Friday, May 20, 2011

PersonaL taSte!

Ok..just finished with personal taste drama. wahhhh,I give 5 stars!!!!!!weeee..very awesome!
Jeon Jin Ho and Park Gae In so sweet...;))

This are some of the actors..from left Tae Hoon, Jin Ho, Gae In, In Hee and Chang Ryul. the name in the drama laa..theirs real name i dont know.haha. sincerely i really hate In Hee in this drama..she such a good 'org ketiga'.heh..good acting In Hee!

Such a good camaraderie..nak jugak boleh?

He pretended to be a gay to get closer with Gae In..huahua..comey!^^

The face treatment with the mask,,the next day there were some 'chicken pox' on their face..heh

If someday I can meet my soul mate..i would like to have like this one. the best couple ever..understanding and trust are the key to happiness. plus jealousy!haha

SWEEEEETTTTTTTT..i want my future bf like this t0o.haha..demand btul kan?mestilah!;D

going for shopping together,do the house chores,the cleaning, is sound interesting when doing it together.

Gae In turns to pretend like a man as Jin Ho is a gay. she acknowledges that gay likes men and wanna be one of them so Jin Ho can like her. Love can do anything.

This are some scenes..

Jin Ho teached Gae In how to be a real woman when she gets dumped by Chang Ryul due to the lacking of 'woman senses'..btul ke x ayt ni eh..haha

The beautiful house Gae In and Jin Ho live..Sanggojae. teringin nak bina satu camni..wahhh,,bestnyer klo dpt rmh cmni..unik!!

Soo0o0o0o..anyone out there who is korean addicted that never watch this drama,you guys should to! I can guarantee you guys will like it.heh..anneyeong!

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