Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harvard Case Studies

Holaa! Last evening me and my classmates had Harvard Case Studies (HBS). Ok, what happen in that occasion? A discussion about STARBUCKS. know starbucks? alaa..the store that sell coffee!thats so simple laa..hee. We'd to discuss about the problem of starbucks..about the services, customer satisfaction, profits gain, ways to improve the starbucks store and so forth. Oopps! forgot to introduce my group members..hee. sorry..they're me, Maryam, Kak Ti, Ada, Ira, Afif and Aizat. Know what, we discussed the case studies during the break at 11am in the morning and the real discussion was held at 3pm in the evening! wow!haha..very last minutes preparation..huahua. but, Alhamdulillah it goes smoothly. Afif was chosen as our leader. He was the selected one to talk first. haha..tq leader! while the others talked after that when the classmates asking the questions or arguing with some of our points. A great corporation here..weee.thanks all!^^ At the end, me and my group were the last that leaved the lecture,,there are some time to 'chit-chat' with the lecturer that conducting us..Dr. Khaizir. if Im not mistaken his name..heh. He is very sporting lecturer. and he also said that our group was the best!ngeee... maybe when our turn to present, there were participation from all of the groups. all groups diligently asking us questions..(bertubi-tubi) dush2..haha..luckily we can answer all of it patiently.^^ Today also was the last lectures for this fast meh! week next week and then the FINALS come!

*mr khaizir had said that... "lg bgus study tp dpt 2.0 rather than x study dan dpt 3.48". what does he means? fikir-fikirkan lah keh..dan selamat berfikir!=)