Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ended up.

actually niat mlm ni nk cri info psl NDT dgn GPR..but end up here.
ottoke..looking at my friends..wahhh..mostly skrg byk post yg tunang dgn nk kawin.waaaaaaahhhh..super awesome.
haha..dont know la..mgkn x lg kn.
hrpn..niat mst la ade..tp myb xsmpi lg. kot2 kat syurga nnt ke kn?
Allah will make it happen when the time is right. so believe.

love..what is love anyway?
dont know what is love..haha..
isnt love...
when you like someone?
when you cared about someone?
when you feel lonely when that someone is not near you?
when you feel happy by only seeing that someone?

ahaa..tu propa jek. not what i thought.haha
love..i think i cant fell lagi laa..haha..penat dah dgn cinta sia-sia nh.
tgk org lain brcinta mmg mcm best jek..tp..haha..wallahualam.
only Allah knows whats inside my heart.
myb the love to Allah must be polished first right.
insyaAllah..trying hard for it now and forever.

awat post sdh lak mlm2 ni?alahai..tempias dgr lgu jiwang la nh.hagagaga.
but its the truth..what i said and done..sometimes..people didnt recognized whether its real or not..haha..myb that someone can recognized it one day. hopefully.

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