Thursday, April 25, 2013

one fine day to write all...

Holalaa..finally mood mpek suda kmbali utk mlm nh..
mlm2 jumaat ni pun mpek kn..adesss..klo x mpek nnt stressssssss!haha
layannn ajelahhh~

 this quote..hmm..very deep the meaning. and keep practising it ok! 
jgn trhegeh2 sgt malu aje..haha

 this life if no ups and downs it is not colorful isnt it? 
ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH for the pain, YOU make me becomes stronger. :)

now, the brain is the controller. haha. hr tu sske ht jek the 'heart' nk ske spe2 pun kn..kali nh xleh dhlaa..kne take precaution skit..kali nh i'd put perisai baik punyaa...xleh tmbus swenang2nye. 
my heart only for my jodoh.insyaALLAH

nh rs mcm dh buh hr tuh tp xingt dh..mklumla dh mkin ***..opsss..xla..awet muda lg. de sorg mkck ni tny sk lg ke?ngeh2..trbangga skjap ^^

 I hope for someone that can grow old together with me..still live happily loving each other although we had grandsons whatsoever..pi masjid sme2 pgg tgn lg mcm org2 Arab kat Mekah tu. so sweet you know. very the touching.heh
yg nh byk kali dh bt..haha..I just walk away..and go far away..haha..xyhla hrp2 lg kpd yg xsudi kn. smga anda bhgia aje yee..jgn xbhgia lak. lps ni dh jnji dh xmau kco hdup..hoho.insyaALLAH. please be happy with the woman you love..acee..baiknyer doakn kn. 

 its hurt before..but now..nadaaa..weeeeee..ALHAMDULILLAH. thank you ALLAH for the help.
quote ni utk yg dlu2 jek..bkn skrg..Alhamdulillah. 
klo de pun time mrh jela..mrh kn kne kwl..klo x, smbur smua mmg pedih la org yg kne tu. my words are so sarcastic and can hurt people damn much once I said it.haha. sbb tu kne kwl amarah tu..smpn dlm ht jek then mngadu dgn ALLAH. insyaALLAH lega nnt. :)

 aminnn..I hope for it keenly. insyaALLAH one day..

 forgiveness?yeahhh..almost doing it often if I have time. haha. but sometimes forgiveness cant be given to some type of people that muka tebal yg xtau itu slh dia. for me, even if im not wrong..the relationships go awful..i'll apologize first. head will be full of weird, mix feelings. dont like it. so forgiveness is one way for me to clear my head and live peacefully. 

 this one to0o..i hope for ALLAH's love to surround me..aminn

 sincerely, I'd done this two quotes. first and second one..both make my eyes to produce the water.haha. but, insyaALLAH it is for the best. believe in ALLAH. :)

 this one suits me right waiting for the right man to be my one and only love until jannah. insyALLAH. aminn

haha..this one is so true. never stay back when you hate me. I am who I am. never change. people that feel offends or anything feel free to leave. I'll not evade you guys to stay with me. sekian.

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