Monday, June 9, 2014

Berjuang utk cinta

thats why I would like to see if someone that can ever fight for me..huhu
ni baru bg ujian skit dah cepat surrender kn..
cmne gitu?
i would like to meet someone that eagerly that can fight for me and of course can accept me as i am. haha.
maklumla..den ni bkn nyer gadis mlayu trkhr gitu. uhuu.
sure, im not saying that im the best..but i just wanna live my best with the best that i can get and deserved.
insyaAllah. one fine day.
keep looking forward for that day.
ALLAH kn ske org2 yg sabar.
trying my very best to be the one.
doakn juga ye?

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