Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not in the dictionary


neither one nor I like. haha.
actually waiting is not in my dictionary.
but somehow..if and only if I had this "waiting" the things/people means something for me. really precious. yeah. indeed.

when i waited for means i valued them. so do appreciate when i have this mode okay.hahahaha
this is because i can easily get bored with things/people.haha. usually when things keep happening daily in the way repeatedly..wahhhhhh..very boring you know. 
same goes with people. im not that kind enough to wait for them to accept me. if they want to leave me..yeahh..feel free. if they want to ignore me..sure do as pleasure.. no offence. :)
but but but if im kindly and eagerly want to "wait" for that particular person..sure..they means something to me.

but now. 
im tired of waiting.
annyeong waiting mode.

this life is so short anyway..i want to make it worth. insyaAllah. 

ape kes mepek mlm2 ni..haha..ksian tgk post bln10 ni bru 2 jek kn..nk tmbh laa..bianney my blog.
lg 2bln lbih nk msuk 24..ottokeeee....
gonna make my life as happening as can and benefiting. 
be someone that is great.
be someone that is helpful.
be someone that is lovely.
and most importantly be your ownself.

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