Monday, May 9, 2011

Created plan..ohh yeaahh!

H0ho..this is the list of the created plan for this long holidays. gonna make my hols more more more and more interesting + fun + enjoyable from now onwards..yeaahhh..cayo!;))

Harry Potter and the deathly hollows had been bought already!weeeeee~~~
Otw surveying part time job, hopefully one can suits me. Insya Allah.
Reduce weight to 47!! owh,you must!huahua..say no to chubby!=(
Currently 'stick' to playful kiss..hee..seung jo and ha couple!
Waiting for dream high,,Tna comes back this Thursday!^^

and there are some I'll update later.for now,,I think my life is not boring..yet.haha..we'll see..;D

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