Friday, April 29, 2016

Blog's renovation

hye hye hyep.
taradaaaaa the blog has song laaa..wowwww daebak!
happy listening everyone.
the song is my fav song and fav singer too.wink2
Alhamdulillah..finally..i can put the song after long time craving for it.muaha.

you know, the thought beginning of this blog was because i just thought that myb someday i might loss all my memory then i'll read this blog to reminisce the memories.
(tp klo dh hilg ingtn mn nk ingt bkk blog ni ye dak?hmmm)
dont know too what im thinking that time.
but somehow this blog helps me in many way.
sometimes when we want to say something but we just here i am mpek kat sni.kahkahkah.
im just thankful.

this life is short, dont spend it with sorrow so much okay?
lets be as happy as we can and spread the happiness.
smile too.

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