Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mimpi terindah~

I know Im not perfect.
I know Im not as beautiful as you might think I am.
I know I cant be selfish to be happy with people that I like.
I know Im not deserve to be loved by someone that so0o handsome and super cute.


that all happened to me this morning!^^

Im so perfect.
Im very beautiful.
Im super duper happy.
and Im deserve to be loved by handsome and super cute guy.

know what..I dreamt about Leeteuk this morning. thank you Allah for giving me the happiness although just in the dream. Alhamdulillah. wahwahwah..bhgia kot dlm tu! mcm xnk bgun jek rs..leeteuk loves me in the dream...ble dia snyum comey de lesung pipit tu..and teaches me how to dance also.then siap tny dia lg gosip dia dgn hyorin. weee..melayang dh ni ble tringt mmp tu. haha. perasan kn! biarla..huahuaa..nk pasan jap. huu..actually mmp leeteuk sbb muna..proof that i missed her damn much. huuuuu. muna..muna..i dreamt abt leeteuk..muna yg mnt leeteuk ble tringt leeteuk asap akn tringt muna. huhu. but sorry leeteuk loves me in that dream la muna. haha. *nak gak tu kn* klo my joon loves me..waaaaaahhhhh,,lg bhgia kot! smga dkurniakn jdoh yg comey mcm leeteuk..and as happening as joon. Insya Allah. amin. wawawawawaaa..angau dh ni dgn mmp tuh. uhuuuu..xtaula..if that happen in reality..i guess i'll be the happiest person in the world. muahahahahaha.. perasan klo jdoh xkmna kn?wink2

to anyone yg xknl,,this is leeteuk..suju leader. cute isn't he?;D
sbb tu muna ske muna kn.

pic ni mke dia nmpk mcm lain skit kn? tp xpe,maintain comey. heee

smlm sblm tdo sbnrnyer tgk kat youtube idol sport. leeteuk lari brhlgn tu tp dia ngelat lari ikut tepi. kra dia smpi first la sbb xlompat hurdles tu kn.haha.. mmg cute la dia bt lwk btul lari brhlgn tp xlompat. sbb tu la kot trmsuk mmp rndu bangat sme muna. huahuaaa.

p/s: asl ttbe rndu keruan kat muna?sbb..sbb..sbb...muna bz skrg.huahuaa..rndu amt sme dia.
Ya Allah,mudahkanlah urusan muna. then she can be free and msg me.amin. =)

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