Friday, March 9, 2012


Salam jumaat smua.
kind of not feeling well..headache+fever.heartache..errr? dr smlm exprmnt time dh pontg sbb skt yg tramat sgt. rs mcm nk pgsn anytime. but ggh gk jln kaki blk blok lps kls english tu. lab ptg trpksa postpone hr ni. thats why i am fakulti. on9 smntra tggu time nk bt exprmnt.
hmmm..time skt2 ni la im the most damnly madly sensitive you know. i like people to ask me if im well or not..if i'd eaten on and so forth. *attention seeker*
but, sadly..some my so called friends here just dont do that. myb im the attention seeker needs all those things..but..just..the sick time,, i need the care and love. kwn2 skt kn..xkn xamik tau?huuu..sdh btul.
and it had happened several utm. sadly to say. myb gk sbb zmn u kn..smua kne too sensitive!;(
klo mcm zmn sk dlu..klo xsht mst de kwn2 yg amik brt tny. then bt tu bt ni..kra amik brt laa..i miss those time!huuu~
okay, nk mngadu tu jek my lovely blog. trima kasih krna always be there when i need you. haha. yela,, klo nk mngadu kat org lain..bak kte sorg ni..xingt spe..'org lain pun de mslh kn. so xyh la buang ms cte kat org lain mslh kt..plg byk pun dorg leh bg nsht jek. kdg2 xmnolong lgsg skt ht jek lg de.' haha.
actually the best is to pray and mngadu pd ALLAH. tula yg sbaiknya.
okie nk mghilgkn mood yg xbp nk baik ni..nk tgk hello baby jap smntra tggu my exprmnt kul 2 lbh kang. dhla bt sorg2..wawa. smga smua brjln lncr..InsyaALLAH.amin.

p/s: people out there, if de yg trse maaf ye. this is a part of my feelings right now.huuu.

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