Sunday, September 29, 2013

Honey and Clover

As you wave your hand that says "Someday lets meet again"..
Your smiling face is eternally burned into my memory.
My face which replied "Thats right".
I wonder if I was able to laugh convincingly, convincingly..
Though I still cant hand over the ball with the words "I love you" written on it
It rolls in my heart and tickles.

Even if we cant remain like this
and even if we are washed away by the future
It never changes, its not a lie
This canvas thats just for us

Your response of  "Im sorry"
I looked at it and continue walking on and searching
Eventhough the words "I love you" written on the ball will fade
I didnt have the strength to throw it or the sneakiness to get rid of it
Within time which passes by
Beneath the sky which continue to change
these chains that I will never forget that will never break
will probably turn into strength.

It seem so easy to tear like the clouds
and its impossible to catch like the rainbow
We can never return, it can never become lie
That blue canvas of ours
Love and dreams and the last train and
everything thats mixed up with it, as we chase it.

You say "Its hurt" when I grip your hand
Love and dreams and your tearful voice was my life's everything
I was looking in your eyes, its true, I could never say it

Even though I was free as a bird
I was lonely as the wind.

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