Friday, January 25, 2013

mixed nut and black forest laaaa hdh dr fiza.. :D big thank to raja :D

actually i didnt hv any hope my friends give me any present for this 22nd years. yela dh tua dh pun..hdh bgai ssh2 jek kn. plus i dont like to trouble people. 
*but deep down trhru owh dpt hdh ni.
big thank to them..thank you so much..cadbury besa w0o..2 lak tu..heaven! to the max! ^^
hdh2 dr kwn xwjib pun but klo bg mmg syg lbih hdh dr lovely parents wajib.haha. ank mnja la ktekn..mst la nk hdh..ngee.. mcm last year.. hdh bday mntk sponsor trip pi reu kat mtrx png plus bwk keta tu. but tula, sadly mcm bse rmai lak x join kn. mmg xdtg pnang dhla..haha. no offence.
this year ingt nk pi trip gk tp pnt pk nk pi mn..xpela..hold dlu hdh tu. nnt ble2 nk pi leh claim blk.ehee~
whatever it is..Alhamdulillah..thank you ALLAH for this years.You give to me to stay healthy and alive.
my happiest present for this years is Im back in good relationships with everyone. Alhamdulillah. 
mcm mn nk ckp eh..yg dh lps tu jgn dkng lg laa..lbih2 lg yg sorrowful smua tuh..xbest pun klo kng kn.
 kt hdup skali aje...soo0o0o0o0o0o0 bt pe nk msuh2 and sdh2 smua kn?heh. just be happy with my life and trying to be happy ahead. insyaALLAH. 
all the painful memories and so forth I'd erased already..and started a new book. 
my cpu only yg xpntg2 tu smua dh delete. make space for the important one only.wink2.

p/s: rslt dh kua..non-officially..huuuu..brsyukur ape yg dpt. takat tu usaha takat tu la kn grednya. 
not so sad..just dissapointed a bit bcoz didnt stdy hard..stdy last mins kn. a bit jela kucuwa nyer..mmg pdn pun.haha. but, ALHAMDULILLAH. got one A+ laaaa..first time beb. mtlmt stu trcpai wlaupun xsmua.weeeeeee~~~

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