Tuesday, May 20, 2014

up side down

Today..Rain asked me smthng.haha. then spontan trus jwb..pstu ayt rain lps tu..wow. mcm trharu gkla dgr. thumbs up la azreen!wink2. mmg syg lbih mcm ni.. :D

hidup ni tak lama. i wanna live my life peacefully and happily without any regrets. yeah. and hopefully too. I'll try my very best for it. insyaAllah. lets love and be loved. insyaAllah.

i'll wait for you..my syurga cinta. may all of our meetings under Allah's bless and love. and i'll prepare myself too to be better ones for you. and hope you too keh. amin :)

one week to go kat utm ni..lps ni xde dpt pi kls dah..wuuuuuuuuuuu..tak tinggalkn utm lg tp dh sedih nk tgglkn utm. ottoke?? ;( sambung utm lg?hmm.hmm.hmm. kalau takdir insyaAllah :')

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