Sunday, August 26, 2012

-raya 2012-

one week of raya past already. 
thank you ALLAH for the happening hari raya this year. alhamdulillah. 
lets see the pics of the year ^^
 nab's house :))
my official bju lawaa? ohh..thank you!

 az's house :))

 nadh's house :))

yan's house :))

yg pkai bju sme tu meaning in same day serbu.haha.daebak kn!
yg rmh nab a day before serbuan bsr-bsrn tu.heh.
this year plg happening serbu rmh kwn2..thanks all. 
thanks ella and teah yg bwk me and tna pi serbu rmh2 dorg tu..haha. love all lahhh~

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