Friday, March 4, 2016

Je ireumeun fadzilah imnida


aloha aloha aloha.
haippp byk swg nye blog ni..lme tggl kn.hahaha poyos.

okay lets started.mepek time.

hmmm.nothing to write actually..thats why mepek time. exercise time for my fingers before doing something beneficial. im going to do the analysis for the data collected for my skrg moh kt mpek dlu.muaha.

life...the few days of my life were meaningless. seems like i already lost somewhere. where? dont know. so now im going to get back on the track. please pray for me please.huuuu

new aim, new determination..wanna be the best that i can be. maklumla hdup ni kn skjp jgn sia-siakn. i wanna be someone that is great. bkn stkt bse2 je..insyaAllah dgn izinNya. do pray for me keh. lets do the things right and with full motivations. put aside all the null thoughts. know lately i got this strange thoughts. dush3. buang2 jauh!

ahaa! lately giless infinite..haha..mmg ske infinite dr dlu ske tp skrg hr2 wajib tgk infinite sblm tdo..kuang2. smpi hoya, L, sungkyu, woohyun leh msuk mmp.haa hbt x hbt tu kekekeke..xleh blah them damn much.huahua. hopefully to get someone as handsome as L, as witty as hoya and as loving and cute as love me as i am.hahaha *pengsan kalau dapat* :D

sooooooooo, to boast up the meaning of my life that been abandoned for this time..lets get back fadzilah! dont waste any time more keh. we should be great not vice versa. anggerey? okay chuaheyo. ^^

its never too late to return back or make uturn from the past that hurt you. as you live, there are many times we stumble and fall, so if you fall then gather the strength back and become strong okayh?!

wish myself all the best. you are just beautiful and great as you as. and lets become one. peace!

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