Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nice guy that never exists in the worLd

okay,, finally nice guy came to an end. abis dh...waaaaaa..lps ni xleh tgk dh kang maru.haha. okay,,for nice guy..i'll give 4.75 stars.heh. so spe2 yg xtgk lg tgkla keh. I love joong ki's character in this drama..damn much! Kang Maru..wahwah..dia sgt awesome dlm ni.. yela..kat lua cte misal kat dlm RM dia mcm bodo2 jek kn. but dlm dia dia sgt cruel, intelligent, smart..pndgn mata dia..wahh..lain dr lain laa..thats why love him so much! same goes to in sungkyunkwan.heeeee

Seo Eun Gi, Kang Maru and Han Jae Hee. Plg benci Jae Hee dlm nh. hahaha. dia bt hdup Maru mrana. but Maru sacrifices everything for her in the name of love. kat situ Maru a bit dumb la kn. huahuaaa. wlaupun jae hee noona bt mcm2 kat maru..dia sbr jek. but, finally one day he realized. its not too good to sacrifices EVERYTHING for your loves ones you know. in the end if they betrayed what will you do? hmmm,,renung2kn sndri keh.  

I love his expression like this.. :D

The cruel Maru! sgt daebak okay..haha

Jae Gil and Choco. haha. gwang soo pny wtk dlm cte ni lbh kurg jek mcm dlm rm.. but dlm ni dia caring sgt la kat kwn dia. dia ngis time dia tau maru sakit tu..kasi nsht smua.. sdh jek tgk.. tp sgt comey dia dgn choco. :D

okayh. midsem hols already came to an end. hmmm..thats mean final is just around the corner. another 1month and half to go..huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...need to speeding up!!huhu.. cayo! gonna score the best again..again..and again until i'll be the top again. insyaALLAH. amin. doakn skali eh?tq2 :))

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