Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Im stronger. 
really?haha..not yet fully into..will be. insyaALLAH.
now,, living my life in positive way. sjk sir Affendi ajr kn. so praktik kn laa hdup positive nh. and yess mcm tu bru awet muda okay :D

remember I had told bfore that I'd one dearie friend named Miss M tu? haha..dont know why when where that she became one of my closest friend. we quarrel a lot you know..and of course im the one that started 1st laa..haha..*short tempered la ktekn*

but, xleh blahnyer..although we quarrelled a lot..and sometimes i felt sad or whatsoever abt her..i do still love her dearly. haha. caya x? bkn les okay..just love for my best friends. same goes to tna,raja,wan,kina,zet and so on. they knew me..my bad..my craziness..and they still accept me. thats why i love them to the max. 
 there are 3 types of best friends in my life :

1. best friend that i told them everything. always keep msging to them and all. err.actually yg ni a few only. mn leh bgtau rhsia kat smua kn kn?hehsssssss
2. best friend that not so often msging but deeply in my heart. i cant told them everything but certain thing. but, when i need them they'll be there for me. often they will comfort me with motivations. 
3. best friend that rarely msging but jauh dmta dkt dhati.haha. xleh blah kn yg ni. meaning that..ktorg jd kwn bk since certain event and keep on be best friends after that although the period we known each other is short.

ahaa..mcm2 lak de type2 kn best friends ni..yela..category.so which category are you in?hehsss
I love them because of ALLAH. and will always love them. 
thank you ALLAH for giving them to make my life more jovial. 

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