Monday, July 12, 2010


Assalamualaikum,,holaa..mic test..mic test..haha..first time trying to be a blogger..just feeling so..heh.
Actually bt blog nih sbb sje suka suki..sbb nk alihkn hobi 'sms' tu ke blogging lak..huu~ klo blogging,xgne dt..sms kne tpup jek wasting of money!hoh0..blogging is the smartest choice..acewaahh,cm iklan digi lak kn..;D Hmm,,I'll update this blog from time to time(if I have time)heh..this blog will express all my feelings and a little bit about my life.So,klo gne english jap,malay jap..sowi la ek!bilingual!akaka..
For starting,I know everyone know me..haha..this blog for my friend only laa..yg xbknaan xyh mnybuk ek..ngee~ If anyone interested to read,you're allowed to do merepek things and celoteh..;)

p/s:kat sblh ni nme dia of my best friend gave it to me when I was sweet.The first dinosour i got..thanks KINA!Love you and dino always..;D

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