Friday, December 3, 2010

The meMoRieS

Should have let it all go
Should have ignored it
Like it wouldn't be seen
Like it couldn't be seen
I don't think I should have seen it
Should have run away
I should have pretended not to hear
I shouldn't have listened to this love
Without a word,you made me know love
Without a word,you gave me your love
Without a word,love left me
Without a word,love tossed me
Without a word,tears are coming down
Without a word,my heart is breaking apart
Without belief,I'm waiting for love
Without belief,I'm hurting for love
I didn't think it was love
I told myself it wasn't love
I deceived myself
But my heart kept calling your name
I must loving you this much
I must be waiting you for you this much
Even though it hurts so much
My heart can't seem to let you go
I think there must be just one love
I don't think my heart will change
The love that I've kept only for you
I can seem to fool my head
But I can't seem to fool my heart.

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