Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love is about to be happy.

You touched my trembling hand
For the first time
And I finally experienced
A gentle feeling of warmth

I opened the window that had been shut
And a new wind blew in

Laughing, crying meeting you
The word I saw began to shine
Under the sun where the sunflowers swayed
I felt the wind, I felt you

Believing, being lost
And stopping short, and everything
Maybe it's all an answer
To why I'm alive here and now

Everyday is in black and white
I want them to be attached with colours

Laughing, crying meeting you
The future ahead of us are shining
Under the sun where the sunflowers sway
I sing about tomorrow as I am

How much can we love each other
In this unstoppable time, these limited days?
We can love each other, right?
When you're here, I don't even turn away from the light

I want to say thank you, I can say it now
I won't forget the seasons we spent
Like the sun the sunflowers sway under
My song will shine on you

For you, as I am...

-Taiyou no uta by Amane Kaoru-

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