Sunday, June 3, 2012

The dream that only can be true.

Holaa..lme xtlis sni kn..hehs.bian. what I wanna share today to you my lovely blog is that i dreamt of him yesterday. In that dream..we are quarrelling (as usual)..and at one time i ran away from him. I ran as fast as i could..down the stairs and stopped at one place where there are people gathering..for discussion maybe. then he came and told everyone there about us. waahhh. how shameful i felt! then i ran again. until i reached my parents car..the proton waja. msa nk kua pintu de jaga tlg bkk kn pntu..haha..lwk gk ble pk. jg tu snyum jek. then trslh pi kat keta. tekan2 alarm tu but tgk2 keta kat tmpt lain..haha.adoi. then again..he managed to catch me. and i locked the door..but surprisingly he broke the 'cermin' of the car. and came inside. im speechless. then i just ignored him and drive the car. dia snyum dan nmpk air kat tmpt ddk pnmpang sblh pmndu. dia ckp dia dhga..then dia trus amik air dan mnum. after that..i woke up!hahahahaha..sweet isnt it my dream? in the dream he tried to catch me while im running..but in the present..??the answer of course no.haha. but im happy for the dream. thank you ALLAH. alhamdulillah.

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