Friday, June 13, 2014

Im not anymore

rasa mcm nk makan org.haha
chill2 fadzilah. ingt Tuhan. ingt Allah.
somehow now im being someone that dont take care about others anymore.

* wish hb kat fb. klo stkt nk tlis 'hb' jek..xyoh ler kn kome oooii..sbb den pun xske sgt klo org wish cekoet tu jek. i prefer doa lg. demand. so sorry guys. if you're not that important to me and never ever tegur pun kat fb tu sekadar tmbh list kwn jek..haa..mnta maaf byk2 la ye. i think im not that nice anymore.

* to love my friends too much and indeed i get hurt.haha. yg ni meme slalu jd bcoz i had big heart. nowadays. xpela..klo dorg xhrgai..mgkn Allah hargai. so i'll not get hurt anymore bcoz of them. klo dorg nk im here..klo xnk..bawak dri jola ye.. and seriously,once they do that to me and neglect me several times..klo first time im just if dh several heart mcm dh kasi alarm.. lme2 alarm pun off. meaning that i'll not cared anymore abt them. and seriously i did.

* abt something something. maaf ye delete block fb tuh. i dont want to think anymore.haha. so skrg dh peaceful dah. insyaAllah. smga bahagia la noe..

* dlu jeles gler tgk org2 stdy nh..pstu skrg dh muhasarawak pe nk jles?xde paedah pun okay. insyaAllah i'll ive my live happily and gratefully. mgkn org lain stdy skit pstu hebat result gempak mgkn tu bkn rezeki kt..rezeki kt kat tmpt lain ke kn..who knows..Allah knows. so keep positive and do your best.

so the conclusion is..exam quantum ahad ni woii..ape mepek2 lg kat sni..?! dush3 kat dri sndri. -__-
emo trlbih mlm nh. asif jiddan. astaghfirullah.

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