Friday, May 13, 2011

just JOON!

13 MAy 2011? oh0o0o..happy 20th and 4 months to me!agagaga..very fast the time crawling right..huu. hmm,,what to write yaa? my hand somehow feel itchy to write here..haha. ok,,review about playfull kiss. so far i guess the story was not so bad. i can give 3 out of 5.heh.
Okay,change topic.hee..know what, i had found my new love!wink2..he is LEE JOON from MBLAQ group! cute meh! this cute guy i get in love since i'd watched Oh! My School. hee..very the bomb ok! he is so0o0o0o0oo0o0oOOoo0o0o cute in that program! the word "bian" he said..with the cute face..waaaa..totally in love with him! sarangheyo joon oppa..haha..bab2 perasan memang no 1 laa..xleh lawan punya!muahahahaaha..

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