Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picnic laa..

Pg td ade picnic dgn kwn2 ssz..amat best.even x segempak cm lin2..but,we're happy!wee..mkn nasi gorg,kueh tiaw gorg,fries,air laici and sandwish..i made the sandwishes..sodap beb!haha..balun byk gk td smpi kenyang.ngeh2..not bad our first ssz picnic..xde gmbr sbb td rmai bwk xgne la my mr black..heh.xamik gmbr lg dr dorg..keh,the pictures are ready..;D

the menu of the day..


mereka..wait,where is me??

rijal malu ngan spe la tuh kn smpi ttup muka..hehss

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