Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm Sorry I love You

" I'm Sorry I love You "
quotes ni pernah gne suatu ketika dahulu.huahua
bru lps abis tgk cte ni daaa.. cmne tau quotes sblm tgk cte nh?hmmm..interesting2..
sad love story..nk tau pi tgk sndri keh..xbest la klo cte.haha..tp lagu dia sedapp..nk cri la nnt.

My love..unfulfilled love..haha.. ble dkenang kdg2 leh brdarah blk jugak even kte dh lpekn and xde pape.
myb somehow he is still inside? only Allah knows.
all of it now, I let Allah to take care of my heart. whatever wanna happens..just tawakal and redha..insyaAllah. :)
when my heart and my mind are not in sync.. i dont know what to do..so berserah ajela. there are times when.. my mind says im okay with it..i didnt like him bla bla but somehow deep down in my tiny heart, its aching. hoho.
so me too.. im kinda confused with myself.haha
love.....what is love anyway? can someone teach me what is love? how to love?
its happened that i cant get flying colors with this love subjects.hahaha
now I know and realized that.
when love says hai..I say goodbye. when I say hai to love, love says goodbye.
its not sad.. I still have Allah. when I love Allah..He never gives me any pain.
thats why my heart is belong to Allah..now and forever. insyaAllah.
I can never make right decision when it comes to love matter. haha

so my heart..i just hope that if we're able to find love in this world,, I do hope we both can be happy.
i dont want to cry bcoz of love anymore.
its pathetic you know.
yeaa..really pathetic.
if not..we are not meant to be happy in this world..its okay my heart..hopefully we can both be happy in hereafter..dlm syurga Allah. insyaAllah.

I dont beg people to love me.. its your choice to love me or not.
and if one day the people said they have someone already..im willingly pray for their happiness then :')
you know.. " Love isnt a choice, it came from your heart. " - Joonhee Reply 1997-

but strangely i do hope people that love me to fight for me..but i didnt fight for them? errr.
actually. i got this instinct.. wherever whoever that say they have someone already and ready to leave me.. it means myb they already move on and want to find their happiness rather than sincerely waiting for me.
so thats why..i'll let them go. :')
after so much fights i did before..i just think..if the person is not meant to be..no matter how much fights you put on to be with them..it will never be.
tu pun mnyumbang to the reasons that im surrendering to fight for anyone.
bian. my bad.

for this years.. I'd forgiven the people that made my heart ache and ached.
yes. im sincerely did forgave them.
bcoz..i want Allah to forgive me too..for all the tears that i shed for them. the meaningless tears shed when i missed them.
"them"? gaya byk sgt jek bnyi kn..haha. tu metafora la..mn leh sebut nme. malu2.haha.

i'll pray for their happiness..sincerely from bottom of my heart.
hidup ni kn xlme..buang yg keruh amik yg jernih.
please be happy everyone. :')

one day. i'll also find my true love and be happy. smga Allah redha dan dlm kasih sygnya. insyaAllah.

::: pssst. post yg agk sentimental skit ye..alahai..but its come from the bottom of my tiny little heart.

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