Sunday, June 2, 2013

Go Mi Nam

Go Mi Nam = Flower Boy 
what is flower boy? a boy with flowers?? no no.. flower boy means handsome boy :D
td dgn rajinnya sharian si kecik smpn dgn baik dlm loker (sbb smlm lagha byk..adess. so hr ni self-reflect) . Alhamdulillah bertahan smpi ptg.eheee. so lps abis study ptg td award diri dgn tgk RM ep147.. guests hyunwoo dgn soohyun. comell..heh. leh snyum & glk td..amt awesome. hilg stresssssss. 
Alhamdulillah for that happiness ^^
its june already...sem six also gonna come to an end..just counting the days.. while waiting i'll try to do my very best to get the best memories of this sem..insyaALLAH. all A+'s! fighting! 

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