Friday, October 4, 2013

Lets Go Dream Team 200th part1

dh msuk october dh..sept de 4 posts jek?ohmaiii..mcm xcaya skit aje..haha. kurg mpek suda? insyaALLAH :')
xde ape2 yg mnrik pun nk cte..bru abis tgk dream team ep200..part1..adessss..ingt stu ep jek..rpe ade part2..ptut tgk time dh nk abis tp my ricky x chlenge2 lg..rpenyer de part2..aig0o0o0oo..kne sbr tggu next week lak laa..but hopefully hope hope hope fully he'll win. insyaALLAH. aceee. pdhal dh siap dh trtlis spe mng..sbb ep tu lmbt jek so xtau.
ricky amt awesome..friendship dia dgn seongjo (dlu pnh cte..try2 recall blk)..and teammates spirit dia fabulous. klo teammates dia kasi chance kat dia..dia akn bt sbaiknya sbg wild card tu. hr tu pun tgk dream team fall in love dgn dia dlu laa.. minho?hmmm..bse2 jek. sbb dia dh mng ep100 hr tu..time nh kasi kat ricky lak la eh?haha. just one thing, ricky klo dia act arrogant,haaa..mst failed pny. mcm bgga dri kn..xbgus sbnrnyer..alih2 pang msuk air. so when he is cool and calm he can make it. and he looks extra handsome la in this episode. why why?haha..super handsome! if xmng pun satisfied tgk muka handsome :D
but still i wish for his winning. insyaALLAH. one nice handsome man that i would like to meet in real life. doakn ye. okayh, opamp dh mnunggu nh. see ya. happy October ahead everyone ^^

 the challengers~

minho..charismatic eyes..but hopefully dia mng.haha.jht gler kn. ckupla stu keta hr tu. brsyukur jek noe..kali nh kasi org lain lak. but klo dia mng gk ottoke?hmmm

To build a society where people try their best for a victory and accepts the results as they are..
Lets go! Dream team! 

p/s: pic ricky super handsome sorg2 xde lg..update later klo ade eh.haha.annyeong.

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