Friday, February 3, 2012

Just like me.

okay..this guy..he is not american or british laa. he is korean! handsome kn? ni la Ricky Kim. kacukan myb dia nh tp xsiasat lak.bian.heh~
What can I say..ricky skrg ni dh merosot la kat dream team.wawawa..why my dear ricky? are you same with me?uhuuu..zmn kjthn kt ek?;( sdhla tgk ricky klh..haha. aduyaiii..ricky..come on! bring back the victory can do it! I know..we can do it. errr..bkn nk pasan eh..but ricky's slump days at dream team is just like my slump days in my examinations. Im trying hard..but the success still not come to me. same like Ricky. come on ACE! make victory next episode yaa..I wanna wacth it you smile proudly to be the handsome ace in the dream team. wawa. I believe you'll do better next time..just neglect dongjun keh?haha..dongjun ni sbuk2 jek nk amik title ace ricky.cissss! haha. emo lak kn. keh, abis dh mpek. good night world. Assalamualaikum~

*p/s: jgn stare lbh2 ek..tau laki and ayh org ni. skian.peace!^^

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