'll bring you to your knees
There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh, but don't give up
There's something 'bout love

The meMoRieS 10

Pernah dulu kau berkata
Hatimu ingin bercinta
Sungguh indah tak terkata
Seperti di syurga
Kau lafazkan kata cinta
Manis semua bicara
Ku peluk segala janji
Seteguh hatinya arjuna

Ku sedar
Ku masih dalam kamar mimpi
Semua semua angan ku pergi

Kau biarkan
Aku yang kehausan
Mencari detik sinar bahagia
Yang tak pasti
Ku tak pasti
Biarkan aku begini
Biarkan aku begini

Friday, December 10, 2010

The meMoRieS 9

Sudah lama ku memendam rasa
Cinta di dalam dada
Namun tidak pernah bersuara
Kerana takut kecewa

Ku tunggu waktu yang lebih baik
Untuk langkah pertama
Jauh dari apa yang ku kira
Hatimu ada yang punya

Di dalam mimpi kita berdua
Mesra bersama dilamun cinta
Oh tetapi kenyataannya aku sedar kau ada dia

Mungkin juga semuanya salah ku
Terlalu mengharapkan cinta
Tapi sepi yang merasuk kalbu
Membawa angan melayang

Di dalam mimpi kita berdua
Mesra bersama dilamun cinta
Oh tetapi kenyataannya aku sedar kau ada dia.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The meMoRieS 8

Aku manusia lemah
Selalu terjatuh
Berbeda aku darimu
Kau berdiri teguh
Aku serba tiada
Aku kekurangan
Dan bila kau tiba
Aku hilang dari kewujudan

Sempurnanya sifatmu
Tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku
Tak mampu 'tuk menanggung
Sebuah cinta sempurna
Darimu ohhh

Bukan aku tak pernah
Mengerti dirmu
Ku sanjung setiap
Kata cinta kau berikan aku
Hilangkan rasa itu
Akhirkankan semua
Dan bila kau sedar
Aku hilang dari kewujudan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The meMoRieS 7

On the other shore of sadness
It is said that there is a smile
Finally we arrived.
But what are we waiting for?
The purpose is not to run away
It's to chase after dreams
We should have gone out to travel
On that summer day so long ago
Even tomorrow, if you see it
Though there isn't a sigh either
Like a ship going against the current flow
Right now, go forward, move ahead.
The place that's shrouded in pain
Is where happiness waits, they say
I am still searching
It's like an out of season sunflower
If you clench your fists too tight
And wait for the morning light
Your nails become red with blood
And shining tears begin to flow
Even if you are left in pitch black
With only the moonlight to depend on
Fly away using featherless wings
And keep moving on.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The meMoRieS 6

Love is a cycle
When you love, you get hurt
When you get hurt, you hate
When you hate, you try to forget
When you try to forget, you start missing
And when you start missing,eventually you'll fall in love again.

The meMoRieS 5

Everyone feels pain
But surely, after suffering satisfaction will arrive
Even with sports, studying or other ordeals
With life, it's like that for everyone
If we can beat the pain, on the other side
a rainbow of happiness awaits us
That will definitely become a treasure
Let's believe in that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The meMoRieS 4

When my existence seems to disappear
I will look for the place where I can do the best I can
From now on, I'll be deliberate slowly
I won't be impatient
I won't be greedy
I won't give up
Because everyone takes things step by step.

The meMoRieS 3

It must be because I'm a fool
It must be okay even if it hurts me
Even if you tease me that it's a foolish love
Because I'm such a helpless fool
My wanting to be good to him
Is enough too make me happy
Even if he smiles at me once
I'm happy with that smile
Until the person he loves comes along
I'm just going to stay by him side like this
It's a love that makes me happy just to give
So I won't wish for anything more
In a place where he can always reach me if he holds out his hand
In a place where I can always hear him if he calls out to me
I will stay there without any change
Because I love him
Because I'm a fool.

The meMoRieS 2

For the every step I send you away my tears flow
For every step that you go away my tears flow again
You're going to a place where I can't reach,even if I spread my hands
But unable to stop you and stand here crying
What do I do
What do I do
You are going away
What do I do
What do I do
You're leaving me here
I love you
I love you
Even if I call it out
You can't hear it because I'm only yelling it inside my heart
All day I try to erase you,but I remember you
All day I say goodbye,but I only remember you
What do I do
What do I do
You're the only one for me

Friday, December 3, 2010

The meMoRieS

Should have let it all go
Should have ignored it
Like it wouldn't be seen
Like it couldn't be seen
I don't think I should have seen it
Should have run away
I should have pretended not to hear
I shouldn't have listened to this love
Without a word,you made me know love
Without a word,you gave me your love
Without a word,love left me
Without a word,love tossed me
Without a word,tears are coming down
Without a word,my heart is breaking apart
Without belief,I'm waiting for love
Without belief,I'm hurting for love
I didn't think it was love
I told myself it wasn't love
I deceived myself
But my heart kept calling your name
I must loving you this much
I must be waiting you for you this much
Even though it hurts so much
My heart can't seem to let you go
I think there must be just one love
I don't think my heart will change
The love that I've kept only for you
I can seem to fool my head
But I can't seem to fool my heart.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Holaa..haihh..hr2 jmpe nih..nik jemu lak kn!haha..ingt nk mnyepi jap la pasni..hmm,,haa..lpe la nk update hr tu psl bnda baby..muahaha..syg beb! SEAGATE atau nme linnyer..hardisc..320gb..rm189. xtau la murah o mhl..min bli jek hr tu..hahaha.den ni xske sgt pnjg2 cte..dh de dpn lg bli jela.xyh nk ksut2 cri kat tmpt lin kn.alg2 dh de dpn mta..rembat aja la! mr SEA ni!yg plg in colour..muahaha..xde colour lin yg lbih smart slin clor merah pun smart gk sbnrnyer..(pdhal ske 2 2 clor tu jek..akaka)hmm,,merah xde la time bli tu..htm amik htm jela..dlm mr sea ni buh la smua movies and gmbr2..pndrive pnuh kot!haha..xmuat dh nk ltk smua2 tu..geram sgt..tu yg brniat nk bli hrdisc tu..hehss.Alhamdulillah..ok kot seagate ni.tkut kne vrus jela..waaa..mnangis xbrlagu nnt klo kne..huu..hrp2 xkne la vrus..Insya Allah..amin.ahaa!one more story..dh brzam gk xmau gne no clcm nih..byk kali dh brzam xmau gne tp gne kali ni btul2 all yg slalu cntact sy dgn clcm ni sowi eh.nnt klo de hal mxs on9 jek..huu.xmau la dh gne clcm..byk mslh..haha.bjet cm org kye jek de 2 hp..pstu tpup lg kne 2 2 no kn..bru adil!ngee..pstu clcm la punca sglanya..sgla ksdhn..haha.dh2..sian lak kat celcom ni ngumpat kat clcm ni penah bhgia gak dlu..wihuu..dlu,pape pun..thanks my clcm..nnt klo de hati nk gne kau lg..i'll use you ok.but now xde hati dh..sowi2.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 come to me again~~

Asl post2 mkin berkurg eh?adakah ku suda kurg mrapu mprek kerepek?akaka..xde mkne!sbb exm daaa...tu yg post2 kurg tu..ok,starting today..hr2 akn de post!haha..smgt lbih jek nh..kuang2..Insya Allah..klo rjin akn update blog nih..heh.wlau pape pun..syg blog slalu...weee~~
Siang td joon ki nngis..waaaa..sdh jek joon ki laa..cte iljimae tu..tv8 kul 3.hehss..dh nk abis dh..dh episod 21.last epsd xbp ingt 25 or 30.kt tggu aja la ek..;D joon ki..joon ki..waaahhh..gler dh kat joon ki blk!hagaga..xkshla org ckp dia mke cm pmpn gua ksh??hessss...talak ksh pnya laa..wekk! all yg xbp ske joon ki dh2 la ngumpat dia yg mnt dia..bgus2..but lps ni cri org lin lak ek nk mnt..sbb he's mine!!muahahahahhaa..xleh blah!
Joon Aril pun de gk kn..I like that type of person kot eh..hmm,,wallahaualam.pape pun..
I love Lee Joon Ki!!
hulalala..btw,asl skrg xde slra nk mkn ni..dh 4hr xmkn nsi,td pun gagah mkn seciput jek.alahai..rndu kat spe lak la nih..hmmm,,bgus gk cmtu kn..leh krus!akaka

1 December 2010


Apakah yg ada dgn tarikh ni?hehsss...iaitu my friend's birthday!Happy birthday AINUN!!!;) alahai dh tua dh..dia bru msuk 19..i'll 20 next month.ohh my God!haha..xpelaa..jnji awet muda!ngee~
Haa..nk cte skit psal Ainun ni..dia kedah mali..jitra.time2 dia mle msuk dlu..knl2 dia..slalu tringat kat Muna.sbb loghat kedah kn..loghat utara dia kaw laa..;D pstu one time tu de bg msg kat Muna ckp de sorg kwn kat utm tu yg akn bt tringat kat dia..ckp la nme dia my unexpectation..Muna leh tny blk Ainun Hashim ka?wow!what a small world.rpe2nyer Muna dgn Ainun stu sk dlu.Sultanah Bahiyah kat AS dorg lin2 kls..but,knl la kn sbb same school.hee
Ainun ckp best la..cnfirm tringt kat Muna klo Ainun ckp.yela..kat matrix dlu kn rpt dgn skrg xjmpe Muna dh..lin2 U,Ainun la jd pengubat rindu..acewaah!haha..bestla..Ainun bik orgnyer..bodek nmpk!haha..ahaa,,one more thing..dia pndai ckp btul Ainun kn?hehsss..dia mmg elegant la bak kte org putih..;) hope our friendship last forever friend..Insya Allah.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

ank mnja ke?? yg dtunggu2 dh tba..BALIK time!!!hr khamis tu bgun pg kms2 smua..dgn smngtnyer dh angkut brg2 dr tgkt 3 tu trun ke ground floor.Ada tlg skit agkt..sje jek snyp2 agkt sorg2 pi dia tau gk..then dia tlg.aiyaa..xmau mnyshkn org ni..den lbh prefer bt sndri..but i prefer to help others a lot..heh.thanks Ada!;)
Lps siap2 kms smua..tggl nk tggu ibu dgn ayh jek dtg.brtolak dr prk nk smpi ke jhor tu lme kn..anggaran dlm tghr o ptg cmtu la smpi kn.tup2 kul 2 lbh xslp ibu cal ckp tyr pecah.kne paku..cmne leh kne ntah..kat highway pun de paku.time2 tu la paku tu nk mlkat kat tyr keta tu kn..ish3..paku ni bad timing btul!dugaan2..sooo..prjlnn tu delay laa..dh tuka tyr spare,pstu pi cri kdai tyr utk tuka ke tyr yg btul.lmbt gkla smpi..kul 5 lbh cmtu bru smpi utm.waaa..pnt tggu,xtdo gk ptg tu sbb excited nk blk!ngeh2..ngade kn.
Pstu angkut la brg2 smua dlm keta..know what..xmuat beb!hahaha..bonet waja tu xmuat dgn all my stuff tu..bygkn btapa byknyer brg2 tu.last2 call Abg Eddy..tmpg brg skit kat keta dia.pstu pi rmh Abg Eddy laa..nk tgglkn skit brg2 yg xbp gne sgt kat rmh dia.xdela angkut smua blk prk.haa,bfore that,ktorg kne kosgkn blik..kosg means kosg time mle2 msuk hr tu.stu brg pun xnk tggl..blok yg dkt2 jek kne..yg blkg2 xyh.sbb de org lin nk swa time cuti sem tu..ade org kte la..walhualam.leceh gk sbnrnyer..hmm.
Stay kat rmh Abg Eddy..mlm tu ktorg mkn kat area Danga Bay.wahh..sedap gk!mst la sdp..sbb de org blnja!akaka..lpe lak nk ckp..k.l0ng ikut skali.sje dia nk mnjngket..dia la yg blnja mlm tu..sedap2.hrga smua 5 org mkn cecah 100++ gk.hebat x hebat mkn mlm tu..ngee~ one thing i admire k.long..dia xkdkut.means dia bab2 dt ni xkdkut..klo time tu dia mmg de dt..haha..time xde mmgla xbg kn..hehss..
Pg jum which was yesterday bru la brtolak blk ke tu k.long blnja breakfast mcd drive-thru.acee..breakfast western btul.sdp gk set k.long amik tu..kongsi 4 org..mkn skit2 dlm keta.nyummy!then..singgah kat Eman.amik brg dia skit.skit jek,stu beg.haha.sbb bonet kn xmuat dia leh kim skit brg jek utk bwk youngest bro ni x abis exm lg..dia abis awl december kim brg skit blk sbb dia pun kne kosgkn blik amik dia pi mkn..dia sorg jek yg mkn.haha.sbb yg lin dh mkn dh sblm jmpe dia tu.
Kmdn pjlnn dtruskn lg ke ayer htm.k.long borong skit brg2 dia nk tung bln 12 ni.pstu pi bangi lak..amik Angah kat one day 3 uni pi..utm > uthm > ukm.hbt2..amik ANgah..ikut blk rmh skali..dia nk amik motor dia.pnuh gkla keta..padat dan mampat!haha..mknn..beg..mcm2 ada.
Lps smua slsai..pjlnn final ke prk..dlm kul 10 lbh td smpi tgk pntu dpn rmh dh trbkk.pntu jela trbkk tp grill knci..xtaula ape yg brlaku dsitu.yg si kenit comey2 bulu tu ngiau2 la smua..klprn.dh besa2 dh..comey2..mokmok!haha..kms2 brg smua,pstu hdp lptp..heh.haa..siang td ksktn mnyrg..starting dr awl pg nk btolak blk tu.mau telan 4 biji ubat hr ni..adehh.pjlnn jauh kn..tkut skt dlm tln jela mn leh tln..Alhamdulillah dlm keta xde la skt sgt.klo x mn nk guling2 klo skt..xmuat.huuu~ spnjg pjlnn tu xmkn nsi pun..tgh mlm td kul 12 lbh bru gagah mkn nsi.adehh x montel!h0ho..Akhirnya..smpi gk kat rmh dgn slmtnya..Alhamdulillah.home sweetest home!;D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

hang out!

Al-mklum la exm dh abis siang 24 nov itu hr..which means lg..mnjongket la lps tu!hee..ktorg dh plan pun sbnrnyer event ni..iaitu kua ms last day exm.sbb lps tu kn cuti mst la xkn jmpe lme.tu yg plan kua sme2 tu..nnt rndu..acee..haha.ok,smbung cte..ktorg kua berenam.geng2ku..heh..iaitu Kak Ti,Ada,Maryam,Aisyah dan kua dlm kul 2pm.abg keta swa tu dtg amik ms dtg kolej utk amik kwn2 yg lin Maryam yg bwk.amtla crmat Maryam bwk..hee..then de event yg melucukan..amtla lwk! biarla me,Maryam and Aisyah jek yg tau..hee.pstu smpi kolej I am the chosen one utk drive..acewaahh..ingt harry potter pe? keta saga,,mkin jtuh cinta dgn keta auto nih!ngee..best2..lju jek bwk..lju la sgt..haha.
Ktorg pi CS..City Square..jap,City ke Center ek?aiseh..lpe lak!adehh..short memory btul laa..sorry..huu.pstu smpi2 cs tu pi tgk tket wyg..plan tgk cte harry potter and the deathly hollows.adela..ktorg amik yg kul 7.30pm Ira amik lin,sbb hr tu dia dh tgk harry,so dia plh utk tgk unstoppable.sian dia sorg2 jek.ktorg 5 tgk smpi cs tu around kul 3 lbh la..smntra nk tggu ke wktu tygn tu,ktorg rnda2 la cs tu.waaahh,,mmg skt pinggang dan kaki laa jln beb! best,leh cuci mata..heh..cuci mta tgk brg2 ek,bkn org!ish2..positif skit eh..h0ho.
Jln2..jln pnyer jln..pstu kul 5 cmtu pi surau solat Asar.lps tu..smua dh klprn,pi bli Mcd.smua la bli mcd tu nk djadikan bgkus la..sbb tkut xsmpt nk solat maghrib dgn pi tgk kul 7.30pm.pstu kul 6.45 ktorg dh ready dh kat surau..nk cop telekung!hee..yela..kot2 rmai lmbt nnt nk tgk harry.Alhamdulillah..lps slsai solat smua..pi la ke destinasi yg ditunggu2.ptut xleh bwk kn mknn dlm pwgm..haha..ktorg bedal jek bwk mcd td msuk!ltk dlm plastik beg baju..knon2 bju la tu..ngeh2.trtpu sudaa uncle2 yg cek tket tu..haha..maaf uncle!
Tgkla HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HOLLOWS ni.actually dh bce bku dia time form3 nk msuk f4 kot hr tu klo x slp..excited lbh..snggup tu bli bku dia wlaupun mhl!obsession..;) so,nk ckp kat dh ingt2 lpe pe yg jd dlm bku tu..ingt skit2 jek..adehh.blk cuti sem ni nk bce blk la..kat mn ek bku tu??hmm,,
Best cte tu..lwk..sdh..trkjut..yg plg comey time dobby nk slmtkn harry dr bellatrix tu.time2 genting dia leh mncul and pusingkn lmpu utk jtuhkn kat ats bellatrix..haha..comey btul dobby time tu..its action..kagum pun de..;D tp last dobby mati..waa..sdh.cte harry ni 2 hours + + gk Ira dh abis awl..sian lg dia kne tggu ktorg abis cte tu.unstoppable jap hour cmtu jek.pstu dh abis tu ktorg grk blk utm laa..nk bt pe lg..smua dh pnt.time blk Aisyah yg rest at the back..wee~
Sblm hntr keta tu..dsbbkn ms byk ktorg pun amik kptsn nk pi balai cerap.nk tnjuk kat Ada dgn Ira..sbb dorg xpnh smpi td diabiskn di situ..hee.di bwh bln purnama dan bintang2 yg bergemelapan..hulalala..aman btul..pstu hntr Ira,Kak Ti dgn Ada blk,maryam and aisyah hntr keta..sbb ktorg tiga yg amik hntr pun sme la.time hntr ni Maryam bwk..again de event yg amt mlucukn trjd..hahaha..xleh dlpekn..ngee..lwk la Yam.damnly funny!haha..kenangan btul..;)
Blk2..solat,mnd smua..then on9! here i am.skrg jam dh mnunjukn pkul 3.20am..waahh..mta still xngntuk.agknyer excited sok nk blk nih kn..haha..wallahualam.subuh kang mntk ibu cal...cnfirm lmbt bgun nnt klo set alarm hp jek..xlut,ibu la alarm plg best!cnfirm bgun..haha..tq2 my lovely you always!kpla dh bg alarm dh nih..suh tdo..dh brdnyut2 dh ni..yela,dh lbih limit dh ni.xpnh lg smpi 3 lbh..plg kuat pun brthn smpi kul 2 lbh..hee..rekod2.mcm2 la den ni..xsmpt lg nk msukn gmbr..sok2 den msukn la ek..kpla dh pusing dh ni..sorry2.sok ibu dgn ayh dtg amik..yeeaayyy!!!hee~

The Birthdays

Holaa my blog!we meet again..hulala..rndu la sma kamu..;D ahaa..smlm trkh krmt..sudaa tmt final exam utk SEM ONE ku di utm ini.waahh..congrats fadzilah!hopefully dpt rslt yg cemerlang,gemilang dan terbilang..Insya Allah..amin.haa,spcial kdt to my friends yg smbut birthday for this month..(sbb bln ni post kasi advanced la..hee)

RANNJEETHA- 5/11 ~sweet 19th!
AMIRZUDDIN- 10/11 ~sweet 19th t0o!
KAK ANATI- 12/11 ~sweet 20th!
AFIF-23/11 ~sweet 18th!
MR BLACK-27/11 ~wahwah..dh sthun dh dgn mr black black pun dh buruk..akaka..bru sthun jek tuh..adehh laa,sorry mr black.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nasi Impit dan Kuah kacang

Wawaa..Alhamdulillah,kmpunanku utk mkn nsi impit dgn kuah kcg dh hilg!thanks to Kak Pae..wawawa..trharula..serious trharu!mcm nk ngis rs..wuu~ xblk rye,so kmpunan gler nk mkn yg kat ats tu..sje jek min2 dgn Kak Pae suh dia bwk blk time dia blk utm.mmg min2 jek time tu..xde niat pun btul2..tup2 dia bwk btul2 td!huu..dia ajk rmai2 mkn laa..SSZ friends..sedap2..lme la mngidam nasi impit dgn kuah kcg.bru plan ms blk cuti sem nnt nk suh Ibu buatkn wlaupun rye dh abis..but..Alhamdulillah dpt rs dh!!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...xtaula nk ckp pe dh..thanks a lot Kak Pae..jasamu dikenang~YA ALLAH..

Merapu + Merepek

Xleh la xon9..haha..xpe..yg pntg niat tu.dh abis study for rest jap berblogging cries and laughs ni dh jd my so-called diary lak kn..haha..klo x mpek stu hr xsah!ish2..ske i can express all.xdela stress sgt..xyh ngadu2 kat org lin..dorg pun dh byk mslh,nk tmbhkn lg..hish, the best is tlis la smua yg rs kat sni..kpd followers,xyh bce la..byk mpek dan mrapu jek nih..hehss.
Haa..nk ni rmai dh blk,so blok mkin meriah..acewahh!haha..xde la snyi sgt..ok,move on to the next topic.msia dh tmbh pingat emas td dlm skn Asia...rsnyer la..dgr news jek..akaka.
H0ho..skrg dh 'comey' laa!!!!waaaa..maunyer ptg hr2 mkn lauk aym jek.adehh start smlm dh xmkn aym dh..goodbye mr aym..wuu..mkn ikan,daging,seafood jek.dua hr brturut2 dner mkn tomyam..waahh..s0dap beb!!!;) trying to be normal back..haha..xdela montel sgt..skit ptg nik bskl rnda2 utm..hulalala..lenguh trse dh nih..haha..mcm2 la kn..time to sleep.nitez!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tiada lg kdgrn bebelan ibu suh bgun nk pi solat rye..ttbe lak rndu nk dgr bebelan tu..haha..yela..slalu klo kat rmh lps subuh tdo blk,then time dkt2 nk kul 8 tu bru nk bgun siap2 smua pi solat rye.ayh slalu ckp klo lmbt tggl!so mncecet smua bgun..akaka..bik K.Long,Angah and slalu Seman pi dgn kwn dia nik motor.waaaa...rndu2!
Ok,nk cte rye kat sni bgun alarm yg kjutkn..xde org nk kjutkn sadis lak dia..pstu siap2.dh jnji dgn geng2 yg xblk ni nk pi solat rye lbh kurg kul 8 cmtu ktorg lbh kurg 10 org la trkedek2 mkck2 ni smua jln kaki pi MSI..Masjid Sultan Iskandar..jap Iskandar ke Ismail??adehh..xingt lak!sowi2..;)
Pastu lps slsai solat rye AIDILADHA around 9 lbh activity yg ditunggu2..iaitu tagkap gambar!!!!!akakaka..gler pics smua2 ktorg spent time hmpir sjam gk kat lua masjid td tgkp gmbr.haha..tgkap kat situ,kat sini..bykla..mcm2 pos ada..hehss.bestla gk..rse rye dgn kwn2 ni.wlaupun xdpt nk mkn ketupat,rendang ke kn..haa,akbt klprn..blk2 td trus telan maggie!huahua..slalu xmkn maggi ni time kn..sapu aja la..ngee~
Xla rs sdh sgt..sbb it is still rye!hee..xkshla kt kat mn kn..yg pntg kt yg akn mmbuatkan ssuatu tu best o its okayla i think.bajet cm rye kat prntauan btul la..rmai foreigner..dgn ank2 dorg..comey2 jek..;D pak2 arab ni pkai bju putih..mak2 arab pkai bju hitam.mmg trend dorg kot eh..heh.
Ahaa!lpe lak..kwn2 yg sepuluh org x blk tu which are me of course,then Ada,Ira,Ain,Soha,Syera,Hanin,Zureen,Sarah Akmal and Dayah.ckup kn 10?haa..ok..bestla..siap bt vdeo salam prantauan lg..haha..xleh blah btul!bsela..ble lg nk gler2 kn..hee..
Raye ku di perantauan first time..ecece..not bad laa..ok,dh ngntuk dh ni..almklumla bgun awl pg td..haha..awl la ingt nk beradu jap.adios2..lastly Happy Aidiladha!!;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perantauan ke??

13 days tried to not writing at you my lovely here!kuang2..aiyaa..bcoz hr ni tarikh lawa..2months more and then i'll be 20!!!!!!!!!wawaaaaaaa...dh tua dh tu..dh nk msuk puluhan prngai xcm org besa pun..still 'childish'..ble nk berubah ntah!haha..sje nk mpek mlm ni..sbb tggl sorg2..rye hj pun xblk..acee..bajet nk practise rye kat prantauan la knonnyer nih..practise awl2..haha..xleh blah kn?hish..angan2 itu la tau kot2 lps abis 4thn kat utm ni fly over the seas ke kn..we dont know..klo la tu!!;) Insya leh thn ke homesick cik fadzilah oi??akaka..hmsick lbih berangan nk pi overseas ssh,angkutla ayh dgn ibu skali sng.weee~ maunyer..mst la mau!hee..jd ank yg bik laa..xmau drhaka2 nih..try tgk cte hindustan BAGHBAN klo xslp tjuk dia..haa,,cte tu sadis la gk..loving dowh.ksh ank2 yg kureng ajar ni..bkn kurang..trlbh agknyer..hmm,,hrp2 xjdla ank yg cmtu.nk jd ank cm salman khan dlm cte tu..bru la best!;D ok blog..nmpknyer promise nk stay away from you xjd laa..utk hr nih jek la..haha..we'll meet again s0on..thun ni agk2 leh mrase x daging lmbu nih?hmmm,,mlm nih xstdy..lagha byk..adehhla..nates2 byk hasut mlm nih jd xstudy la..wuwu.study2..just rest for a while to get the mr spirit're with me already right mr spirit study?(mr spirit says:yes,i am)..ok,,aim for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*nk ltk gmbr flight dgn poster cte baghban,tp post jd tunggang xltk la..sorry yaa.den xbljr lg cra2 nk ltk pics ni dgn cntik..yela..hentam kromo aja..hee~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ketam pun belajar?

Last night for me to on9..fb pun dh deactivate.cayala fadzilah..haha..msuk lift tkn sndri btul!;) lps ni kt xkn jmpe utk jgka wktu yg lme my blog..dont miss me ok.but im afraid im gonna miss y0u laa..waa..what can i do?my titas,maths,mechanics and electricity are calling me every bslh lak xlyn dorg tu..huu..curg jap eh my blog..i do love you always.we'll see each other after i finish with those 'new love' yaa..dont mad at me.gonna cntinue with my titas..sayonara.opps!bfore that..i hv one quote..which is BELAJAR NI MACAM MAKAN KETAM,MMG SUSAH NK DPT MKN ISI KETAM TU BUT BLE DH DPT ISI DIA SEDAP KN?SO BEGITU JUGA STUDY..MMG SUSAH..BUT AKHIRNYA APABILA KEJAYAAN YG DIMILIKI..WAAHH..SUNGGUH HEBAT RASANYA!!;)
pribhasa ciptaan sndri..xcilok mn2 pun ek.just ble trnmpk ketam hr tu..ttbe kua quote tu..hahaha..mntap!
*all the best to all for final examinations..cayo2..

Family day sk Ibu~

byk btul menunyer..

sudaa surburn di situ..

the food..deliciousoO0o..

my lovely mother

comey btul irfan ni..geram2

Post kali ni mls nk tlis byk..tgk pics and phm2 sndri laa ek..;)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Story lg..

Smlm dh byk sgt de trlpe one story..hee.haa,story tu ialah kucing dh mati..wawawa..dlu call ayh tny kucg de bp ekor smua kat rmh..ayh kte de 10..which are Ret and ank2nya..Nin and ank2nya dan juga Mau and Ri.ble blk smlm ibu bgtau Ret dgn Mau dh mati..pstu ank2 Nin 2 ekor hilg ntah ke mna.huhu..sian ank2 Ret..dhla kcik2 3ekor smua.ank Nin tggl sekor dh 2 hilg..hmmm..sian btul.Tp td tgk ank2 Ret susu dgn Nin..ksh syg haiwan...wlaupun bkn ank dia,Nin snggup tumpangkn susui ank2 kakak dia.Kakak la..Ret akak Nin time dlu Ret lhirkn Mau dgn Ri dlu..bru Nin lhirkn ank2 ank2 Nin smua mati(yg post dlu tu)..skrg Nin brnk dlu time rye hr tu..kra ank Nin besa skit la dr ank2 Ret..huuu..bgusla Nin..nk kasi anugerah Kucing TERBAIK laa..Nin ni pnkut skit sbnrnyer..klo jmpe org mst lari dlu..even dh lme dia ddk kat rmh smlm kn blk..tryla nk dkt2 dgn Nin..but now ia dh xtkut sgt dh..myb dia dh mtg kot..haha..xdela..grau2 jek..hmm..tula one story yg trtggl smlm.
Ahaa..skrg de followers bru blog ni utk den mrpek jela..bkn cm blog org lin yg brinformasi smua2 tuh..just this blog is like my diary.jd anda smua yg jd follower tu de ms lg nk trk dri eh..blum trlmbt lg.hahaha..seganla..byk mrapu mraban jek..sbb tu xbgtau rmai..bgtau certain2 jek..hehss..
Skrg tgh tgk cte tv3..Aku Ingin Ke is so meaningful laa..utk ank2 yg derhaka tu..o brniat nk jd drhka kat ibu ayah..hmmm,,pk2 la akibatnya prbuatan anda smua tu..jgn mnysl dkmdn hr..ssungguhnya blsn Allah amt dahsyat..renung2kn...


Mic test..mic test..acewaahh..ingt pe..rncgn AF ke?haha..holaa my blog!!wee..lme xjmpe..smggu tu..wawa..nik gler gk xde tmpt nk luah nih..huu.i miss you damn much my miss me to right?i guess so..haha..klo la blog ni leh brckp kn..hehss..
Ahaa!nk cte byk nih..haha..sbb dh lme xupdate blog byk la bnde nk mpek..hee..first psl tket.cdgnyer a week bfore this week nk blk rmh..tmn ibu sbb ayh outstation 2weeks kat kelate sbb de plhn kne jg la kat sne..akibatnyer ibu tggl sorg2 la kat rmh..sian kat ibu.sbb tu plan nk ajk gk Seman,K.Long dgn Angah blk.mlenyer seman xnk blk sbb ckp rye hj nnt dia nk umpan dia ckp angah dgn k.long pun blk skali..haha..tipah trtipu bang!akaka..umpan jek sbnrnyer..then dia pun stju nk blk..k.long dgn angah de dorg xblk la.ajk seman nik train blk sbb hr tu ksh accdnt tragis kat highway mlka tu.lalu kot kat ctu klo blk prk..stu jln beb!sbb tu ajk nik train..
Nk djdkn cte..adikku yg trsyg ni pi la amik tket train kat kluang.lps dia dh bli bru bgtau..xdela..i said suh tgk jek dlu,but dia pi bli trus.pstu mle la pnin cmne nk pi kluang tu..adehh..gler gk time tu nk pk..byk btul plan kua..plan a,b,c smua de..i'd made my mind to ask my friends to accompany me to xsdp ht lak..sdp2 jek dh blk nnt..then riso lak pk psl kwn2 yg tlg hntr tu..kang pape jd cmne?haa..pstu rombak2 blk plan..cmne la pnya pk..then de stu plan kua.iaitu ajk Wan pi bli tket kat stesyen jb ni jek..dkt skit.ahaa,bfore that..Wan nk blk skali tket train yg Man bli kat kluang tu 2 and cm mnyshkn jek cncel la tket kat kluang tu..burn la rm54..huhu.byk gk tuh kn mlyg..xpe..reda..
Hmm,so ingt hr rabu tu nk kua pi cri tket..suh Wan tny kwn2 dia yg de mtor nk swa jap ptg rabu tu.mlm tu dh ckp dh boleh..alih2,time kls titas siang tu wan kasi msg ckp mtor xde lak.adehh..time tu mle la gng brapi nk mltup!huhu..sorry wan..xsngja bad mood hr tu..just cm dh give up jek nk blk time tuh.yela..nk nik train susa..pstu nk pi bli tket lin de hlgn lak..waaaa..mau xgler pk!siap cal ibu kat rmh dh ckp xjd blk..huhu..sian ibu ssh ht time tu.maaf2..;'(
Lps ht tng mlm rabu tu..idea dtg lg..iaitu blk aje la nik bas..klo dh ajal,mati gk..klo x hdup lg gagah dan nekad nk blk nik bas.tket akn bli mlm sok.idea ni dpt actually time ptg rbu dh give up sgt..pi la lari jap.lari in terms of jogging.den ni plik skit..klo tens2 tu ske lri..bru cm lga lps sp2 yg nmpk den jog ptg2 tu meaning de smthng brsrbut la dlm kpla..haha.nk jog dgn rela hti?maunyer..liat!hahaha..
So ptg tu pkt2 dgn Ainun,Ain dgn Kak Ti utk kua pi bli tket.dsmpg lps tu Ain nk pi CS cri bju for bday mlm khamis tu ggh la sewa keta.keta autos auto..phm kn?haa..first time beb bwk keta auto mlm tu..brkat Ainun ajr..lehla bwk..pi bli tket bs kat sri puti.pmndu bru ni bwk smpi gk keta tu ke jb mlm tu..weee~ thanks ainun tlg w0o bwk auto..akaka..lmbt kn den dh lme dh ckp best nik auto..den bru ckp skrg..haha..ske ht la..dh bru try bwk mlm tu..hee..;D smpi2 CS srg food court dlu sbb smua dh Ain ggh pi cri bju dlu la sbb cs tu ttup kul kne cpt2..nk dpndkn cte..ktorg pi cs tu utk mkn jek..haha..dr utm ke jb smta-mta utk mkn..pnglmn2..
Blk tu ainun bwk lak keta..glir2 la ktorg trisi lbih lak myk keta pe lg..kua la plan mrayau utm mlm tuh.ktorg pusing2 stu utm.hagaga..pusing la sgt..pi balai btul udra kat ats nk ddk jek ats tu lme2 tp kne blk daa..hehss.lps trun tu tgk myk byk ronda2 lg..akak swa keta tu ddk kat kdse..alg2 sje jek bwk dorg ke ktgb,kdoj..sbb dorg xpnh lg ke sne.then otw nk blk tu lalu ktgb..sje jek ainun msg azim suh trun..nk bt suprise!haha..azim pun trsuprised gk la..dia ingt keta ktorg rosak ke ape..dia siap bwk knci motor lg time trun tu..akaka..lwk2.pstu dia lak join konvoi ktorg jln2 mlm tu sbb dia kte dia boring.angkut la dia more thing..ktorg nik lg skali ke balai cerap mlm tuh..aiyaa!2x pi sne..azim yg nk nik sgt..nik ajela..sian lak kn..hehss..then smbg2 jap ats tu pstu blk.bfore that..time trun dr blai crp tu ainun asked me to im the driver..time amik azim tu pun den yg drive..azim ddk sblh..Ya Allah,pnye la kalut azim ble nmpk bongol..haha..tiap kali nmpk bngol mst dia jrt BONGOL!aig0o..suspens btul la..tkut btul lnggr bngol tu eh..dorg yg ddk blkg pun trut join kalut dgn azim time bngol..hahaha..lwk btul smua.bngol aje pun....;)
Bestla mlm tu..pnglmn yg xdpt xsbr lak nk de keta sndri..agk2 ble la leh dpt keta sndri tu ek?hmm,,nk try pjuk parents la kasi sbjik..kuang2..klo la dpt..mst heaven...nk pndekkn cte nih sbb jam dh mnunjukkn kul 3am lbh..dh slmt smpi rmh kul 10 lbh td.lme btul ddk dlm bas td..btolak dr kul 2 cmtu..bygkn bp Alhamdulillah slmt gk smpi..wlaupun byk hlgn dan dugaan nk blk kali nih..ssngguhnye de hikamh dsblknyer..who knows right..nk tdo dlu eh..adios amigos~

p/s: pasan x skrg post2 xltk gmbr sgt dh?haa..tu! nk upload..hee

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shine..shine..brightly! cek carrier marks for subject in A- position la.wlaupun de minus tu but sedap hati gkla de hruf A tu..;D Alhamdulillah..nk ucap spcial thanks kpd cikgu2 saya yg telah byk mngajar..which mean my friends laa..iaitu Rahman,Ika,Afif,Fiza dan tu bljar sme2..struggle gler2 for second test tu..berbaloi2.wink2..thanks all!syg korg!hee~ to my real cikgu yg ajar pun a lot of thanks,jsa anda akan dkenang seumur hdup..;) Now,xleh min2 dh..serious2!!so xleh on9 slalu dh..kwn2,jgn rndu saya ek..ahakz!pasan btul den nih..akakaka..see ya guys.and good luck too for final exam nnt.gonna be away for long time..myb..Insya pun curi2 jap on9..hee..dh2,lps ni nk off la.lalalala..the star is shining...........will shine brightly again~

Tanpa CINTA,
dan hanya detemani dengan BUKU-BUKU.

*Ya Allah,kuatkanlah hambaMu ini dalam menghadapi setiap dugaanMu..dan bantulah aku mencapai kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat..amin.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exam lalala~

Trse mls lak nk tlis blog kne tlis gk..hmm,hr ni 13 oct..means lg 3 bln lg wa nk msuk 20!!waaaaaaaaa...akakaka..20 beb..kne jd mature la lps nih..ngeh2.Insya Allah..nk ubah laa prangai yg cm bdk2 smua tu..leh ke berubah agk2??kuang2...we'll see!;D ni happy gk sbb someone which is the same person before makes me smile again..wee~ skenyer dia kn...hahaha..xleh blah..;p pstu kne study electricity..test mlm sok..wawawawa..byk xtau lg nih..;'( hopefully dpt concentrate mlm ni and tau ape yg prlu exam also just around the corner..huhu..prepare ckup2 fadzilah!huuu..hrp2 dpt result yg cemerlang,gemilang terbilang....amin~~~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smuanya kerana M!!

Waahhh..such a long time no write here yaa..hee..sorry2..quite busy nk elak prkra2 yg xbrfaedah ni..slh stunyer on9 la..hehss.but,now im here..;D nk cte td bru abis test math..waahhh..lega gler!!!!ALHAMDULILLAH...bkn sbb pe..tension w0o nk test math ni..lg2 ckg math physcho suh dpt high marks..mau x tens! sgla prltn sblm perang knela prepare awl2 kn..stdy smlm and lg smlm and smlm smlm bgai nk rak!cm study nk final wa ckp sma lu..huhu..quite tiring but,xmnyl sbb s0ln math td Alhamdulillah leh jwb..hrp2 dpt mrkh tggi la..amin..ahaa!nk ucap spcial thanks to kwn2 yg study sma..smlm study kat library dgn Rahman,Afif,Ika dgn Fiza..then mlm tu lak study kat bilik Ika.rmai2 ktorg kumpul stdy sme2 mlm smlm..best2..iaitu Ika,Fiza,Ainun,Husna dan Zureen.hee..thanks all!;) lpe lak..siang td study math gk kat library..bygkn bp byk ms study math nih..haha..dgn Ika,Rahman,Fiza,Ainun,Ain dgn Azim..waahh..tq2 yaa smua..js2 anda smua amt dhrgai..wee~

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Konv0i raye di rmh IKA

Holaa..holaalaa..haha..excited lbih lak ptg nih..hehss.nk cte al kisah smlm..smlm..smlm..smlm kn..pi rye kat rmh Ika.ktorg konvoi rmai2..dela 20 org smua..13 girls,7 boys..jap nk list..klo ingt..haha.Rahman,Ika,Fiza,Afif,Aizat,Kak Ti,Dayah,Azim,Ainun,Sarah,Syera,Husna,Rijal,Nabil,Sarah Akmal,Farah,Koh,Suha,Ain and me la of course.haa,journey ktorg ni brmle lps abis kls titas kul 12tghr smlm.smua brkumpul kat meranti..lme gk tggu kat mranti tu..keta sewa lmbt.lbih kurg dkt2 kul 2 cmtu bru btolak rsnyer.ktorg sewa 4 keta smuanya.and the lucky drivers to drive the car are me,Ainun,Syera and Azim.keta saga 2,iswara 1 and kenari 1.iswara jek auto,yg lin smua mklumla,ktorg pmpn ni xreti bwk auto wlaupun sng bak kte Azim..akaka..bkn xreti la..xpnh try lg,tkut sngkut tgh2 jln kn naya kn?hehss..
Then smua brgrk la..konvoi la ktekn.ikut mngikut..Alhamdulillah slmt smpi ke rmh Ika kat Kota Tinggi tu lbih kurg kul 3 lbh cmtu.pstu mkn,lpk2 kat rmh Ika..smpt tgk tv lg tu..cte pe cm best la..klo leh,smua xnk blk,nk tgk cte tu smpi abis..;D tp xlehla,kne blk gk...sok de kls daa..h0ho.dlm kul 6.15 cmtu slps mngucapkn trma ksh kat mak ika dan family,smua brgkat pulg.kali ni drivers dh brtuka..Afif gnti Ainun.Afif xde lsen tp dia leh bwk la dia bwk la.lg 3 drivers tu remain the same person.
Trkedek2 la 4 buah keta ni pulg blk ke jb.pi tu ktorg ikut jln lin,then time blk ikut jln lin..xtau knp..sbb den follow jek.keta dpn belok,den belok..ngeh2.benti solat magrib kat jusco tebrau.yela,xsmpt smpi kat utm bfore amik kptsn benti solat dlu.Solat itu kn pntg dan wajib!;) haa,one thing yg lwk..time nk kua jusco tu xjmpe pntu car jela..ktorg brpusing2 kat tpk parking tesco kat sblh jusco tu nk cri jln kua, min puzzle dh kat parking lot tu..nsb bik xbyk keta.fuhh..luckily try stu jln ni..try and error..jmpe gk la.ktorgnyer keta jek yg lmbt..yg lin smua dh tggu..hahha..sorry2 yaa smua.
Ahaa!ms dh kua dr jusco tu..abg Ika tggu.dia akn bwk ktorg blk utm.sbb dh mlm kn..Ika pun xingt jln yg Ika mntk abg dia tlg guide ktorg laa..spcial thanks to abg Ika..hee~ pstu jln2..akhirnya smpi gk kat utm around 9.30pm.huh..legaaa...Alhamdulillah slmt pi dan blk.pstu hntr keta lak kat tmpt dia..then Afif amik ktorg hntr ke kolej.wahh..mmg pnt la wa ckp sma best2!!hee..pnglmn yg xdpt dlpekn..first,drive keta lin slin keta kat rmh..haha.2nd,first time bwk keta jauh2 ni dtmani dgn kwn2 jek..yela.slalu ayh ibu de klo bwk jauh2 ni..3rd..memorable memories with my lovely SSZ friends...weee~

Monday, September 27, 2010

Langkah Tercipta.

Semalam aku kelukaan,
Kecewa kehampaan,

Mencalar ketabahan,
Impian seringku harapkan menjadi kenyataan
Namun tak kesampaian,
Inginku hentikan langkah ini

Bagaikan tak mampu untuk ku bertahan
Semangat tenggelam lemah daya,

Haruskah aku mengelamun jiwa
Ku berbisik inilah dugaan
Dan langkahku kini terbuka
Pada hikmah dugaan uji keimanan
Dan dilontarkannya ujian diluar kekuatan setiap diri insan

Pimpini diriku,
Untuk bangkit semula meneruskan langkah perjuangan ini
Cekalkan hati dan semangatku

Kurniakan ketabahan........
Agar mimpi jadi nyata..

padaMu ku meminta
Dan ku mohon agung kudratMu
Wahai Tuhan Yang Satu
Segalanya dariMu..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love statement.

"Sungguh menyakitkan mencintai seseorang yang tidak mencintaimu, tetapi lebih menyakitkan adalah mencintai seseorang dan kamu tidak pernah memiliki keberanian untuk menyatakan cintamu kepadanya."

I dont agree with this statement..huu..totally not new quote is "Sungguh menyakitkan mencintai seseorang yang tidak mencintaimu, tetapi lebih menyakitkan adalah seseorang yang berpura-pura mencintaimu dan kamu tahu itu.Sesungguhnya apabila kamu pendam perasaan cinta itu adalah sebaiknya daripada memberitahu orang yang dicintai itu"..hmmm

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cinta baru laa skrg...

Holaa..oppss!Assalamualaikum...brtmu lg kt slps mnyepi lbh kurg 5 hr stgh klo xslp..haha..on9 dh smlm xbkk blog,bkk fb..tu pun sbb cik Muna yg suh.klo x,xbkk pun fb..on ym nk mkin brmkne..dtemani dgn BUKU-BUKU yg dsayangi smua..hee..buku la shbt bik skrg..thanks buku krna mnyayangi sy skrg..;) lptp nih dh jd shbt kurg bik xon9 sgt,so kurg bik skit la dgn lptp gk xon9 lme ni..smlm on9 fb,tgk mcm2 ada..haha..kra amik ms lme la tgk tu,tgk ni kat fb tu..x boring la sng cte..klo slalu 0n9 ni kn cpt xslalu on9 i think the best choice laa...;D kt akn jmpe myb smggu skali ek...jgn rndu sama2 saya yaa..ngeh2,sp nk rndu pun kn..pasan lbih!hehsss..smlm hr jd kak long yg ke 23..smga pnjg umur utk lbih mndktkn dri dgn Allah SWT..Insya Allah..amin..;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cau cin cau ^^ ni..19 sept..sudaa msuk hr sok nk kne blk dh..waaaaaaaaaaaa...xmau2!!!!huhu..apakan dya kne blk gk..huu~ lps ni gk xmau on9 slalu..kt tgk smpi mn bdk sorg nih leh brthn..haha..we'll see..hehsss.lps ni kne bce bku laa..nk test and final dh..cayo2 myself!! everyone..cayo t0o yaa..smga smua brjya dlm bidang msg2..Insya Allah..amin..
Skrg tgh skt tkk..huhu..smga skt tkk smbuh tgh tggu cte the rock ni..tgk iklan td cm best..hee..12.30 bru mse yg de gne sbiknyer la kn.;)
nk gsok bju lak nih..beg dh kms smlm..h0ho.cau cin cau~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pantai time~

Smlm pi pntai..waaahhhh..BESSSTTTTTT!!!!haha..dh lme kmpunan nk pi pntai hr khamis tu sje ajk2 kucing ayh pi pntai..tgk2 ayh kte lg..sonok la beb!;) pi teluk batik de gmbr..tgk,jgn xtgk..heh..puas gkla mnd smlm..pi dgn Ibu,Ayah and Eman..b0sa kn plmpung dr org?;D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ziarah kubur

Agk mls nk tlis blog kebelakangan nih..haha..sbb tu lps bp hr bru tlis nih,klo dlu..hr2 de aje post bdk sorg ni..skrg pnykt M dh ni plan pi ziarah kubur arwah opah dgn arwah atuk.haa..prjlnn akn brmle kul 8..(plan asl) set alarm xbgun2 gk.ibu grk de..smbung td..pnye liat nk bgun!kuang2.then ayh lak..ayh dh siap mnd dh,pstu ayh ckp lps ayh blk dr bli srt kabo xbgun lg..kne jirus air.dgr jek prktaan JIRUS AIR trus bgun laa..muahahaha..lwk btul!;D bse la tu..pg2 nk bgun..mst liat daa..then bgun,siap2..kul 9.30am cmtu kot brtolak td.brtlak ke Kuala Kurau dlu.kubur arwah atuk.haa..nk cte la skit,den xpnh rs de atuk nih..atuk mnggal time umur 6 bln,atuk blh ayh lak ayh sndri xtgk ayh xde la atuk..huhu.then lps tu pi Parit Buntar lak ziarah kubur Opah Cah.I love Opah Cah very very very much!!!the sporting opah of the opah dh pergi awl laa..rindunyer kat opah..;'( ok,xmoh sadis2 rye2 nih..pstu pi rmh kwn ayh lak,rmh pakcik Fendi.dkt Taiping..pstu kak long ajk pi BMW kat Taiping lak.snggh la jap bli bli air float,burger dgn waffles..sodap gk waffles dgn ice cream..hee..haa,pstu blk la ke rmh..Alhamdulillah slmt smpi rmh kul 7 lbh td.itulah prjlnn hr ni..the end..;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jalan2 AidiLfitRi

Holaa smua..bru slmt blk dr jln2 aidilfitri jek nih..6 lbh td.Alhamdulillah smua brjln lncar..;) plan nk pi rmh raja dgn anis plan sudaa berubah daa..haha..first amik Tina dlu,then amik Anis.pstu ingt nk pi rmh Raja tp Raja bz lak time pe lg,plan b la!ambush time!kuang2...pi rmh Wan.Nabila lak dtg trus ke rmh Wan.hehe..ckp dgn Wan lg 5 mnt nk smpi..ngeh2..sian btul..den ske ambush2 ni..bru best..klo plan nnt xjd, i prefer ambush..heh..klo xde org,blk ksh kn?muahahaha..lps rmh Wan,ambush rmh Ashraff dgn K.Tiqa lak..kwn2 smua trkejut nk pi rmh si Ashraff tu..hahaha..yela..Ashraff my old friend sk rndh hr tu then Wan knl K.Tiqa..sje jela nk dtg.nsb bik Nabila tau rmh Ashraff..klo x sst jek td,xsmpi2 rmh..haha..sowi2 guys dtg xbgtau..suke suki..ngee~ Tp Ashraff snyp jek td,malu kot..yela..dh 5 org pmpn serbu rmh..unexpected..mau x malu! dmna duit rye ek?xbg pun..smlm dh jnji nk bg kn?hehss..min2 aja...sedap air mango td..susa2 jek..haha..(amik ht nmpk)..pstu ktorg mneruskn expidisi ke rmh Raja..still rmai dgn sdra Raja but dorg cm nk blk dh lps lps sdra2 Raja blk,ktorg pun angkut Raja skali pi rmh Anis lak.rmh Anis la last destination..mkn mee sanggul..;) tp bestla dpt jln2 dgn my best friends hr nih..suke2..perut pun dh penuh dan boroi..hee..Alhamdulillah..later we hang out again yaa..;D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Will be the new family member

Hr ni hr pe ek kwn2?hari isnin...haha..13 september 19th years 8 months old..suda tua laa...waaa..lg 4 bln nk msuk 20..20?oh0o..adakah anda brsdia fadzilah?kuang2..knk2 riang lg daa..dt rye pun dpt lg what...ngee~ pndptn hr rye ke4 nih leh thn gk..not bad..stkt nih dpt dt rye yg org dtg rmh yg bg..hee..arigato2 yaa smua..anda smua sngguh bik ht..;D yola..bik ht la tu..ngeh2..terima kasih..terima kasih...blum rye lg mn2 nih,cdg sok bru nk mnjongket dgn kwn2..itu pun stlh booked keta awl..haha..mstla kne booked,rmai org kat rmh nih..klo x cop awl2 almt xde la..hehss.nk nik moto?hoho..leh aje..just my mom jela yg xkasi nnt..haha..maunyer nk kasi..dlm mmp aja laa......smua dh tau kn sbb xyh cte yg xtau,lin kali bce dlu post yg lme2 tu..den nyer post ni sekual tau spe yg xbce dr awl mmg xphm laa..heh.knp ek rye thn ni mcm xbp best sgt?(bajet rye thn lps best jek)..kuang2..haha..ntahla,cte2 kat tv pun xbp best sgtla..nk hrpkn detective conan,lgenda bdk setan dgn csi jek la yg mnyodapkn hati..hmmm
Ahaa!lpe lak nk cte..siang td de event mnarik yg brlaku..iaitu..kak long dirisik org!hee..spe lg klo bkn bf AYIE tu..abg Ayie family dia dtg cm de kndri kecil td kat rmh.dsmping tu..yg trut memeriahkn mjlis ialah..Mak Yang,Abg Nasir,Abg Hawari n fmly,Pak Cho,mak cho,yong n fmly,abg epul n fmly,mama su n fmly,abg eddy..rmai gkla td.meriah2..:D Alhamdulillah smua brjln lncr..klo xde aral melintang k.long tunang 25/12 ni..Insya Allah..smga kamu brbhgia dgn Ayie la ek kak long..heh~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Detik-detik itu...

Happy Eid everyone!raye..raye..raye.......oh yeaahh.rye2 nih pun smpt on9 lg eh?haha..xde org dtg rmh lg daa..sbb tu leh ske ria nih..hee~ dh dpt dt rye dh!weee...dr ayah dgn angah..arigato2..;D hmm,nk cte pe ek...ahaa!smlm sgt sgt sgt la gumbira..dont know why..Allah tlh bri kegembiraan kpd ku smlm...alhamdulillah Ya Allah.happy sbb dpt chat dgn my best friend and also my rye nih kn..kot2 trlpe nk bg msg rye mntk maaf smua,kad rye lg2 la xsmpt pe slalu on9 fb tuh..nmpk aje sp on9 smlm trus wish rye..haha..rmai gkla..jap,snrai kelabu dlu smua..izah,aman,dym,ashee,dinie,aisyah,anis,adeq,amir,nafizah,kinah,zira,mira sani,syafiq,hilmi,ashraff..xlpe juga de msg dgn mira azmi,minah,shuk dgn bo.rmai x?rmai kn..hehsss.mmg syokla smlm..hee..mnjlinkn kmbli ikatan yg hmpir trlerai..acewaaahh..hahaha..yola tuh..ngeh2..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kasyah.the person who makes me sayu..Kasyah is the hero of lagenda budak setan.kasyah ni sdkit sbyk makes me to be stronger..and also faithful to love.I love kasyah.LBS ni ialah kisah tentang bagaimana seorang lelaki yang tidak kenal erti kasih sayang dan kononnya anti perempuan boleh berubah menjadi seorang pencinta agung, tabah hadapi segala dugaan yang mendatang dan tetap setia pada cinta yang satu walaupun diduga dengan pelbagai halangan yang penuh cabaran.see..thats why I like him..huhu.wlaupun dia tlh dkecewakn byk kali,nmun dia tetap msih stia dgn cinta dia..huu..I wish I can be like him..(wlaupun tu dlm cte jek)..still..I respect Kasyah.waahh,dh felt in love dgn kasyah nih..cemepan..aig0o..hahahaha..jgn jles smua ek!akaka..xdela,kagumla dgn org cmtu..I think I wanna be like him..just faithful to the love i had..and live the life with day,myb the love will come back to me..who knows right..hmm,if not..kne reda laa..smua trltk pd tkdr.......
Bla cinta kini tak lagi brmakna..
yang ku rsa kini hnyalah nestapa..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Aiman dgn Wan???

Lg bp hr nih nk msuk 7 sept..oppss!smpt ke x nih..haha.nk tlis hr ni 6 sept my adik kesayangan pnyer birthday daaa..mst rmai plik..asl birthday org jek mst tlis kn..haha..ske ht la..wa pnyer blog kn!ngeh2..gurau aja..xla..org2 ni leh dktekn org pntg dlm hdup,so kne la coretkn skit psl dorg..org2 yg sdkit sbyk make my life more colourful..;D tuh dh ckp psl my little bro nih..SEMAN..ingt lg x?hehss..nme pnuh AIMAN HANIF.bza umur ktorg sthun jek,den lhir bln 1,dia lahir bln cm xde bza sgt..kwn spermainan la kcik2 dlu.dia min bola,join aja..min basikal..min masak2?oh no!haha..den xdela min msk2 nih..ntah,cm xbest jek..akaka..ske yg adventure jek..hee~ Ahaa,lpe lak..smlm 5 sept bday of my best friend.WAN ATHIRAH WAN TERMIZI.haa,kasi promote skit smua..smga smua dpnjgkn umur dan dmurahkn rezeki serta mnjd hambaNya yg brtmbh beriman dan bertaqwa..Insya Allah..amin..;) oopss!kne stop nih..CSI NY tgh menanti nih..hee..nk tgk nih..dadaa..

Kisah Ramadan~

Kali ni nk share cte time kcik2 dlu psl bln pose tu bce blog Zackzuhairi..dia cte time dia pose kcik2 dlu,so den pun ttbe smgt nk share cte gk laa...hee~
haa,kcik2 dlu start pose xingt lak ble..myb dlm umo 5-7 thn la time 5 dgn 6 tu xpose pnuh sgt..alaa..bdk2 bsela kn.pose 'yangyuk' jek..hehss..7thn xslp dh pose pnuh tp xckup 30 la,3hr pontg!ngeh2..haa,sprti knk2 yg lin ibu dan ayah nk bg rangsangan pose nih dorg twrkn la stu hr pose dpt seringgit.wawaahh,mst la nk pose byk hr kn,so dpt kutip byk dt jd dt rye nnt!;D so adk brdk smua brlumba2 la nk pose pnuh time tu..akakaka..insan yg brnme KANAK-KANAK.

Time kcik2 dlu de peraturan,spe x pose xleh duk skali dgn org yg pose..haha..tu slh stu catalyst gk ayah ngan ibu suh pose tuh.yela..yg xpose mkn kat meja kcik kat bwh sblh mja besa org2 yg brbke.xke sedih klo sorg2 jek mkn kat mja kcik tu kn?h0ho..klo de teman cntik ah..;) haa,pstu de one time hr tu de moreh kat surau..waah,rjin nh pi tlg skali!alih2 blk tu pnye la pnt..dh ptg gkla blk rmh tu,msuk ikut pntu dapur.skali nmpk air SIRAP la beb ats mja..sp yg balun dlu td ntah..hahaha..then pe lg,den pun tmpg skaki gk la!!! line clear lak time tu xde org..baaallluuuunnnnnnn!muahahaha..time brbke join org bbke kat mja besa..bt2 cm pose..ngeh2.pndai btul brlakon time tu!aduyai..mcm2 kn..

Ahaa!dlu klo nk rye mst blk kg..Kuala Kurau o Parit.kdg2 dgr gk ayah dgn ibu berebut nk blk mn slalu ayah mng la..sbb Parit dkt lg compare to Parit stgh jam jek,yg Kuala Kurau lak lbih kurg 2 hours.slalu pg rye blk rye kat Parit dlu,solat rye kat ctu..then cm ptg2 skit tu brgrk ke K.K lak..h0ho.best2 dpt rye kat kg nih..Arwah Opah Cah(opah belah Ibu) is the best Opah ever!waaaaaa...rindu la kat opah..opah dh xde skrg..xleh blk kg dh..wuwu.sadis.....................dh 3 thn dh arwah meningggalkn kami smua.huhu~

Haa,time kat KK ni best..sbb adk brdk Ibu cm rmai skit brbndg ayah..which is nisbah klo smua sdra mara blk mmg pnuhla rmh one time tu smpi xtau nk tdo mn,so tgkt ats yg pns tula trpkse dijadikan plhn utk tdo.rmh opah 2 tgkt,rmh kg..lwa la gk..pstu xlme2 lps tu opah kne pndh Parit Buntar.PB xla jauh dr KK tu..half an hour myb.sbb tapak rmh kat KK tu dorg nk bt highway opah pndh siap2 la.oopss..arwah opah.

Lg stu nk share..den xpnh min mercun spnjg hdup ni..pcaya x?haha..ksian btul..almaklumla ayahku kn polis,mau nk bg bg min! mungkin..bknla xpnh..pnh..tgk org min mrcun!akakaka..lg stu,xbrapa brani sgt nk min nih..yola,putus jari nk cri gnti?kat tesco? smpn jela niat nk min tuh dlm ht..kuang2..aiseh..lpe lak nk cte!psl Opah lg stu..Opah Som(opah belah ayah lak).Opah Som skrg duk rmh Mak Cho..which is akak kpd ayah.mmgla anak lelaki yg spatutnya jg mak kn?tau2..but,bkn ayah xmau jg..keadaan xmngizinkn ayah utk jg ibunya itu.sbb ayah keja..ibu pun keja..ktorg sk.jd sp nk jg klo opah duk dgn ktorg kn?haa..jd mak cho yg jg sbb dia xkeja.dh lme gkla opah duk dgn mak cho ni..xingt lak time rye dela jmpe..saling lwt mlwati laa..nme pun lg nk cte ek..haa..pnjg kn post kali nih..amik2..akakakaka..

Bln pose pun nk mngundurkn dri lg bbrpa hr,nk bg pluang Aidilfitri mnjelma lak..hmm,,di ksmptn ini sy ingin mmhon maaf kpd smua..sgala kekhilafan yg ana lakukn scra sngaja o xsngaja hrp dmaafi.ssungguhnya mnsia tidak pnh lari dr mlkukn kslpn kn..huhu..maaf..maaf..maaf.rye jmput la dtg rmh ek smua..;)