Saturday, February 25, 2012

My English teacher.

Assalamualaikum. holaa!
first week of the new sem 4 has ended. the first week only maa..haha
so far..Alhamdulillah the lecturers are so sporting + and sempoi abis laa..ngee
lec eng and etnik..wahwah..mcm org politik la dorg..gaya ckp,input2 yg dorg bg smua..smua psl la mcm tu..ajr erti khdpn..h0ho.
and..the best part eng lec said that the 4 flat we get for our degrees in the future is nothing!wawawawa..why is that so?hmmm..lets think abt it keh.
my lec was graduated from virginia's university in UK. if im not mistaken. then he is unemployed after coming back to malaysia..why? then he take a degree at UiTM, UTM and many other places he said. what i wanna explain here is he learned a lot from different places to gain the KNOWLEDGE. not just playing around.huuuu. and now, he is a part of 'ahli politik' i guess. actually he is a 'dato'...caya x? humble jek kat nama dlm krts tlis mr. only instead of dato'. he has mercedez! wuho0o0o0o..soo0o..guys..think carefully what we wanna be..the life plan is important. damn important okay! when my lec said that..i paused a while and get to think abt it. what he said is right. totally right. and the famous quote he's been using is.."B.S." stand for BULL SHEET. haha. the certificate of our 4flat is the BS. know that??hahahaha. so..4flat means nothing..the means of everything is to LEARN...LEARN and LEARN to gain more KNOWLEDGE. then we can be a successful person. and dont forget too..READ a lot. not to forget, DONT COMPETE WITH OTHERS, BUT COMPETE WITH OURSELF. I strongly madly agreed with that statement. that are some tips from him. I'll try to follow I'd started to read during my leisure time. Alhamdulillah. I wanna be a better person..not just a book not a book worm! lets change our life style to lead a successful and happy life! InsyaALLAH^^

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