Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a misery!

Hmm,,what to say..Assalamualaikum.actually yesterday totally was my 'moron' day..adehh! last night I slept at 5am in the morning..not night,morning maybe.waahh,,gagah x ggh kn! totally exhausted during classes..huu. the night full of misery..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hrp2 xjd lg la.mmg leh jd gler la klo jd one of my friend,sorry...a lot of apologize from me.dh dlm kdaan xbp btul smlm,almt mmg kne smbur abis2 la kn.huhu..I dont like the way you think about me..huh..really dont like it!huuu..sdh la..jd jgnla tny soln bkn2 lg..plez?lps ni suda suda la in real pathetic..dont make me to be cruel to you friend..mnypi lps ni..jgn msg o cntact dh..huh..silence for a live happily my friend..i really mean it.
Quiz LA dpt full marks!weee..Alhamdulillah..cayo2 for ethnics test tmrow..fighting!!!

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