Thursday, January 26, 2012

All about HERO~

yunjae moment..hopefully they can be like this back..soon.

I like his hair like this..the blond one. looks innocent, kind and cuter!^^

26th of January 2012
Kim Jaejoong birthday!haha
since when eh obsess sgt ni eh..adoi!
noy la ni..haha.asyk2 slhkn noy.muahaha. noy..grau2 jek eh..tq sbb knlkn dia. ahakz!
wishing you happy always..and smile always t0o like when you're with yunho. hoho~
smga kmu akn gmbira sntiasa.cee..bajet hero ni kwn jek kn. haha. xleh blah btul.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Jaejoong..happy 26 years old. right?;D

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