Tuesday, August 28, 2012


That day when the sun set,
My footsteps took me,
Opening my eyes to a place i thought i had forgotten
Whether I still have some hatred towards you left
I want to be free now

I believed time would solve everything
Was that in itself a foolish belief?
Now, I want to just go with the flow of things
It doesn't matter to you anymore

From the start 
a person like you
Never existed to me
 the way I didn't to you
Remember one day,
you'll hurt as much as i did
From someone other than myself
You'll experience the same pain

I'm sorry, 
this is all I can do
Really, it's the only way I can be
For that day to come,
When i can start over like you
For me, who can't love you
And can't help but hate you.

-Kim Jaejoong-

always love to hear this songs..during the wither days..haha.

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