Friday, September 7, 2012

love like a sad picture

just watched immortal songs 2. the encore. the one that ryewook won.
i just love the songs sang by k.will- I will love and Sonya-Love like a sad picture.
the meanings of the songs surely beautiful but i cant get and know the lyrics bcoz didnt has it.haha
myb due to the songs belongs to the sunbaenims. the songs that famous around year 1991 and 1994. how to get?ottoke? anyone??
fervently i wanna know the lyrics..uhuuu.
K.Will said..' This song is to anyone that had suffered because of love. Dont worry love will come to us again.' not so accurate but the sentences just what I had remembered.heh
Sonya emotional.
who ever did experience the same painful love like me gonna agree with me if they had watching the immortal songs.hahaha..did you?
definately..LOVE LIKE A SAD PICTURE. agree.

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