Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Decision made for future.

this quote always i remember. because i do put my trust to Allah. hoping everything will be wonderful in future.
kalau Allah tak beri sekarang maksudnya belum sampai lg masanya. biar lambat asal berkat.
senyum :)

lately i'd been struggling to make decision for my future.
yaa..sure its take a lot of courage and deep thinking.haha
susah woo nk decide something ni.
Alhamdulillah. i manage to survive.heee. thank you Allah for always being there for me.

there is something i discovered during my 23th years of living.. which is..when something i felt not so good in the beginning, so dont proceed with them.
because at the end i'll ended feeling terrible.haha
yeah.already done the experiment.
kinda have sixth sense?err..dont know too.
hoping the sense is from Allah's guidance.

So here i am.
standing tough. composed. and determine.
in this life..i would like to do something that i enjoy doing..not because people tell me too or i must do them.
this life is sooooo short you make it benefiting. 
i would like to apply all the nikmat Allah's given to me for my agama, bangsa dan negara. 
i would like to be someone that is great.
cita2 tu..nak tunaikan insyaAllah.
if one day i find job..its not because of money itself..but because i want to contribute something and make a different for the world.
kalau tak sikit, banyak pun okay.
nanti kat akhirat Allah tanya kat dunia dulu buat ape..nak jawab apa?haaa..fikir2kan naa..

Im happy with my life now.
may Allah ease the path that i'd chosen after so much maze journeys i'd gone through.
not so much if compare with others..but its very much happened in my life so far.haha

our own life..our happiness..our future..are in our hands.
dont make it go null.
i would like to make another attempts for my happiness. until this year i guess..i'll keep praying and chasing him.haha. chasing in the good terms. how?secreto de amor.haha. but its not like in the korean drama okay.hehss.
him?ahaa..insyaAllah if we are meant together i'll tell later.
i would like to fulfill my ambitions hard and do the best. that way i'll not feel any regret later. insyaAllah.
hopefully the efforts under Allah's rahmat and love. doakan. :)
be happy with your life and try hard to make it successful. then you'll have no regret.
and be grateful always.
hidup ni manfaatkan sebaiknya. dunia ni hanya sementara..akhirat sana nanti baru kekal abadi.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything.

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