Saturday, April 5, 2014

keep gOiNg

hype hype my blog. lme xjmpe naa..haha..bian2
okayh,lets mrpek krepek.

midsem hols came to an end already. Alhamdulillah for the happiness throughout the weeks. 
nk habaq buku sentuh sat jaa..xsampai 3 helai muka surat.dush2..haha
sbb wan kte klo time cuti rehat dgr ckp dia la ni.kekekeke..tq bestiest! :D

so whats are we going to talk abt today?hmm.hmm.hmm.
tests sedang amik no. giliran tu nk suh jwb dorg..but im here..not yet fully prepared. dush2 lagi..
xpe..keep calm and do your best.
for me, i'd realized this one thing during the sem hols. 
i want to work hard for my akhirat..and not to forget this dunia too. but what im saying is..i'll balance both. insyaALLAH.
whats is the point you do something?
because of praise?
i'll make my aim for the last one. insyaALLAH.
ALLAH xpenah tgglkn kita. kita ni jek slalu tinggalkn ALLAH. dush2 byk2.. -_-

now, stay calm and do your best.
i cant get too nervous or anything else will not work out for me.
so i'll stay calm and do my best.
ahaa! one thing to tell too.
about my bidadara hatiku. errr?
it looks like im giving up on him.mcm lagu lak kn..but seriously.
there is one saying.."jodoh Allah dh tentukan masa kita dlm kandungan ibu lagi", so sejauh mn kt kejar pun,,and ALLAH says he is not the one. xdpt jugak kn.
insyaALLAH nnt ble dh smpi waktunya..he will come. believe.
so here i am..i'll enjoy my life as i can.hahahaha
xyhla serabut2 lg nk cari cinta nh.
ade pnh dgr crmh..klo prempuan dh kawin nnt suami tggu dpn pintu syurga..but the one that not married yet, Rasululluh yg akn tunggu. wooahhhh..lg awesome. 
so klo xde jdoh kat dunia ni..jgn risau sgt la.. kat akhirat nnt kekal abadi. leh dpt yg lg lg lg handsome. insyaALLAH. heh.
so chill up and jaga hubungan kita dgn ALLAH. tu yg penting.

so meoww,,lets get started!

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