Monday, August 8, 2016

From me to me.


alooohaaaaaaaaaaaaa. long time no see right.
lets start mpek. shijang!

what im gonna say..hmmm..lately..being all mental breakdown..due to..due to..due to what anyway?hmm......thinking.......dont know..maybe some sort of mental disorder in my brain.haha adess.
this such a brat. im doing nothing..nothing for my future. meaning i'd spent my whole year until now by pampered myself.huuu. the time flies and im here didnt improving myself.mmg nk kne dush3 kn..-_____-

i dont know too whats in my mind...i just know that i would like doing nothing. nothing nothing. just spent the time recklessly..ottokaji...dlm dunia yg serba moden org tgh brlumba2 jd yg trbaik ni..but here i am just stay stupid.dush3. anyone can boost up my are welcome here.

deppression makes me to eat a lot. compare to when im happy. terbalik kan. ade pepatah ni.."org bahagia susah kurusnyaa.." but im different. im vice versa from that. if im happy..although my stomach makes such a pop rock sound craving for food..i can bear to not eat anything. just the happy feeling itself can make me full..haha..poyoss kan. kahkahkah. but im sad..every food that i stuffed into my mouth is not enough.huhu. but luckily it is not that serious until i gained weight for it.haha. lepas makan dia hadam..pastu makan balik hdam makan makan hadam makan putaq2 gitu laa..

so my current mood  now is...laziness overload sometimes that i slapped myself to come back to my senses haha bgong je kn..tapi itulah realiti. where is the hardworking me...the diligent me...the great me...????

note to myself::::

you are already old enough to spent your time leisurely without doing anything. you have responsibilities to do. you already grown up fine and well..lets becoming someone that is great.. and help others as much as you can. there are many helpless out there that need something that you can contribute to them. life is short, live it wisely. i know that you didnt have so much these days..but just hang on okay. Allah knows the best. just doing your best to become the best. Allah has created you in this world for a purpose..if will not born. so, gather up your soul and lets live to the max. cut off some already slept too much these days (too much sleep is one of the signs for depression.because the dreams from sleeping are much more happier than the reality?) let use the time by doing something that benefits which can improve you day by day. i know sometimes you think you are a loser...but what can we do..just hang on and get out from the shell of darkness..woahhhh. please myself..come back to your senses and lets live.


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