Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey STAY Love is all over
Try to black it out,
Still can’t believe that you’re gone
and this is MBLAQ
I didn’t know this was going to happen, you just lfet me. I thought we were going to last forever (no~no)
That is what I believed..
I gambled my all for you, I threw away everything
Pathetically I couldn’t even push you away (no)
How are you giving me pain?
*Oh baby stay with me Just stay by my side
You were my all (Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah) Stay in my heart
Oh baby stay together Why am I the only one?
Why am I the only one looking at you? (Ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee) Stay in my heart*
You said the words of farewell so often
That I thought you were just joking with me this time as well
One day, two days, three days (Time is passing by)
I wait everyday for you to return
What are you talking about all of a sudden
No matter what the reason is (I) I can’t end it with you
Stay with me My heart that can’t send you away
It is kneeling down like this (Tell me) Why do you leave me
I lost everything, How am I supposed to erase you now?
Like a fool I can’t forget you (no)
How are you giving me pain?
I am still lingering her as you know i still remember
I can’t forget, I can’t erase, not even for a moment
I am the blindman who is denial of the love that’s trying to depart
I am just the guest that visited you
I am stuck in the threatening maze of yours
I am crazy of your inconsistent love
The space between us is too wide no
Something I cry at that fact
The lips that whispered love, the eyes that watched me
Was all of that nothing? I can’t believe it.

~its MBLAQ..layaannnn..


  1. which is the song playing on the page?

  2. Alejandra..which song?teh song above or my blog's song?above is Stay by MBLAQ like I'd stated..while my blog's song is kiss the rain by Yiruma.=)