Monday, July 12, 2010

F2p5..always in my heart.

Ahaa,now i would like to share abt my life at matriculations.After spm I entered matrix..because my spm results was not flying colors to let me fly and study overseas..huu..reda..asl mood sadis lak nih..adehh.I entered mtrx with great hope to succeed there.Opps!forgot to name it..its Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang..or the glamour name is KMPP.My course there is physical science..know why?Because I dont like to memorise BIOLOGY!haha..but I love Mr. Tan when he tought us Bio when form5.Just that I love physics more..;D F2p5 was the best class ever!I love all of them very very very much!And also not forgotten our beloved MENTOR..Pn. Adilah Abd Aziz which we use to call her MAMA.Miss Mama a lot t0o..huhu.Mama is very sporting mentor and teacher.She tought us Chemistry in sem one and two.Very attractive and kind person..;)
The members of f2p5 are Aqim,Kinah,Su,Muna, Sabby,Syaz,Mina,Yusri,Ikmal,Chad, Nurlin,Hilmi,Zaidi,Shuk,Fatin,Zira,Naza,Amir and Helmi.Aqim was our practicum leader while Kinah was his assistant.Our leader was so WIBAWA.haha..that is the glamour name we gave him.Kinah was so gentle and kind.Everyone has their own specialities and abilities.From my personal..

AQIM-our beloved prac leader,sbb rmai org 'mnt' f2p5 pun fmes laa..;D
KINAH- penolong Aqim,ske rndah dri slalu..smua org de kkurangan la kinah..huu..sorg yg brtggjwb.
SU-plg comey kat f2p5..heh
MUNA-waahh,,pnceria f2p5..dgn loghat kedah dgr!;)
SABBY-mtg wlaupun lahir lmbt dr sy..heh.slalu bkpit dgn Muna..rmates daa.
SYAZ-my golf la yg mrapatkan kami..wee~
MINA-my best fasi ever!thanks a lot tlg ajr smua.
YUSRI-slalu kt kne gosip kn?pdhal xde pape pun..wlaupun hg cm poyo2,tp ht hg baik..i know.
IKMAL-slalu msg mpek dgn dia kat mtrx hr tuh,smpai lwt2 pg..haha.thanks lyn bdk xbp btul nih.
CHAD-first2 dlu snyap jek,then ble dh knl..lwk gler!;D
NURLIN-aqilah nih satu dlm sribu,dia de style sndri..wlaupun dia ckp cm prli2 tp skit pun xpnh trsa sbb lwk jek slalu..haha.
HILMI-i used to call him M dlu..then gduh psl physics..xleh lpe..haha
ZAIDI-start msg kwn laki yg first dgn trbk!;)
SHUK-haa,i thought shuk dlu sombong tau..ble dh knl..dia gentleman laa..heh
FATIN-panggilan BAM sy yg bg kat dia..kuang2
ZIRA-byk bt slh dgn zira..maaf yaa..huhu
NAZA-slalu min basket ssme..rindu!huhu
AMIR-snyp jek dlm kls,kdg2 bru dgr dia brckp..huu
HELMI-"syg,jom pi library?"..xkn ku lupa..haha.bdk pndai..determine btul.

Mungkin disini kita kan berpisah
walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungin disini kita kan terpisah
Saat bersama takkan ku lupa..

Love you all!


  1. luv ur too my dear.
    tryin' to build my self-confidence.
    pray 4 me~
    very3 miss the moment with f2p5!

  2. Insya Allah..together we stand to fight!;)