Tuesday, August 28, 2012

They are awes0me!

 this two guys are awesome! daebak!
dream team ptg td..wahwahh..mmg trbaik la.
battle the best among the best.
first trial ricky failed at obstacle 3. anger dia leh nmpk la kn sbb dia sorg jek bg failed ble team challenge tuh. other team passed smua obstacles.
then ble turn dia pun failure. at obstacle 2. lg2 la dia kecewa kn.
nk djdkn cte smua org fail..xde sorg pun yg complete the race. then gne wild cards.
ble gne wild cards pun smua fail!haha..sbb obstacles plg ssh kot. yela battle the best among the best..mst la kasi obstacles yg plg daebak kn.
but all failed.
then tibe last chance utk dream team.
dream team members must vote who will go next.
of course the candidates are seongjo and ricky. the aces.
kat sni plg dramatic. ricky dgn seongjo dpt votes equal dr team mates dorg. then mc tny ricky, ricky suh seongjo. tny seongjo, seongjo suh ricky.
pstu last skali seongjo kne bt kptsn...tuut..tuttt..tutt..
seongjo suh ricky pi..even seingjo lacks one victory utk jd legend.
how beautiful the friendships are!^^
ms ricky nk challenge tu den lak yg brdebar mcm den yg kne race.muahahaha. seriously. dup dap dup dap jantung woo..doa ricky menang.
and finally..ricky won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the team mates cried include ricky..wewewewewe~
all are grateful dream team won.
ricky and seongjo hug each other.

this man was and is awesome!
he is back from his slump days. yeaahhhh.
thats so incredible fantactic ricky!
we'll be in our victory again..yes,,we can. haha
ingt post dlu? my post abt ricky slump days..same as me. 
now, ricky is back. the ace is back.
so do I.
 I'll be back! 

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